NZ Idol 1: Fan Club for Ben Lummis

Submitted by Loyal on 18 April, 2004 - 5:56pm



There's a lot of dedicated members on this site who love Ben. If you want to be in this fan club for him, add one message here to tell us you want to join.


BIMI (Ben is my idol!) - President

Loyal - Secretary

Luvz_2_smile/Jemma - Manager

NiKsTaR - Top Bopper

WgTn_GuRl - Photographer

vee - International Promotions Manager

alaina_roar - Idolblog Information Officer

mama-mia - Club Stalker

Idolbabe - Chief Informer

Firefox - Personal Assistant

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Merry Christmas Fan

Merry Christmas Fan Clubbers! :) Hope you have all had a wonderful day celebrating with your family and friends :D
Take Care and God Bless! xox Jemma

Hope everyone here has a

Hope everyone here has a lovely Xmas and a very happy and successful 2007!:D

same with you

same with you have a good Xmas and a new year

Got an email back from C4

Got an email back from C4 today :)
It said:

Hey Jemma,

Thanks for your feedback,

I have past your email onto the station music programmer for consideration.



- which is a bit of a cop-out answer to my begging and pleading, haha, but hey at least it was read and forwarded on :)

That's sorta what I got from

That's sorta what I got from AJ when I e-mailed him.

At least you got a reply, my letters haven't.  Never mind, will now write any others direct to the Station Music Programmer!;)

I posted this last night,

I posted this last night, and then this morining it was gone!

No problems, I saved it in word first!

Zomgssssss!!! He is the most amazing person in the world. Bar none. Well, my opinion anyway. If you don’t agree, move threads, please.

So he was in Nelson for the Annesbrook church’s Xmas concert, along with Steve and Hayley Westenra’s sister, Sophie(15, WOW! Amazing, but it’s not about her, it’s about Ben!).

We arrived at the church in good time and didn’t have long to wait prior to the show starting. They sung the anthem and the boys(and some girls) did the haka. And then Ben was introduced!! Eeeeeeeeeep!!!!

Wow, he shines. So well on the stage and the Nelson audience took to him well. My friends Mum, who hadn’t seen him before said she thinks he has really lost the Idol shell and is being himself. (Which is good I think!).

His first song was Gotta Move. I totally love it more and more every time I hear it. Being the second time I had heard him so it live, I defiantly enjoyed it more. The “Krump� movements are very cool, and he can moooooove!

Next was Silent Night, which was so beautiful sung by him. He should release an Xmas album. I would buy it, eh, I would buy enough copies to get it to number one!

He spoke about Christmas meaning Family too him, and how he was younger opening presents was the best part, though now he enjoys watching his younger siblings open them up. And will be having Xmas in Wellington, seeing his Mum and family.

He wasn’t on for very long, but twas the best 20 mins of my day!

He went offstage and next was Steve. He sung Signed, Sealed, Delivered and Walls. Great performances, he seems to have grown so much since Idol. He said Nelson was his second most fav place in NZ and firrrrrrrst was Invercargill. He caught up with his brother, from Perth, who he hadn’t seen in a year, in Chch before coming to Nelson.

Hmmm….There’s so much that happened I can’t member it all. But it was awesome. But the best bits are yet to come.

Next the Annesbrook band sung One, by U2, and Ben and Steve joined them mid song. Again, amazing. Just beautiful!

A few more acts followed, with Sophie ending the show. All the performers came back to close the show with Feliz Navidad.

So we scrambled out to the exit, but the end our seat row was blocked by a couple of dear wee oldies….So we climbed the seat in front of us and raced outside. Whilst my friend was Searchin’ for her Mum, I was hunting for Ben! My friends Dad(the coolest man, second to Ben!). Was encouraging me to the room we new the performers were in. But I was all “eeeep, no I can’t do that!�

Then we saw the MC of the evening and my friends Dad dragged me over to ask him if I could see Ben. I said “Please ask him to come out to see Nikki…�…..Eeeeeeeeep!! And. Then. I. Saw. Him! Arrrrrgh! So that was like the 7th time I have met him, but I still can’t help getting so excited. I ran up and got a nice hug from him. He had just come back from Brisbane, yesterday.

I just want everyone to see how amazing and awesome and genuine and nice and wonderful he is! We chatted away….Well kinda, I was more jumping up and down with excitement than having a conversation with him.

I said hi from everyone at FC4B, rather than naming individuals, we had a look at my photos from 2 weeks ago in Welly. And then I called BIMI! She spoke with him! And I’m sure she will dictate the conversation on here at somestage. And he said he comes on IB a bit.

And yeeeeeeeeeeah! It was amazing, and awesome. And I like him more than I ever liked Michael! (which is a lot!)

I can’t wait till he tours to promote his album, which WILL happen! :)


P.S-Hi Ben, Merry Christmas! Thanks for being so amazing, can’t wait for the album. Take care.

