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Submitted by zed on 13 December, 2007 - 9:47pm

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when its time to cruise

when its time to cruise around it the car i really like to have the sounds on when ever i can,so far im on to my 4th week listening to stan walker, i dont usually listen to a album 4 that long,but its one of those albums that kind of growns on you........put in your i tunes or media centre it worth havin as a collection oh well thats my latest album so far....dave dobyn and gin have a concert on the 2nd of jan 2010, the concert venue is outdoors is quite nice slopping horse shoe hill overlooking the amiptheatre which will be very close to town,hopefully the weather is fine, it would be worth a look its $29.50 a ticket........ hmmm might have a quick listen to gin i know weather to be late or early........i hope im early.....................................might test my green finger out and c how the garden grow for this season...........after thoes cherry tomatoes..........have fun in the sun jude, slip slop slap that lotion too.......sweetie,and stay

christmas is just around the

christmas is just around the corner in a matter of speaking, what to buy ,who to see,how many ks would it take to see so in so, is entering everyone minds, gee sweetie all i want to do for christmas is play in my shed and fix my motorbike and watch a couple of hire videos from the video ezy,and eat some good food and maybe spoilt myself with a coco cola........................pav,stawberries and icecream as well.......hmmmm the lake is so beautiful around this time quite a few people bringin there jetskis in to get fix up,some people arent very mechcanically minded,there jetski sit out the backyard for 8 month of the year with stale gas in it,PEOPLE drain your old petrol out of your JETSKI if you havent been using it for a while,there is a screw you turn to let the gas out ,this also applies to lawnmowers as well,people it will save you $70.00 AND TAKE YOUR BATTERY OUT AND PUT IT ON A CHARGER THAT WILL ALSO SAVE YOU MONEY BUT BATTERIES ALSO HAVE A SHORT LIFE SPAN ABOUT A YEAR AND A HALF, RULE OF THUMB.....but back to christmas i might stay put, park up maybe even do a couple of laps in the lake so i dont get that turtle shell tummy with all that good food ill be chewin on,i enjoy youre article about santa you have a lovely way of writing,cant wait for youre next article,hes to being on time........for the extremely busy retro woman.............. have a wonderful christmas jude dobson.....from one of your fans....

readt youre article jude,

readt youre article jude, thats is shocking its good to have that weary attitude about this time of year cause there proberly some people that will spoilt it for christmas,especially when everyone is in a joyous mood into seeing family again,wouldnt it be nice if this christmas didnt have anything go wrong with it, no injurys on the road,no burglars,no fauders.... no deaths just for the xams season.....................and wouldnt it be great if aotearoa just happen to have just the season......another christmas gift to ask for..............and world peace plus a envriomental healthly planet for our future human race........the most important of them all next to family........................have a non dramic season everyone........

merry christmas

merry christmas jude........ive been travelling around the east coast a while back and have noticed that that farmlands has always been brown and dry durning summer, and when i travelled thru palmerston north it always seem to be green and lush from danverike downwards .....a few years ago i noticed that the dry spell had gone all the way to woodville from there to wellington seem alright but what alot of corse......................its quite green pastures around taupo at the moment,and te Awamutu seem quite warm and does tauranga it seems quite news reckon that the the tide is going to rise if we dont put our game face on and get with the program, in a matter of words it seems very interesting,but what i did want to tell you about was there was this program on tv one nite ,its had these lego electronic kits for kids where the kids make a remote control four wheel drive allterrain vechicle, and had to take rings off objects and return them back to base in the shortest time, and compet with others in there ages group what a great present that would be, hmmmmmmm..........something i wish i had when i was a kid.....but its not to late to buy something like that for my grandchildren ..........spoilt little brats they r ................but they r so funny and clumsy and ask the questions about everything which makes the lego my top xams present for this year keeps them occupied and entertain for five minutes until they lose all the parts or have them scattered all over the place....witch reminds me to lock up my tool box cause two of my grandchildren knows how to use a swivel rachet ten mil spanner a bicycle would be also on the xams list what r you getting yeah b4 i forget i brought the new stan walker album its quite good its good for doing long trips in the car...........its a good album to listen to go beyond the lyics and listen to the vocals he really is amazing cant wait for his next album......................s

