NZ Idol 1: "Life goes on" - Ben Lummis' new single

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No word on when it's going to be released yet. It has been several months since it was supposed to come out. All reports so far are that it's a great track.

ah ok, cheers!

ah ok, cheers! :D





Who is Roger Atmore?

Who is Roger Atmore?

Roger used to work at ZM but

Roger used to work at ZM but now he's AtMore...

Very clever reply LOL at

Very clever reply :P LOL at that!

04/05/2006By Roger


By Roger Atmore

Winner of the first series of the reality show NZ Idol, Ben Lummis seemed destined for pop stardom upon the release of his album One Road, with an enormous ready-made fanbase from the show's prime time audience, essentially the type of advertising no other musician in the country could ever possibly afford. The album, released by SonyBMG, was said to have sold in the triple-platinum range (45,000 copies), a healthy sales target by any standards but only a year after his win, Lummis was unceremoniously dropped from the label. Why?

Lummis' manager Paul Ellis publicly blamed the poor quality of the album and lack of interest from the record company, while SonyBMG blamed poor sales. Not helping matters was the fact that Ben, at the time more used to being the fawned over object of fluff pieces in the weekly magazines, had instead been sneakily taken to task in interviews with Metro and Listener magazines for his non-existent views on important issues of the day. Of course, had Ben been a politician this may have looked less like shooting fish in a barrel, but as a born-again Christian, he may as well have had a target painted on the back of his jacket at the time. While no one has come out and said it, it would appear that a mutual decision was reached with regards to Lummis' subsequent desire to leave the potentially vicious public eye for the more supportive church environment, and SonyBMG's view of him as a future liability, as implied in their later publicly-voiced misgivings on financially backing the NZ Idol show.

Lummis continues to work within the church and Christian music scene, and late last year was hoping to revive his music career, this time as the non-NZ Idol-affiliated Ben Lummis.

Was this an article written

Was this an article written in a newspaper or something?

If so, good that things are still being published about Ben to remind everone that he is still around!;)

Yes, the reporter is Roger

Yes, the reporter is Roger Atmore, article taken from IB sidebar homepage news item 'New Zealand Music Month' simply copied and pasted into a Microsoft Word Document and from there into the IB message box from news article on Internet.

Same process for item about Ben's little Brother.  Copied and pasted into Microsoft Word Document directly from an Internet page I found and then from there into the IB message box.

Both were intended not, in case people were wondering, to undermine Ben and his family, but to show how the Media certainly does do that, and how hard it is to be a 'celebrity'.

I don't envy Ben (or any of the other past contestants) their position and would rather see positive messages about Ben than what we seem to be getting at the moment!

Keep it up Ben, Ben, Benny Boy and can't wait to hear more of that beaut voice and music soon.  Hopefully some from Sela soon too ;)

It was ok but I think he

It was ok but I think he could do a lot better.

Its unlikely that " Life

Its unlikely that " Life goes on" will be released as his single. It was a song he wrote and was performing at some of his events, but what he been working on recently  is a song called " Gotta Move " which is being played as part of the promotional material for a large scale dance event here in Auckland called ' Bring it On" .. Its catchy and cool, not a slow ballad. .BRING IT ON is  huge   hip hop dance competition for the Secondary schools which fills stadiums,  here in Auckland and will be going nationwide for 2007, Ben is the public face and profile for these events.  .so get along to those events. and you will hear him sing LIVE this song, and others.

May 13 North Shore Events Centre

May 20 Waitakere Trusts Stadium

June 3 Telstra Stadium

Check out their website -  google -  bringiton

Thanks so much for that,

Thanks so much for that, Traza :)  I can't wait till it's going "nationwide" and the rest of us get to hear this new song too ;)

That sounds really good! 

That sounds really good!  Great to have traza.k to keep us up-dated with what Ben's doing! He does seem to be in demand somewhere or other to perform still, doesn't he!:)

Looked up the web-site and it looks like something Ben will love being part of, as well as him being an attraction and assett for the event!:)

Ive got some  promo CDs of

Ive got some  promo CDs of the new song  " Gotta Move " along with a re-mix of what he sung at Idol 2, the duet with Sela.    Not ready for release yet, but  we are currently looking for funding / sponsorship to get the new song  ( plus a couple of other songs )  produced .  That  $50,000 they are now giving out for the new idol would sure have come in handy ......  seriously , if a sponsor reads this and is serious about helping Ben  and his  new single......  make contact . 

I think NZ Idol 1  ( &2) was one big learning curve, that doesnt do those who enter any huge favors in terms of career.   From there, it  comes down to hard work, committment, good management  and drive to see yourself   back out there as an artist in your own right. 

 -hmmm - thinking

 -hmmm - thinking of ways to get $50K  , how about Dragons Den?  its coming to NZ - go ask them for it - present all the facts of his first album and how much money it made ? - they might fancy themselves in the nz music biz as rogue investors

if you got a few more cds pressed, you could sell them through this site - and advertise the fact , - bet you'd sell a few!

Wouldn't some of us here

Wouldn't some of us here just love one of those promo CDs - me for instance!;)

So it's the funding holding Ben up!  Must be so frustrating, especially knowing that the next winner will get the $50,000 that would do so much to help Ben on his way now!