My reply disappeared, will

My reply disappeared, will try again!:(

Awesome report NiKsTaR!:)  Loved reading every bit of it and enjoyed your enthusiasm and excitement- especially the bit about jumping up and down!  Bet Ben laughed at that too!;)

Would loved to have heard Ben singing 'Silent Night', my favourite Carol.  I was singing it myself last night - at another Carol Singing concert.;)

That was fantastic of your dad, not many would do that.  Really nice of Ben too, to come out especially to see you!:)  Isn't that just one of the things that people like about him, and make his fans stay loyal to him!:)

And so you most certainly should like Ben more than you ever did Michael!  So do the rest of us here!;)  Good reason to!;)

So what's this about a concert?  Did Ben say there something being planned? Would really love to see it finally happen!  We'd all have to go on the tour with him, to be able go every night!:)

Wasn't my Dad, was my

Wasn't my Dad, was my friends, which made it even cooler!

Concert? No that's me getting enthusiastic about him touring when his album comes out!

He's so awesome!

Misread it, yes, you did say

Misread it, yes, you did say your friends dad! 

I was getting really hopeful when you said about a tour!  Well, we can still hope I guess!  It's what Ben needs - to get seen round the country.  He's always so popular when he does appear - as you well know!;)

That's really weird! I

That's really weird! :| I wonder why it disappeared ...

Idolblog changing server.

Idolblog changing server. :)
Many posts disappeared.

Ka pai for saving a long post in word, Nikstar! :party:

... and do you for

... and do you for explaining the situation to us, cantdecide :) We weren't going mad after all, Nikki ;) ... ok, well maybe I am LOL

You are only going mad with

You are only going mad with excitment, of what is happening in 70 sleeps!

Thanks is all!


now i want to know what it

now i want to know what it is

Seeing Westlife?  But

Seeing Westlife? 

But wouldn't seeing Ben be more exciting.;)

For the first time, yes it

For the first time, yes it would, Loyal ;) But right now, I'm going with seeing Westlife for the first time is more exciting than seeing Ben!

I've just made comment

I've just made comment number 2,500 in FC4B!  Got to be the longest and most visited thread here - and the only one still going strong from the first series! Thanks to everyone who helps to keep up the support for Ben here during all these chats!:) Long may it continue!;)

remember fans, put the

remember fans, put the pressure on C4 to play Bens clip, write, email , phone.... :-)

See you have to log-in to

See you have to log-in to e-mail C4, but am keeping up with the letter writing!:) Hope they're seeing Ben's name pop up all over the place and realise the only way to stop us is to play his video!:)

Woo hoo! Congrats FC4B

Woo hoo! Congrats FC4B :D

So now we have an official

So now we have an official photographer - good luck in the role WgTn_GuRl.:)

You'd better get after Ben and keep the photos coming in now then!;)

jsut  put some photos

jsut  put some photos take a look

They're really good!  OK,

They're really good!:) 

OK, we'll keep you on.;)  You do realise that this means you'll have to follow Ben around to take photos - now you're the official photographer for the club!.;)

But then we'll have to

But then we'll have to change her job description to "photographer/stalker!" ;) Heh heh heh

haha ok..but BIMI you got to

haha ok..but BIMI you got to tell me where Ben is so i can hunt him down and then take pics

Be good if you could BIMI -

Be good if you could BIMI - tell us where he's appearing all the time I mean!;)

He will be in Nelson this

He will be in Nelson this Saturday.


I am excited to see him!

I'm soooo jealous,

I'm soooo jealous, Nikstar!!! ;) That's going to be an AWESOME night! Make sure you enjoy it :D

NiKsTaR you are sooooooo

NiKsTaR you are sooooooo lucky!:)  Tell us more!:) Not coming down just to sing for his top bopper is he!;) 

Well, don't think I'll be flying down there to see him, but do hope you get to chat to him - again!;)

Please give him my love anyway, and please tell him I was so sorry not have got to say hello to him at Wellington, but loved the show anyway!:)

I'm sure he'll read that

I'm sure he'll read that himself! But I shall tell him anyway, if I get the chance!

He's performing at the local church's Christmas Show. When I spoke with him in Wellington he said he thought it was just Xmas songs, but I am really hoping he will sing Gotta Move!

Steve from Idol last year will be there, too. As well as Sophie Westenra (sister of Hayley).

There will be more than just

There will be more than just Xmas songs...sung....promise !!  Enjoy the night !!

So you got the info direct

So you got the info direct from Ben!  Nothing like having the right friends!;)

I'd love to hear Ben singing  xmas songs.  Did once on TV in a xmas special from a church hosted by Dom.  Ben was awesome.

Sounds like it will be another fantastic show!:) Guess it'll be all up to you to provide photos and a report then!;)

If you get a chance, can you ask Ben if he still comes to visit Idolblog and reads what's going on here.