hi jude how did youre

hi jude how did youre birthday go,i hope u got the cool presents,oh well my present for you is, have you heardt the song by keri hilson,kanye west and neyo....i think its called knock you down.....its a good sound track............its got a cool beat and when neyo starts chiming it makes the song ,oh well have a listen you like it.....once again happy birthday cutie..........................stay that gorgous smile.............s

ki ora jude readt youre

ki ora jude readt youre article,its was a little sad especially for this time of season but you right,but when u look at the way motorcycles have progressed in the past 10 years,hyperically,we talking technology,mirco computers or motherboards which runs everything,eg ECUs compared to the CDI units that some bikes have,technology has made things a whole lot safer,with osh on everyones back and making the work enviroment so much safer and better to work in,and keeping the tradepeople on there toes so the average waka is better to travel in and on,which means if the tradeperson like mechcancial engineers for instance are not doing there jobs properly we have people like osh to enforce harsh penalties,thats another good reason to buy kiwi products,so other countries must have similar guidelines to work ethics, if they dont, i guess there airline, or any other service, they might have would be last on my must be like that for bands as well from learning on a simple 3 piece drum kit 2 learning how to play a set of drums on a game like world tour guitar heros,hmmmmm i must mention that to father christmas too, who would think technology would go that far......ko au personality i reckon its good to be working in a country that takes qualitity products over quantity................................................s

hi jude,tax refund online

hi jude,tax refund online has just come thru plus i overpaid an account and thats just come thru as well,i feel like a luck dragon,when it shines,it shines with the rainbow,good timing too xams is just around corner

hi jude you should visit

hi jude you should visit taupo on the 28th of november but travel state highway one dont take short cuts stick to the main road apparently there is 11 thousands cylists

hi jude you should visit

hi jude you should visit taupo on the 28th of november but travel state highway one dont take short cuts stick to the main road apparently there is 11 thousands cylist

hi jude travelled to this

hi jude travelled to this other farm the other day and talk to this interesting sheep farmer,he has alot of dogs at his place,specially designed for pig hunting hes got a scott russell and a lab cross with a whipit and a lab cross with a bulldog and a great dane cross with a smaller dog and hes got his own special dog with him at all time,he was telling me how to catch a pig apparently uyou grab its back leg and turn it on its back and stab it in to the bisket ainto its heart.....its sounds like fun .......i wanna have a turn at it oh well late for work again got to cruise...........s

hmmmm maybe youre right

hmmmm maybe youre right judy, maybe i should tidy up that work station,and get back into the swing of things gradually,little steps,and also have a different motivative quotation once a month to boost that moral,he we go,units standards test and books im looking forward to reading you this month......................S

supercross in hamilton this

supercross in hamilton this weekend chad reed.....november 21 you should go jude,oh thats right isnt it your birthday soon jude..............oh well if no one else has said it happy birthday .....

hi jude i didnt mean to let

hi jude i didnt mean to let this blog go on the way it did,i just kept adding to it and adding to it of things thats been happening around me,things i saw and funny things that been happening to this moment,there been heaps of other things,but this is a R18 show,one of the real reason i write is to keep up with these dam unit standards, i like them its so interesting but ive hit a brick wall,tests r piling up the last lot of books have arrived and ill havent even looked at them its been 2 months,plus im doing a another course in basic te reo,its 4 this project,shit man i cant even learn basic english,i keep so busy it does matter what town i go to there is always something there i want to master,ill thinks its because i havent seen my little girl for a while i miss her lots bet she is finding it hard beening a mum,its her birthday soon......but shes ok.........this would be her year where she will spend her xams with her little family........gosh another year granddad.......its cool being a active grandfather........ive been thinking about leaving this place and travelling back and living closer to my little girl....ive been weighting my options...............and decided its hard to be in two places at once...........this town is so lovely.........and my little girl, the more shes misses her daddyand vice visa...........what to do?........any suggestions jude..............maybe its just xams and people miss the connected families...........we cumin up to that end of the year festivals........well thats my everyone father xams is real............

