NZ Idol 1: The Cassies

Submitted by Mr Phantomb on 1 February, 2004 - 5:33pm

Anyone see the article in the Sunday News?

"Rejected NZ Idol contestant Miquelle Cassie is making a TV documentary about the reality show he was dumped from....."

"MoniqueCassie 24, pulled out of the Auckland auditions because she didn't want to suffer like sister Meryl."

"Some people who are chosen to go through to the second auditions are just there to be humiliated on TV" Miquelle said. "(his show) will give the people rejected another chance"
"He said his show was not inspired by sour grapes"

Sorry Miquelle but that is ridiculous.
Who are these people? They think they're the Jackson 5 or something? Hanson? The Partridge Family?
Who's going to watch a show about people who can't even make the Top 60? Surely that's what the first couple of episodes of NZ Idol are all about. Seeing who didn't get through.
Hopefully we'll see Meryl sing tonight after her being featured on the advert. T'will be very interesting indeed...


and it was...the judges definitely made the right decision. She didn't deserve to get any further
Fancy making such a hue and cry..I expected something fantastic, but my son can sing better then that, and he accepted the judges decision that he didn't make the 60


Yea man, I mean, youve seen the episodes from America and Australia. EXPECT ANYTHING. Contracts were signed saying something along the lines of 'this entitles TV to do whatever with whatever material we have of YOU'. If u suffered, TOO BAD. You signed, u lost, don't cry.

Not everyone is a winner, and in the end, there can only be one...


yeah, she was very prissy with her singing and didn't have much feeling in her voice, imo.


Lol @ ol' highlander ova there, there kan only b one ...


Yea, I mean, ppl say 'u wait, u wait for the future and u'll see'

We're waiting...still waiting...still on that cheese ad aye 'welcome aboard' :P


ok you've lost me


I went to school with the Cassie family . . . . they are a nice bunch . . . . but have always been attention seekers.

Big Ups to them though cos well we are all sitting here whinging about this and that and this and that, they are out there doing something about it.

So they didn't make it. Big Deal.

Maybe they didn't need too - Megan has her share of fame with True Bliss and marrying an All Black

Merryl has already been in that show the Tribe or watever and featured on Shortland St

And as for the other two Miguelle and Monique - Well you all know who they are dont you?


I had no idea who the ** any of them were other than Megan Cassie since she was on Popstars...other than that i keep my head out of Women's Day and all that noise...

They were all running their hands in a braiding store beginning of 2002 and they were quite friendly...i didn't even know Pita and Megan were married till they started going to church in Porirua last year...


yeh their ma was a hair braider . . . . she used to have a store in papatoetoe!

although i know them and i could probably quite agree with the slags comment!

but hey each to their own huh?


Pita Alatini is tha man!!!! :D HURRICANES GONNA KICK ASS DIS SUPA 12!!

n i thought Meryl was good


man thousands of people got turned down from nz idol and they don't complain about it! they should get over it! in this business you gotta handle rejection and constructive criticsm and learn from it....I thought they would know that by now...Now they are wanting to make a documentary about it....geez i'd say get over it..they should be happy that they are already in the business (kind of) people would kill to have been in megans shoes or meryls shoes with her roles on the tribe and shortland st...cmon give some other ppl a chance to shine ...


The problem is that NZ Idol is doing their own "behind the scenes" show of unsuccessful auditionees who have interesting stories. So the Cassie's effort will be all for naught because no-one will want to watch it and I seriously doubt that TVNZ will want to show it considering the clash.

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