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Submitted by zed on 13 December, 2007 - 9:47pm

Deciated to Extraordinary New Zealanders to their service of the committee,

oh you could be so right, do

oh you could be so right, do u reckon ev, but if you goggle jude dobson ,she has idolblog website in her top 10 list, check it out, i think jude likes people talkin about her,when u get old and the wrinkles start to show and the grey hair starts in it ones and two,it must b kind of nice hearing sum nice things about oneself from another person,doesnt it? if it come to the crunch,and if jude dobson is standing in front of me and askin me about what i wrote i would proberly cave and fold,but until then i still write nice things about her,and with a little bit of witty imagination and admiration we can stay young for just that little bit longer.........that sounds like crap and you proberly right........but 2sumone in there 40s that has a routine life it does make sense......... dj

If I was Jude I would think

If I was Jude I would think that you were the sweetest stalker eva dj :D

what a good heart you have

what a good heart you have ev,remember that add with the two guys peering into celebrities window and they get taken away by the cops,well im not the type of person,and thats my definition of a stalker, i have too much style for that kind of embrassin events,im in the jude dobson fan club,there a slight difference, even tho i flirt,i respect the thought of marriage,and wouldnt interfer in such a holy bond,i just need to set up a proper jude dobson fan club but i dont know how. this is my only connection to that fan club,but give it time ,and there would be a jude dobson fan club ,and you are most welcome to join i will give u a free membership card, ps i think i send alaina one too she has the gift of artistic design,oh well me and two djs from our local pirate radio station r going to a concert i tell u about it at a later date,...................thanks for your input to ev it is most

oh gosh its valentines

oh gosh its valentines tomorrow and it caught up so fast apart from my internet valentine and my vitual reality valentines in section 15 d dressed up like jude dobson, i really dont have a valentine, how strange ,this is my first year without a lady friend to rush back home too, how strange it feels......but the cup is half full and the 14 of feb is not over yet........, but me being so shy and all i think i end up at home watchin a channel 2 rerun of sleepless in seattle, but no 2mora is going to be different im going to watch a movie at the pictures by my self any movie,by takin a ratio on couples i caluculated that a majority of them will be at home watchin vids and goin for a walk by some romantic landscape and out at cafes eatin meals, that leaves the movies open, and thats my conclusion, gosh i hope it rains tomorrow.................from 5pm to 10pm.....hmmmmmmmmmmmmm i wonder if mother nature has a

oh zeb.... valentines day is

oh zeb.... valentines day is the 14th Feb..... so it will be on Thurs not Tues..... good luck at the movies :) I'm hoping my valentine will be home by thurs......... :'(

my little girl is so funny

my little girl is so funny and so clumsy she would even trip ova fresh air
, really ive seen her, my little girl must think i buy things just for her, so far my phone is gone , my movie camera gone , my i pod gone any spare change i leave laying around the house is gone..she doesnt realise this tho but i leave it there for her anyway.......and now her greatest houdini trick is my lap top......i think i spoil her 2 much what do u think glad she only got a learner license cause i think she is eye-in- up my car....oh well im ready for a new one anyway......gosh i spew if she goes for a ride on my motorcycle..........oh well the 2007 cbr 600model looks better anyway ...well jude dobson u havent been on the commericals for a while what up .......r u cravin some lime stone or have u got a new marble piece............oh do show us....would u like to hear the latest..........might be dj a alternative radio station..........oh well hello everyone in nz idol.......till

since i was a good lad

since i was a good lad durnin the holiday of 2007,and spend every achin day surfin the net,and didnt blow the budget on parties........i think i might be able to go to big day out next week,.....thats if work will let me .......and if there r any more tickets left...........and if i can get my car a wof and rego......and buy me a whole new outfit.........and find accomadation for the next couple of avoid a old girlfriend that way.......and get back to tokoroa 4 the motorcross......i think i might b able to go.........thats only if tho..........its kind of funny that havin only if,if i could,or i should of gone,..........and my favourite one is well next year will be tellin you it sounded like every year at the big day out would of been good,as for me i have never been to a big day out concert .......and this year i would like to c billy bragg and that funny rapper dizzy rascal now that would be interestin.......i bet u will c a few nz idols there 2 but dont take my word 4 it they would proberly have backstage tickets i wonder if jude dobson will b there all goth out in the mushpit doing her wiggle in front of the mainstage, but hey ........thats only