dejavu hi judy i was roamin

dejavu hi judy i was roamin thru sum sites and came across your article in the aucklander,do you write every week, so not only are you gorgous you are also very talented,i always thought there was more to you than just a beautiful smile and a hour glass figure,sweet have a day in the sun tomorrow,if you need anyone to rub sum sunblock on you ,just give me a would have to be after 5 or before 8 cause im a company man.....oh well have a fun weekend anyway........sam

there was a heavy snow drop

there was a heavy snow drop around this area and its october,the mountain looks good,and im keen on that muse concert ,when big day arrives might have to make it a plan ,just about finish these unit standards 8 more books hooraay,and the music in the house arrives....................been getting itch feet lately but might stay still for a year and c what happens my little girl is being a good mum so everything is sorted.....hey jude do you know anything about a place called montana............or how about a place called santiago ever get that feeling like getting lost in someone elses country, well ive been like that likely......its so lovely here and so many people and nations passing thru all at once,there is a paradise and i bet u there are other places as well,you must know some places as well, this place hawaii sounds nice and not to far away could be worth a visit .......anyway enough about whats happening on this side of the country...................i saw u on this health diary program.........has anyone told you how beautiful you looked especially in this yellowish outfit or maybe it was a mustard colour.........u have such a lovely face and gorgous glad u are on televison so the world knows how beautiful kiwis are..... ........................................oh well until then dj3

hi jude there is heaps of

hi jude there is heaps of frost around and fog i love this town it is beautiful i had a week off work.i didnt want 2 but it happens deep heat .codine .and a electric blanket on high with reruns of mx dvds and unit standards about the fair trading act and consumers guarantities act just 2 mess with your head 2 top it off a slipped disc in my lower back doing up my shoes up,how embrassing ,especially when im lying on the ground in pain barely moving and my granddaughter is bouncing on my ribs thinking that im playing a new game.........and to top it off my daughter has the video camera going looks pretty funny tho on i know what it means by hurts.......i felt immoblised maybe we need to take better care of ourselves i wonder jude what type of things i need to do to stop my back from goin out again i be most greatful for any suggestions maybe i check on the net later........dj3

the twin boys get fed every

the twin boys get fed every 4 hours i tried 2 bring up cordell wind and made a mess of it babies r so fragile.i kind of slipped a disc in my back g i was a mess never notice so much pain b4 i kind of right now,i worry about it slippin out again judy got any advice on backpains

hi jude u wouldnt believe it

hi jude u wouldnt believe it im a granddad again my little girl had a set of twins about 6.9pound my little girl hadt another c section the boys r very handsome i properly build them a sidecar motorcycle when they r older enough 2 ride

we are already in the 5th

we are already in the 5th month i kind of want that mechcanical trade cert by the end of this year....and as soon as i have that in my hand im going to have a blast on the drilling rig ....i think i go geothermal ..first and then i go gas and hopefully end up down south doing oil..........what do you think jude...........its a five year properly change in three years but for now thats the plan............i like the picture on your your family are still cute as ever stay beautiful

concert at the vector area

concert at the vector area on the 8th of april we r going to the killers concert im looking forward to it might c u there jude and t.........hey t got any backstage tickets ......oh well look beautiful everyone.............i like that yellow cutie.....c u soon

happy birthday ...........hi

happy birthday ...........hi jude how r you i hope you dressing for autumn and showin off that beautiful smile of yours cause we havent seen it for a while ...there is usually snow on the mountain but there hasnt been any snow 4 a while .......................well say hi 2 everyone.........oppsy daisy starting to get into the level 4 and 5 of
my unit standards and they r mind boggling........but hey slowly but surely i got about 20 books and 20 test left.......i like to say one more thing and its a congradulations to helen........for getting into the un..........pretty impressive i wounder if i can ask for a job.........hmmmmm i wounder what position i would b good at....................o well chat about it soon

happy new years beautiful

happy new years beautiful been really busy with units people movin, to other parts of the country,got 2 patents that ive been lookin out and i think its going to be successful,well lots and lots of books to finish, which is making lest time to chat to you beautiful jude, hope your husband has been taking you out now and then ,you make sure he shows you off to the public sweetie and you still look very cute and sexy on television it reminds me to chat to you now and then,well weather hot gone to do some laps in the happy new years to desiree,la la, simon,ev, alania, motorcycle d.j......muso des....and everyone else....c u

happy new years beautiful

happy new years beautiful been really busy with units people movin, to other parts of the country,got 2 patents that ive been lookin out and i think its going to be successful,well lots and lots of books to finish, which is making lest time to chat to you beautiful jude, hope your husband has been taking you out now and then ,you make sure he shows you off to the public sweetie and you still look very cute and sexy on television it reminds me to chat to you now and then,well weather hot gone to do some laps in the happy new years to desiree,la la, simon,ev, alania, motorcycle d.j......muso des....and everyone else....c u

just saying evening havin

just saying evening havin seen you for a while, hi jude u wouldnt believe what im been up 2, still doing these dam unit standards,it seems to be getting easy tho,gee hasnt the world got it self in a knot.................good on america 4 there brand new president aye jude,.....been losin weight ......only thing i can say is dam u ....jamie oliver..........4 making me give up that greasey food soon.....o yeah hi eve, alaina,simon,desiree,jessie and lashae

