NZ Idol 1: A message..Michael and your band...

Submitted by mama-mia on 17 November, 2005 - 9:53pm

We as a family have followered you through this journey of being part of this reality show 2004...we have read the bad comments..the good comments and the stay hard fans that have stuck by you thick and thin...We know you and the band have a new manager...who we do believe you will not use your name and the Idol notoriety to get places.

The band you have formulated has just as much opportunity as any other band around NZ.....It all comes down to make the most of what comes your fan's of you and your band.......Our family wish you all the best and keep believing in yourselves....... the world is your Oyster...

You guy's go for it, work hard, and the benefits will show..


I hope someone can pass this onto Michael and co...

They played at Kristin

They played at Kristin school yesterday, and were on ZM last night.

They filmed their video last weekend so it will probably be on tv in a few weeks.

Has anyone heard any of

Has anyone heard any of their songs????????

Seasons  was  on  the 

Seasons  was  on  the  radio last nyte

I've heard "So Damn

I've heard "So Damn Beautiful"...

yeah i have heard seasons

yeah i have heard seasons

Hi Michael. This is a note

Hi Michael. This is a note to say good bye all the best with your band...I am in two minds...whether you have made the right choice...but only time will tell..good luck buddie...we will catch up at some stage...CHEERS R

yea that would be a good

yea that would be a good experience for them, but i dont know if the BDO people's will like the Idol boy and his crew. Humm, you can only hope they do :)

awwwww I hope they do get2

awwwww I hope they do get2 the BDO!!!

To think you could be on

To think you could be on the big day guys go hard if you can get to the main stage what a buzz..think positive...I'm voting for you ...

awesome  comment as they

awesome  comment as they are a really wicked band and they are  talented aswell and I also just want to wish them good luck for the future as no  doubt they will go far as they are a bunch of  awesome people and i really do hope that either the  band or  Michael himself  reads  what Mama-Mia has posted as it is a really nice comment and im sure that he and his band will like what she has  said

Mama-Mia all i have to say

Mama-Mia all i have to say is..*clap clap*, thats an absoulty awesome comment and that is what people like Michael etc need.I really hope he does read that!




Interesting name for a

Interesting name for a band.

Well put mama-mia!


Touching.. :) 

:D that  is such a 

:D that  is such a  nice  comment  Mama Mia  i hope he comes on here to read it

Well said Mama Mia

Well said Mama Mia :)

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