General: 2010 New Zealand Idol?

Submitted by lionwolf on 8 November, 2009 - 6:14am

Hi all, If you remember me, My name is Stephen Morrison, I was the first one at the door in 2005 for NZIDOL.

Its been sometime yeah? lol.

Well, I still sing, and was wondering if there will be another New Zealand Idol? If there is going to be at some point, I would like to have another shot at it. I remember those few days very clearly, this time I wont be at the door first lol. I will be getting some sleep this time. And drinking LOTS of Water!.

Anyway, Ive loved singing for many years, not one person Ive met has ever said I cant sing. Infact I know very well Ive got a great voice, just gotta find the right person or persons to get me started I guess. Also I have a 2yr daughter now, she is my life, and I can see shes gonna love music just like her father does.

If anyone is out there, looking for a singer, please Please PLEASE! Email me.

Best Regards
Stephen Morrison

AKA: ArcticWolf

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