Hiya zed ...... long time no

Hiya zed ...... long time no see ya! Beautiful day in Aucks today ..... bet you it was gorgeous where you are too!

actually we are classified

actually we are classified as a automotive engineer,but a hoon,sounds like you are on the money eve, but got another one, a friend of mine is a property manager,as for that weekend we were surpose to c if these holiday homes were all locked up and windows closed hot water cylinder off and so on we went to this one holiday day home in particular,it was the last holiday home left to check we went to the front door and the keys didnt fit we went around to the back door and it was wide open. we went in turn everything off and closed the curtain and empty the rubbish bin, the door still didnt closed, so we went back to the office and rang up the owners and told them that the door was faulty and try to ring up a carpenter but we couldnt get hold of one , so i went home got a drill and a file and fixed the door up,on monday morning i heardt we went to the wrong holiday home and fix someone else door up.......pretty shocking aye jude.......just wonder if i can still bill them for that work done ........just joshin..........gosh we had the right number but the wrong street...... oh well...only seen you on tv once jude u were in that cute little red outfit we miss your beautiful smile on tv.........stay warm and

the units r gettin done

the units r gettin done pretty good so far gosh i loss my license 4 ,6 months ,no fine tho ,i lost it 4 loss of traction,what im gonna say everyone is that doing burnouts in town isnt worth it,well anyway jude i pledged guilty,i could of got a 4500.00 dollar fine as well, not a good look,i didnt even c the cop behind me, apparently she said, she was pullin out of the gas station ,when she seen me hoon out around the corner ,my windows were all fogged up as well, i didnt c her behind me ,when i did my last burnout to work.......i jump out of the car and took out my head phones off and seen her in her cop car with her sirens on, she thought i was trying to do a runner..........u know what jude i miss my i brought a pushbike a 27 speed i wonder if u can get done 4 doing wheelstands on a pushbike i get back 2 u on that one in a couple of weeks............welll anyway jude........stay beautiful........your

Oh mannnnn it sounds like

Oh mannnnn it sounds like you are a teen hoon zed...... and yet you have a grandaughter o_O
can't help giggling tho sorry..... guys never grow up do they lolzzzzzzzzzz

oh u are so right eve been

oh u are so right eve been roamin quite alot lately and the snow on top of the mountain looks quite breath takin im on 2 the electrical side of my units at the moment,gosh what a learnin curve ,its nice hearing from u eve,hey jude whats the story havent seen u on thoes little health adds 4 a while whats up with that sweetie show us sum skin why dont u,but it is nice u showin ericka now and then.................tho .......oh wellwhat else has been happenin oh yeah my granddaughter is just starting 2 walk i brought her a pink motorcycle helmet the other day and put it on her head, she went face forwad and stay motionless for a couple of minutes she loves it she tilts her head when she see me grabbin the helmet .........anyway jude i hear u r having another baby.............,oh well jude and ev dont 4get 2 switch on your electric blanket ....4 a few more months anyway spring feels like its here.......................ldj

hi just signin in; study it

hi just signin in; study it helps im doing a mechcanical trade, and my ten year project is to have a motor run on water.........9 more years to go ,hi ev.........hey how u doing judy........oh well got to dash but i seen mike murpry the other day,we fixed his 500 cc quad bike and his little dirt bike i think i told him about u guys ...oh well catch up with u soon ......stay warm judy there a southernly and the snow on the mountain looks kind of

