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Submitted by J A S E on 28 October, 2005 - 1:49pm

What is up with that, its is a big watse of time, its not even open after a year, but michaels is ???? Did they think that it would be beta to open the runners up than the winners??? It still should be opend..even Rositas was open the day after she won!!! wat u think??

thats true just let ben get

thats true just let ben get on with his life now.

The 'website that never got

The 'website that never got started'  of Ben's has disappeared off the Internet -  as has the one started by Cam (wonder if he knows about it) and it has now gone to a Ben Lummis in the UK for their domain name. 

There's another Ben Lummis in the USA too.

Something must be in the pipeline for a real website for Ben then.  Just a guess mind you, could be quite wrong.

Sometime in July, any one

Sometime in July, any one will be able to buy

Then why did he win then?

Then why did he win then?

Ben Lummis fansite is still

Ben Lummis fansite is still up i think :

That's only Top of the Pops

That's only Top of the Pops one though.  Nowhere near as good as Idolblog - even if there's no news of Ben at present on here.

I still reckon they should

I still reckon they should just give money to Idoblog cause this Fan Club is probably the BEST source of information and news about Ben you're going to find anywhere on the net!  ;) 

not a double post

not a double post

So very true

So very true :S

Well, I wasn't going to join

Well, I wasn't going to join in this discussion, because it has all been said before!

But referring to Rosita having a web-site up already - is it an 'Official' one I wonder.  There were some very good sites put up for Ben last year.  There was an excellent one where you could down-load all his Idol songs.  There was another one put up by BenLuva.   Then of course, Cam did a very good one.  The 'Official' one never materialised though.  Later we knew why!

Also interesting but */right

Also interesting but */right off forum / topic* there was a letter in the 'Letters to the Editor' section of the latest TV Guide from Seriously Worried (Timaru)


Writeup quoted below:-

"Browsing through CD's in the music section of a large chain store (I'm assuming Warehouse but not sure) on October 19, I was surprised to come across a 2004 CD containing a track sung by Rosita Vai. The CD is titled 'D'LUSCIOUS' and features a range of artists. D1 Entertainment released the album which was distributed by King Music. Track one is 'NOBODY BETTER' by Vai. (Then the person asks) Is this the Rosita Vai who won NZ IDOL? (person asking another question) I thought Idol entrants had to be non-professionals or have had no previous recordings released? (Third question) If this is the case, should Rosita be disqualified as an invalid winner, making runner-up Nik the amateur and true winner?" (End of writeup).

Be interested to know what others think of this?

Already been lots of

Already been lots of discussion about this. There's nothing in the rules about past recordings, just *current* recording contracts.

Thanks for that Admin, I

Thanks for that Admin, I thought that too, so maybe the person was just trying to get a reaction from people and was another anti-Rosita winning type.

I'm rapt as that she won, what a great complement with Ben and Rosita as two "island" kiwis who have both won, and a pigeon pair now, nice to have a woman win. :)

Interesting, all this,

Interesting, all this, because I've just picked up a PM from Traza.k with her news plus, and more to the point for this posting, mentioning the lack of (and now I come to think of it I hadn't heard anything) promotion of Rosita's album, and yet Rosita's got a website and Ben hasn't!!! The whole setup sucks and I really think this country is
A. Too small and
B. Suffering from the 'Tall Poppy Syndrome.

I think you'll find this

I think you'll find this topic has been talked to death!  ;)  Scroll further down the list of subjects and you'll find further conversations about the whole saga, instead of opening up a new topic ...

To DEATH!!!! lol.

To DEATH!!!! lol.

didn't look , excuse me for

didn't look , excuse me for making it more talked about :S

That's alright - you're

That's alright - you're forgiven! Nice that you wanted to post a topic here for us to talk about anyway! :D

Like hell she is! *throws

Like hell she is!
*throws tomatoes*

Thanks Loyal

Thanks Loyal

Exactly, waste of time even

Exactly, waste of time even starting this 'new' topic!  History now!  We've said all there has been to say!

No point in going over that again.  Ben's just looking forward now, and so are we with him!

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