this year has been a first 4

this year has been a first 4 me i been parked up 4 the last 3 weeks roaming cyberspace and i cant get enough of it i learn alot and i saved alot of money by not going to parties that i usually celebrate,i only travelled to get stores, it wasnt that i was short of change its that ,there is a place that is better than new zealand that i like to travel 2............and cyberspace got me there.........i met sum really nice people ........and trying to beat the jones... is the thought that cross my mind everytime i c well designed profile........the thought sum people put in2 there profiles is amazing,which has brought fine arts to a new level,i like to know more about designin websites......there is alot of money to b made sum where..............and i got a sum has there funny pants on......dj08

well christmas holidays are

well christmas holidays are just about comin to a close,the begining of the year is just about due,and its time to make another new years resolution,one of my pass resolutions was 2 give up smoking, i succeeded by drinking water everytime i felt like a smoke,its been 7 months since my last smoke,and im still drinkin that dam water,but its been worth it, there been a change of behaviour,waking up earlier,and ive been finding alot of extra cash lyin around the car and the most noticable one is the the atmosphere in the house,there is a difference between a non smokers house and a smokers house,this years resolution well thats a gonna be a hard one a resolution a want,or is a resolution a statement on how to better yourself..............first of all i need to define

6 hours till xams, im off 4

6 hours till xams, im off 4 a blat,gives me some time to listen to some sounds and reflect on the following year,hey jude u wouldnt believe it but i was roamin on some of your web sites and i came across this guy who been droolin over your photos,the guy got no style,jude.........imagine this ,jude and this guy sitting down at sum coffee lounge and he is askin jude for her autograph and the only conversation this guy has with jude, is drool coming out of his mouth,Then jude asking him if he wants a bibb.........hey jude the guy has no if that was me jude i make sure i bring my own bibb..........that guy has no class.....hey jude u must have a few admirers out there,i hope your husband brought you a thoughtful present this year.........merry xams 2 u and your family and friends,from your

rod steward tickets were

rod steward tickets were sold on trade me the other day,that would be a alright concert,i wonder if the concert is sold out ,cause it was very hush hush, i wondered if they have finished buildin around that winery yet..........u know what you should also put on your website alaina, and thats concert stages around the country and their best seats,like new plymouth basin reserse, big day out, parachute,basin,even the xams in the park, cause when i go to the concerts i look around and usually get there too

gosh you know where a good

gosh you know where a good place to hold an award ceremony would be,taupo i heardt that they flashed that place up a bit,that camping ground that used to be in the middle of town thats gone,they have a market day saturday there now,yip it got replaced by a amplithreatre.........(.its a stage setting stroll thru the park)wow how romantic,.....the library gettin a major overhaul which would be good for the dawn parades,and they have cut down miles of trees and converting them to farm land,and in acacia they knocking down about 6milesx1mile,i of trees right next to the lake(i mean not even 2 minutes walk to the lake) and convertng that into prime realestate,about 60 hectares, im not kidding im talking prime real estate, looking across the lake at the city ,oh well i wouldnt call it a town,but a underated tourist attraction, looks like the market for realeastate around here is slowing down and people r selling other not so interesting realestate to gain some prime realeastate,gosh i think the first house should be build there in mayb a year in a half,and every3 months after that a new house it wont take the builders long i say three years 800houses plus a shoppin centre,city council is spending 54million i think in purifiing the lake,filtering stormdrain, all that stuff40%from local ratepayers 20%outer regions and the rest divided up to other regions,something like that............someone said taupo is the new

Dejavu is a very mysterious

Dejavu is a very mysterious gift to enhance and channel,first of all, i think i might practice putting picture up first,PHOTOBUCKET.COM right,thanks to alaina,and thats where we will start, ......and until i can figure that out , i leave my next step to

gosh i dont know any thing

gosh i dont know any thing about this lady ,or is i know is that jude drove in a celebrities motorsports race,model and should of won against lana,was a entertaining game hostess,and now a family health host,married a lucky pilot and has ten kids................jude you must drive a big car or a minivan to cart that many kids around,you know what you need aye jude is your ht license,so you can drive a bus.................hey your not too old to learn new tricks i aways say............oh movie that sums you up jude.......................would be pleasantville.....thats how i picture your barbie doll life...........the ideal couple and zealand ideal perfect family,.....its good to have people to look up to ......never spoil the image of what i think the ideal family should look like....thats one point, you can get for the new zealands icon award.......but there is other nominatees,challenging u for that award........but i think your chances look

happy birthday

happy birthday

how do you like them

how do you like them apples,next is to ask someone to design a webpage got any thoughts, divide webpage into three categories buildng renovators,motorsports and contestant from the game show,thats all i got, i got no clue on how a webpage works little on staring one up,gosh it takes me a whole nite on how to

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