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NASA scraps plan for 3D camera on Mars Rover

Submitted by Maralyn45 on 30 March, 2011 - 8:24pm

NASA has stopped the development of the 3D camera system, because there isn’t sufficient time left for the testing.
Earlier, the rover was scheduled to be launched in 2009, but because of the funding issues its launch was delayed.
About 'Curiosity'
According to NASA, Curiosity is an SUV sized rover, which is equipped with cameras chemistry instruments, environmental sensors and radiation monitors to examine Martian surface.
The rover’s instruments are designed to help scientists to know, whether life ever existed on the Red Planet.
Movie director, James Cameron is also working with Malin Space Science Systems of San Diego, to build 3D upgrades for the cameras. The camera would include both zoom and 3D capabilities.
Mars Science Laboratory Project Scientist, John Grotzinger said, “With the Mastcam that was installed last year and the rover's other instruments, Curiosity can accomplish its ambitious research goals.”


Nuclear crisis compels Japan to reconsider energy needs

Submitted by Maralyn45 on 28 March, 2011 - 11:36pm

The massive quake and tsunami of Mar.11, followed by a hazardous nuclear crisis have pushed the 21st century country into an unexpected ‘dark age,’ that could hardly be recovered within a year.
The crisis has made the lives of people terrible
The devastated country has postponed the first pitch of its baseball season, to stop people from wasting gasoline for driving to the games.
Night games will also be shifted to daytime to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption, once the game starts. Moreover, there will be no extra innings.
The country has been running so critically low on energy that the iconic electronic hoardings in Tokyo have been switched off.
In a number of northern Japanese cities, heaps of garbage has been piling up, as the city garbage trucks lack gasoline.
The rolling blackout along with the fuel crisis has made the lives of people unbearable.


Firefox 4 hits 1 million downloads within 3 hours of launch

Submitted by Maralyn45 on 24 March, 2011 - 8:03pm

Updating to the latest version of the browser is also very easy, as the user is only required to select the ‘Check for updates’ option from the Help menu.
Mozilla executive, Mike Beltzner said that when the Firefox 3.6 had been launched in January 2010, it had done better, as almost 5000-6000 copies were downloaded every minute.
But, analysts predict that Firefox 4 can very easily oust Microsoft in the first 24 hours of its launch, as Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 that was launched on Mar. 14, had been downloaded 2.4 million times on its launching day.
In a webcast aired live by Mozilla, Beltzner encouraged people to download the latest browser, and said, “What better way to spend your break than by downloading Firefox 4.”
Mozilla staff celebrates
A calculator had been installed on the Mozilla homepage that notified everyone, on how many copies had been downloaded till then.