Hey zed - it will be a lot

Hey zed - it will be a lot colder where you are than where Jude and ev are..... keep warm dude

saw your new family diary

saw your new family diary gosh u look hot in that photo by that pond,and you have a cheeky grin,whats that all about,its quite a sexy photo,still doing these units standard telly up a good 20 workbooks so far, and test papers and got them sign off as well......oh yeah got a cool project cumin up i let u know when i cant until then desiree say hi 2 ps i lost my cell so that number needs a update stay warm

zed..... I'd forgotten about

zed..... I'd forgotten about you .... you have to post more often.... geeeeeez pd is for teens

jude dobson eats pies

jude dobson eats pies

hmmmmmm i wonder what type

hmmmmmm i wonder what type of pie,our beloved jude dobson be licking off her lips , it would proberly be royal gala apple pie with whipped cream with a dash of chocolate........with a irish coffee .........or maybe a sugarless mocho..........outside sum cafe overlooking sum beachside veiw........thats what type of pie our jude dobson be eating .....sorry i havent written for a while i been a little busy with work and pd...............yeah its them traffic fines dont worry your pretty little figure about it i only got 60 hours i do that standing on my thats a court joke......then the judge gives u another 60 hours to get back on your feet again...... oh well got to be good and finish another unit

saw this jetfighter scream

saw this jetfighter scream over whakamaru farm the other day when i was fixin a 420 quad bike it was kidda of low to the ground i thought i could see three people in it ,the afterburners were switched on , and he look like here was doing 600 ks, gosh who know, instancely i thought of you jude dobson,in the back of that figher cruisin off, in the sky off to a new location,well just giving u a follow up on what happenin,more studin and work,and my little girl is enjoyin the farm life near hamliton i c her as offen as possible ,and chrispy is started to look quite trim,i gave that one @ huge hug and peck, ps thanks for the

just so u know i hardly

just so u know i hardly answer my phone i leave in the car under all my unit standards that i surpose 2 be doing,or i leave it in my tool box and i have heaps of them ,but i seem to always find it ,try and not pass it out to your friends too judy especially your workmates cause i heard they r burtal,but hey im ready for what ever ,but i do answer texts for sum reason............0277156376..............hey i try not to answer my phone durning working times but i do a exception in your of your many fans.............text us your favourite song

found the little

found the little free....the song is really alive and kicking sounds like they should do a concert with pacifer...........there was something else2...gosh i should leave my cell number4 u aye judy,just make sure when u text me at all hours of the nite that,u do remember that this is a family show..............i leave it next time im on cause i cant remember my own never let a blonde friend get fish n chips for u ....why u ask because they get the 9 mixed up with the 6 .........true

if we had any weight in the

if we had any weight in the music industry that what type of concert we would arrange,sorry ev but we were just speakin aloud,thats is who we would have in a concert is cassette ,elemeno p and the vines and the following week we would have cassette again supporting was someting we were just talkin about im sorry if i got u misinformed but there is no concert with evermore its just bands we were throwin around at the concert,but u right that would be the coolest concert mix for this year anyway...............sorry to misinform you but i try and be more accurate in furture,......there isnt a concert happening with these bands unless our favourite jude dobson can arrange it but who would you have evermore support....................?hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......................and in the followin week after muse you can have evermore and 48may yeah that would be a good the 1st weekcassette,elmeno p,and the vines,
2nd week cassette and muse
3rd week evermore and 48may
well thats my mix 4 this year anyway ,make it happen jude dobson ,and i buy u a box of museli bars for xams................if u want me to wrap it for you, that would cost u 8backstage passes 2 4 me 2 4 ev and 2 for alaina..............if the concerts dont happen i still buy you those museli bars4 xams cause youre just cute especially with your new haircut ,u had on tv2 the other nite ,gosh u look hot,and that darken top u had on,u had me in a trance u did,i wrap that xams present for u

*cracks up* zed I was with

*cracks up* zed I was with you all the way with your dreaming out loud.....
but honest jude is seeing evermore - maybe it has already gone now ?
I would really like to see Luke from Idol in your pretend lineup tho -
he stole my heart away and gave me goosebumps where they shouldn't be....
so just pop him in for me aeee ;)

:') well

:') well luke,luke.........well we r in week five, and its a new month, so now that we had grunge month i thought we might have a r and b month, luke and .....well its quite hard to find a true combination ................maybe i need too listen to sum of his songs first how would you describe his style of mild rock or rockabilly christen...............once we have categoized his music we can make a start, i thought maybe rosita and mary j bilge tho but luke is a hard concert.i think he be more garden cafe with a cello and classical guitar in the background might suit his style,like a sunday sort of mood cafewith light meals and a strong coffee...........maybe i need a second opinion ev.........and thats one version of a pretend mix concert from

Luke - now that is someone

Luke - now that is someone I'd love to see again and see him given another chance at the big time.

