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Submitted by IdolJamie on 18 January, 2004 - 10:45pm


Hmmmm, just wondering if anyone had heard any rumours or nething in the media - about where exactly all of the NZ Idol stuff is going to be filmed.
Obviously we've got the auditions going on now in Chch,Akl and Welly - but what about the other rounds.

Such as, the vocal training section venue, the venue for the studio round(which I imagine will possibly be somewhere in TVNZ) - but more importantly, does anyone know where the full performance and results show will take place(apart from the fact that it's in Auckland somewhere)?

I also wonder where they plan to hold the final results show (ie: Oz Idol had the Sydney Opera House). I'm thinking the Aotea Centre or the Civic Theatre would be a great venue. : )


good now that they are

good now that they are holding some performances in ChCh and Welly ;)


Who cares, as long as Im wherever it is, Tee hee hee....! Just kidding....I have been wondering that myself actually...ANYONE know?


It's likely to be in West Auckland, given that is based there.


Yeah they've got a big studio out there where they film shortland street and stuff.

I think it might be Aotea centre for the final however. Either that or Sky City.


well i won't hold my breath for the final supposedly "fantastic finale" or any of the shows in between...don't expect a flash as stage or any of that hollywood stuff you saw on american idol cos NZONAIR only funded 500,000 for this project....


Cheap bastards ha ha


It's times when u here stuff like that (the situation with funding) that a couple of simple words are all that's needed to explain. .....

'New Zealand'


I dunno, I don't expect the huge firework display or nething that Aussie Idol had. But I'd like to think they could at least spring for a nice theatre for the final. As for the stage, it's not that complicated really - just a few superscreens here and there.
And lots of electric blue. : P


new zealand tv funding. I reckon the idol series should and I a meen should have got at least 1 mil 500. There is to little for such a big show. The goverment can just prin out money, can't they???


That's possibly what they'll do. Mind you TVNZ might not shell out alot but who else will. McDonalds are part of it and I'm sure they've got other sponsors shelling out the dosh for it aswell.

Wherever you read the 500,000 that TVNZ is putting out for it may have only just been what TVNZ was putting out.


Its at Auckland University on Alfred Street in Auckland City.
Any Bus travelling along Symonds Street in the City will take you there for timetables phone 09-3666400.
Hope this helps and good luck in the comp.



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