NZ Idol 1: DOCUMENTARY - On His Life

Submitted by firefox on 26 April, 2006 - 8:14pm

Why don't they do something like that on TV and get him out there nationwide again and known that way.

What the Idol journey was like for him, what his plans are now, hopes for the future etc.

What's everyone think?  Good or bad idea?   :-#

Well, they most certainly

Well, they most certainly wouldn't do that!  Even a small appearance isn't likely at the moment!

It's radio air-play Ben will need - and we'll all hope for -  when his next CD eventually comes out!

Its not like hes super old

Its not like hes super old :P

I think you should visit

I think you should visit

Okay. I am a huge Ben fan,

Okay. I am a huge Ben fan, but no. This is not going to help him. What he needs is his music to get out there, and that's what he's working on at the moment, and he can take however long he wants, if he's going to make it, we'll hear it.

We all saw his journey on Idol I personally don't think we need it again. His "plans and hopes" for the future will come out anyway, if there is one.

If you want to watch him again, get the Nz Idol 1 DVD.

We are onto NZ Idol 3 now. No going back to the past.

Also, to be honest, I doubt that many people would watch so it wouldn't be good for our television companies either.

I concur, Jemma  

I concur, Jemma :) 

Yupp good idea..?

Yupp good idea..?

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