Maybe we should have a whip-round!;) Don't expect we'd get anywhere near enough though!:(

Thats not a bad idea.

Thats not a bad idea. Idolbloggers should donate. Even if it's like $1 each ^_^.

I actually would help out Ben if I had that kind of money, I want him to do well.

Well, if we keep dropping

Well, if we keep dropping hints like that, Loyal ...


Thanks for that traza

Thanks for that traza :)

website for Bring It On

website for Bring It On :

I havn't heard this.

:| I havn't heard this.

Not many people have

Not many people have ;)


I think he's only sung it a

I think he's only sung it a couple of times ... once was at the Porirua Life FM launch last year which I was privileged enough to go to ;)

Oh no wonder lol!Oh yay!

Oh no wonder lol!

Oh yay! Well being BIMI you would have to go lol its an unspoken rule! :P

I try

I try ;)

You more than try, you

You more than try, you succeed you lucky lady.  Loyal has been lucky in meeting Ben heaps of times too.  I wonder if I will ever get that lucky!  I sure hope so one day. :)

*waves hand* I've meet Ben

*waves hand*

I've meet Ben to :)

Yayness go us!

Yayness to you all I'll

Yayness to you all I'll say!  What's he like?

Lovely! My overall opinion


My overall opinion improved after our meeting :P

Is he easy to talk to and

Is he easy to talk to and does he have an accent?

Accent er no hes kiwi i

Accent :| er no hes kiwi :P i think :S

He talked to us and he took all the time in the world he didn't rush like other "Famous" people do.

I've heard him talking with

I've heard him talking with an accent sometimes but I could be dreaming or perhaps it's part of being a Pacific Island Kiwi like the 'accent' Maori people use even when they've been brought up in NZ just as Ben has.

Did you have a chance to have a good talk with him enough to get to know him as a person - which he really is - after all?

Is he very dark in real life or only light tan?

Darkish i guess LOL but it

Darkish i guess :P LOL but it was night time!

Talked for about 15 mintunes, He basically just anwered our questions, but was nice enough to ask about ourselfes as well!! There was alot of time for signing and photos and he signed a michael rockz sign and cracked up laughn :P And he said It sweet alot :P

Is he just as much of a

Is he just as much of a good-looker in real life as on TV?  One of the bloggers - can't remember who - said he is quite funny and witty when you meet him which surprised me because he has always seemed so quiet and reserved in the media.

Well i always thought he had

Well i always thought he had a huge head but its actually quite small :P

He was just a down to earth person. He was funny but i didn't see a witty side of him.

I have a picture of him and my sister ( LOL my sister looks stoned ) But i don't no how to put it so it appers in the post.

I wonder if I'll ever get

I wonder if I'll ever get lucky enough to meet him?  Have you met Sela Mahe, his girlfriend, as well?  If so, what's she like?  Just as beautiful in real life too I'll bet!  I think they both rock and are both beautiful on the inside where it really counts plus have the most amazing angel-like voices I have ever heard.  They sure make the world a better place.

Is Sela easy to talk to and quiet and reserved like Ben or is she the witty one while he is funny?  Darker or lighter tan to Ben's?

I'm sorry, I've just gotta

I'm sorry, I've just gotta ask "Firefox" ...  why does it matter how dark or light Ben's or Sela's skin is???!!!  :| 

Thankyou BIMI i thought that

Thankyou BIMI i thought that was a little odd to :|

I didn't really take note :S

I think everyone reading

I think everyone reading this thought it...a tad strange. Disturbing. Creepy :|

We said hello to sela she

We said hello to sela she didn't talk much. I thought she was quite shy although Jase said she might of been tired. She's got a beautiful smile and is always smiling. shes darker than Ben i think.

When is it surrrrrrrPOSTA be

When is it surrrrrrrPOSTA be coming out its been ages, I am sure that he is just gone forever and not bringin' out ne new stuff

I <3 this song. It rocks!

I <3 this song. It rocks!

Owh i'm getting sick of

Owh i'm getting sick of waiting 4 it 2 come out...but can't wait till it does!!! :D

Well, we'll see Ben sing his

Well, we'll see Ben sing his next single tonight - Ben says he thinks we'll be surprised and he hopes we'll like it.  How can we not! :D

Certainly hope everyone else likes it too though and that it takes off!  It may be out very soon too! :D

From what we hear, this will

From what we hear, this will be very good, as will all the songs Ben is recording! :)

 Whatever one is the single, I'm sure it will be a great choice.  Paul said it is too - and he was very honest about what he thought of One Road!!

Must be soon!!!!!!!!!

huh really.. doesnt sound

huh really.. doesnt sound promissing :(

I have to disagree with you,

I have to disagree with you, michaelsspunky - I think it's VERY promising, and it sounds great, and I am SOOOOO looking forward to hearing the recorded version!!!

whats it like?? fast??

whats it like?? fast?? slow??

ummmmmmmm ... kind of like a

ummmmmmmm ... kind of like a ballad-type song ... oh gosh, it's hard to remember - yeah, I guess it's more slower, like TCTTA really - but better!  ;)

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