NiKsTaR take a lot of pics

NiKsTaR take a lot of pics ok

Can YOU Please fwd to

Can YOU Please fwd to anyone/ everyone who could help….. by txting, emailing or phoning C4 to put the pressure on them to play Bens Music DVD….,

POSTAL ADDRESS:Private Bag 92624 / Symonds Street / Auckland / 1021 PHONE:(09) 377 9730  or 0800 C4 MUSIC


Their unbelieveable response today was….

….…. Quote “its not what they are looking for, and  would not suit the content of what C4 wants “  , and they will not add it to their shows… which really sucks !!! considering some of the absolute rubbish they seem to think is Ok to play.  I mean c'mon....!!!!


So they were not  even prepared to put it on their “ Added this week “  program which is where all the new DVDS get played , and from there, people can txt etc to get it played more often…. , so much for support of NZ musicians…... in particular Idol participants….


Anyway…. pressure is required,  Ã¢â‚¬Â¦.the more they get, the more likely they will play the DVD…


So please fwd to “everyone�…who want to see Bens DVD played on TV !! Get the word out Fans !!


(09) 366 5921  

What can I say - you've

What can I say - you've probably said it all traza.k!:(  What are they thinking of.:(  What a blow for Ben and all of you who are part of it!:(  It's a fantastic video and young people should relate so well to it - and wouldn't you think the fact that it does have a message too would want them to get it out to be seen!

Up to all of us now then!  On to writing - 2 letters today, will follow up regularly!

Let us know if you have any further response from them.

Can you also let us know the e-mail address for that radio station in New Plymouth that's requested his single.

e-mail of guy who contacted

e-mail of guy who contacted me re the New Plymouth  radio station, not sure if thats station email or not, but just give it a go...

Kyle []

Oh what they're nuts, but

Oh what :@ they're nuts, but still, their loss our gain, whoohooo Ben 'up in lights' in New York, told you you'd be up in lights buddy. It's not only you that's cute, sounds like your little brothers are too. ;) Heard you were dancing with them in Wellington recently :P

Keep up the good work!

What's C4's e-mail address Traza.k?

check it out for contact emails...

Not really our gain!  If

Not really our gain!:(  If Ben doesn't get publicity and his music heard and seen, it won't be any gain!:(

Oops my bad I see exactly

Oops my bad :$ I see exactly what you mean, when you put it that way after the way it was put by me.

Even with his name up in lights in New York it's not gonna filter back here exactly is it. :$

I still can't understand, though, Loyal, how when he is the only Artist in NZ's history to have a Single AND Album both get to #1 on the Charts Sony/BMG treated him the way they did, citing poor sales as the reason they ditched him. 

Okay Michael Murphy managed to get Gold with his Album which suggests that perhaps his Album sold more than both Ben's Single and Album put together although we don't have figures to suggest that but, regardless, not even Michael Murphy has achieved both Single and Album going to #1 on the Charts and let's not forget Ben got 4x Platinum which equals upwards of 40,000 copies sold and so far none of the other Idols have beaten that.  One has to wonder doesn't one :?

Most of this post is wrong.

Most of this post is wrong. Can someone correct her wrongness? I can't be bothered.

 OK Scap.  Info from

 OK Scap.:)  Info from Wikipedia:

Ben's single 'Can't Take That Away' - 7 weeks at number 1, went 4 x Platinum

Michael's single "So Dam Beautiful' - 1 week at number 1, went Gold

Ben's album 'One Road' - 2 weeks at number 1, went 4 x Platinum

Michael's album ' No Place to Land' - highest placing 22, went Gold

So that certainly shows that Bens sales have far exceeded any other NZ Idol.  Being even more than many other well-known NZ singers too!

Should add that Platinum is for higher sales than Gold!

Getting right on it!!!

Getting right on it!!!

Why am I not here?

Why am I not here?

Guess because you never

Guess because you never asked to be!  Take it this means you ought to be - so welcome.:D



Welcome to our new Top

Welcome to our new Top Bopper!:) Someone who not only phones up the radio station to tell Ben she loves him,;) but also flies up from the South Island to see him!

Sure NiKsTaR will do a great job of keeping up the Bopper support!:D

Just thought youd like to

Just thought youd like to know...

Bens single and Music DVD is being sent to New York, a loyal fan up there requested their copy., He runs a website called and has ALL the idols from every show internationally listed......  so Bens new CD will soon be on his pages. 


Awesome traza.k Thanks for

Awesome traza.k :) Thanks for that! International recognition! wooohooo. Hehe.

Just thought youd like to

Just thought youd like to know...

Bens single and Music DVD is being sent to New York, a loyal fan up there requested their copy., He runs a website called and has ALL the idols from every show internationally listed......  so Bens new CD will soon be on his pages. 


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