Reckon he's the one from any NZ Idol show I'd most like to see and hear more of again right now!
Big voice, versatile, huge personality, talented and very entertaining and likeable!

Want to know more about him - go to:

so out of date,i thought

so out of date,i thought luke was the blonde guy i never heardt of this guy luke ,but he does say he is a fan of fat feddys,so i think i would like to listen to some of his tunes anyway just passing little girlwants to cook 2nite so i better cruise of and line my stomack with remember to hide the mac donlds in the

3 bands the first band didnt

3 bands the first band didnt play till 9,ned collect its sounded alittle ukish like a radiohead vocals cross with a oasis background,but great reveiws to cassette travelling to wellington this week, he is fresh and has his own sound i think he is going to be bigger than evermore,given a chance on the open circuit,we were thinkin about a line up, mayb evermore to start with,to attract the crowd,followed by cassette this is the band we r tryin to advertise and sell,elemeno p cause they r just a great band,and the main attraction would be muse as the grand station that at three venues and a rest day in taupo and u have a award winning concert .....that would make alot of money,.............what do u think jude dobson.......and the last but not least was the lady keyboards it was interestin capturing the age of krafworks....u proberly wont remember,max headroom, she was tryin to inhance that sound...........and the venue very nice cafe but it kind of suited a cello and classical guitar sort of astmophere meals looks great tho.......................and thats my

Evermore are in the lineup

Evermore are in the lineup for the concert that Jude is going to......
and they are really fantastic!
I remember kraftwerk and max headroom btw ......
haven't heard cassete as yet .... nice review dj ;)

well its d day and the only

well its d day and the only date i got is what i ate for smoko this mornin yes u r right it is a scone with dates in it ,how ironic,they have a single nite out here where guys have a bolt and a girl has the nut if it fits thats is your date for the nite,i know it sounds quite needy doesnt it, but i thought for a joke, maybe go down ,and say to one of the guys, r u here for the single nite, if he says yes, i then say can i have a look at that bolt ,i just want to c if this nut fits...................the expression on is face.........would just make me burst out laughin.......but it could backfire and the dude might say sure wheres that nut........i proberly turn around and head towards the closest door.........i dont think i be laughin i think i might just go home and rent that video,and grab sum takeaways, turn down the volume on tv ,and listen to some tunes to be on the safe side.............but b4 i cruise this might interest u jude dobson, i heardt on the radio that ken and barbie split up, and how devastating it was for a nation that was brought up idolising the couple, and we thought about it for a while that they should bring back a new barbie we have just the name for her too............DPB barbie...........hey its not midnight yet.............and my cup is still half to get sum

eve your so right it is on

eve your so right it is on thursday,i never went to the movies i kind of went to talk to this guy bryan who is running a pirate radio station here by the lake, bryan ask me if i would like to do a show on his radio station, ,the technology bryan has is simple its all run by i tunes and when bryan wants 2 talk to some one on the net he transfers the radio to his ipod how cool is that, this saturday we r going to a concert three bands at sum cafe its at la art're something like that in acacia bay its starts at 8.........hope i dont meet jude dobson there... cause i be in my ugly betty outfit.......and then i have to buy jude a drink and talk about her hourglass figure and then i have 2 ask graham thats jude bulter and afterhours nannie, if he could take a photo of jude dobson and i so i can show ............. my vitural reality valentines in setor 15d dressed up like jude in darken heardt a new band yesterday called the editors.......its a great band but thats my

Thought of you today zeb

Thought of you today zeb -
when I read Jude's column in our local rag.
Her and hubby went to see Joe Cocker at the local music at the vineyard -
and she forgets that she has a public face and photographers love to take pics.
She said that she is going to some other outdoor music show ..... classical by the sound of it.
You should come to Aucks zeb ;)

i got a message from tvnz

i got a message from tvnz about something, hey i think i might, come to auckland for a nosey where about and when is it ...........i bring the video going to wellington for a alternative concert in i hope it doesnt

Shame on you dj for stalkin

Shame on you dj for stalkin the lovely jd..... ;)
her column is online at
I loved the bit about the farting cat ~_~

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