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My thoughts on Week One of Idol

Submitted by flirty_skirty on 7 July, 2005 - 3:01pm

Well, hasn't time flown by.  It doesn't seem like over a year since Ben was crowned our first ever NZ Idol and Michael boppers cried over their loss. 

Last Sunday night we got our first glimpse at our next batch of Idol hopefuls.  I saw talent, I saw no-talent and I saw Liz.  I wish I didn't.

I feel as though Liz has ruined a bit of the NZ Idol hype.  All eyes are on Liz at the moment, she doesn't deserve the attention.  She wasnt funny, she wasn't talented.  She stank. 

My favourite of the night was Nik (he sang Let Me Love You).  He had the looks, he had the voice, and his eyes gazed at me through the television screen.  It's love.  And he most certainly gets my vote.

I'm not a fan of the first couple of episodes, I like it when it gets to the top 24 bit. 


Week 1 of Idol

Submitted by admin on 7 July, 2005 - 11:12am

Dear Diary,

This year's Idol has started quite differently on Idolblog. There's been publicity about the site from the word go, with all sorts of radio stations talking about the site and The Critic getting quoted in lots of different newspapers.

The chat room was a good idea, and it was hilarious reading the conversation bits I missed.

Lots of old members are back in town. Kognac and Scap have been changing their member name every day or so which leaves me a little confused. Oh, don't confuse new member Lamb with Michael-clone, Jamie Lamb.

Girl of the moment is Liz Shaw, there's just too many topics about her to link to one in particular. Hate her or hate her, she's definitely been entertaining and has wound up in the Sunday News, on several radio stations and will even be hosting a radio show for half an hour.

Trying to be a mini-Liz is Halie who was another of the bad auditionees. She's started a few topics about herself too.

In fact, there were too many topics on the two of them that Robyn asked for me to move their topics out of the NZ Idol 2 forum. Now there's less clutter in there.

Top 60 contestant Sera and her sister joined up on the site. Matty J is also a member. Actually, there's quite a few other contestants who've joined up but haven't revealed who they are on the site (yet). I hope they do, it's nicer to have things honest and up front.