NZ Idol 1: Camillia - What a standout performer!!!

Submitted by dirrtyidol on 4 April, 2004 - 9:58pm

If ya'll don't vote for Camillia imma come and personally kick your asses :P

No no, just wanted to say how outstanding she was. This was most probably the best performance for Camillia in this comeptition, and probably one of the best performances on NZ Idol for myself. She was just totally outstanding. I can't compliment her enough....

Txt CAMILLIA to 2299 or call 0900 22 210

I love Camillia does anyone

I love Camillia does anyone know what happened to her? She like dissapeared when she could have at least made an effort to try and take on the charts, or did she and it was the same thing that happened to Nik?

I agree! She was great

I agree! She was great tonight! But I cant vote, I dont have a phone and theres a 0900-bar on the landline! So vote for me, K?

lol what the .......... ?

lol what the .......... ?

I found Camillia's version

I found Camillia's version of Purple Rain on Limewire once. Download Limewire Basic (or pro if you want to pay :/) and you can download that and any other songs you want.

Yeah I got Purple Rain, I 

Yeah I got Purple Rain, I  also got Alone, How Will I Know and Natural Woman, im after more if anyone has any.

Hey, was just wanderin if

Hey, was just wanderin if anyone still has any Camillia's songs from NZ Idol 1 in mp3 format, if you do please let me know and be kind enough to send them to me, would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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