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Ian Stables - New Idol Judge

Newstalk ZB

Holmes: Jackie Clarke is gone, and I think we can safely say she wasn't the greatest success on the programme. Jackie Clarke's replacement, however, is yet to be found or announced but this morning we can announce to you a replacement for Paul Ellis has been found and the new judge is, shock horror, shock jock Iain Stables from ZM. Ian Stables, good morning.

Stables: Could they have picked anyone else worse for the job do you think?

Holmes: Probably not but I hope you're going to be very controversial and dark.

Stables: I think there is an expectation with the other Idols from around the world that there is a bit of a role that has to be played but I'm just gonna be completely honest. I mean, I don't know much about music to be honest. The whole thing is a bit of a gag really. I was talking to Frankie Stevens on our show last year and he asked why don't I come and do Idol. It was just a joke really. Then a couple of months later I was picking up the papers and apparently I was doing it.

Holmes: So you didn't formally apply?

Stables: Well, no. Not really. It was more of a throw away thing. It went from there and one thing went to another. I think with the whole judging thing, they're looking at different dynamics. Maybe they're looking for someone who is in a different part of the industry.

Holmes: Well, yes. After 14 years in commercial radio you get an idea of what works and what doesn't and who has got it and who hasn't. And that's what they want from you I suppose, isn't it?

Stables: Well, I can't think of anything else really. I think that's maybe what they're looking at. The good thing about it is that it's also a very good launching platform for New Zealanders. I've been an Idol supporter from day one and I think the other good thing about Idol is that whether you get through to the finals or you get in there and become the Idol or the runner up Idol, a couple of people have gone a long way off that program just by being noticed, their lives have been changed. If I can be a small part of that then I'm very happy to do that.

Holmes: You've got to go around the country and be part of that first elimination process

Stables: I'm looking forward to that. I think getting out amongst it from different parts of the country with people coming along with all kinds of exclusive little ideas and gimmicks and stuff, I love that kind of stuff. Raw and ready and new. And for the people who may have auditioned last year or the year before, we'll be looking for a few different things this year I think.

Holmes: You might have to deal with that ginga chick.

Stables: The Liz girl. The "crash and burn" girl. If I look at the last couple of Idols, there's probably two people who have used it and have capitalised on it. It would be Liz, who has managed to use Idol to become a bit of a household name for a few weeks. She's launched a career in the New Zealand light-porn industry and she went into the broadcast journalism school. She's used it in her own way. I'm not suggesting that's what you use it for. And then of course we have Michael Murphy who has gone on to some great things too.


Polly: I am in a huge dilema. I was kinda over NZ Idol but the thought of the new judge on NZ Idol has put a bit of a buzz in the groin if I have to be honest.

Grant: The guy with the glasses is gone. He's gone to do some work somewhere else right?

Polly: Yeah, the guy whose last name we could never remember.

Grant: So there's Frankie, and Jackie, and the new NZ Idol judge.

Polly: Who has put a spark back in my nether regions

Grant: Shall we let him introduce himself? Good morning new New Zealand Idol judge.

Stables: Good morning, and my name is Stables and until you start playing Ben Lummis and Rosita Vai 400 times a day, I have no comment to make.

Polly: What is going on?

Stables: I'm the worst person that could do this job. Let's face it. They're not going to put me on Te Karere are they? Considering I know absolutely nothing about music. I can't sing. I can't dance. I hate guitar. I mean, I'm terrible. And I'll be working at this stage with Frankie. I don't know who the third judge is yet or if there is one. There better be one. Who'd be the daddy if it were just me and Frankie judging?

Polly: I need to go through a few judging things with you coming from a former judging position on Sing like a Superstar (laughter) You can't swear. You understand that Stables?

Stables: I've managed to get through my entire career, Polly, you should know, without dropping anything on the air.

Polly: Yes. That's why I'm telling you this. Also, you can't sleep with any of the contestants.

Stables: Well what's the point? There are two ways to get through to the final. That's one way. That's also a good way to get into radio. The other way is to come and rock out a bit of Metallica or GnR for me and none of that soft soul RnB crap.

Polly: This is the only reason I will be watching New Zealand Idol because I have absolutely no idea what you're gonna do or say and it kind of scares me and fascinates me either.

Stables: I have no idea either. You've got to look at it as a bit of a platform. In my opinion, not that that matters a whole heap, there are a couple of people who have used Idol as a platform and have capitalised on it. It would be Liz, the "Crash and Burn" girl to start with. Everyone was making fun of her but she launched her career after that in the porn industry and then she went to journalism school. And then, look at Michael Murphy. The whole thing is that once you've done Idol, you've got to put the work in as well and I think globally, with the exception of only a couple, no one has put the work in at the end. It's not going to come to you on a magic corn cob. You've got to put the work in.

Polly: Stables, I don't mean to alarm you, but you're making sense.

Stables: OMG! Am I?! I promise, even if you're crap, if I like you, you'll probably go through.

Oh yeah, this was on my

Oh yeah, this was on my homepage:,2106,3734487a1860,00.html

Hahaha Stables.

Ducky already posted that in

Ducky already posted that in the first episode thread. :P

That thread is moving too

That thread is moving too fast for me :-$

Hey, look over there *points left ... hides*

LOL he says in TV Guide that

LOL he says in TV Guide that Idolbloggers comments hurt more than having his eyebrows waxed :p

LOL! So he's a member or a

So he's a member or a lurker?

This thread sh!ts me. I

This thread sh!ts me. I should really turn my images off before I read/leave a comment in here :P

I think Stables is a good

I think Stables is a good choice. He's a cool guy - who cares if he knows jack all about the music industry - he knows what sounds good or crap and that's what matters to half of the people watching.

Also who cares what he looks like! This isn't a beauty pageant... plus look at the guy he's replacing - Paul is hardly a stunner.

Completely agree. Also,

Completely agree. Also, Stables has said he wants to hear current Top 40 pop/rock songs which is something which has been severly lacking in past shows.

People would do more Top

People would do more Top 40.....if the songs were good enough.

Fact is Top 40 only reaches a certain older songs are better to show off the voice.

The big hits of NZ Idol have come from older songs.

True. I guess my gripe is

True. I guess my gripe is that no-one really did pop. No-one came out feeling like a pop-star. There's no real pop-stars in NZ either. Rock, Alt Rock, Adult Contemporary, R'n'b and Hip Hop, but no real pop-stars :(

I think the difficulty in

I think the difficulty in doing "Pop" today is that it's too over-produced for idol and is based less on melody than on simple hooks and riffs.

Think how boring it would be for someone to get up and do "Dontcha" or "Push the Button".

I think the closest we came to a pop star was Robin

I know what you mean about

I know what you mean about all the hooks and riffs.

I would just love to see one of our idols end up releasing a great album like Kelly Clarkson's or Carrie Underwood's.

Even something like Natasha Bedingfield would be nice.

ah well the final output is

ah well the final output is very different to what gets sung during the show.  Look at Kelly Clarkson, she did "At Last" for her first audition - hardly a current pop tune.

During the show she sang Respect, Walk on By, Stuff Like That There, Natural Woman, You're All That I Need etc  Basically she didn't show a hint of modern pop - it was all old, time-honoured material that displayed her singing ability.

The problem with our idols is not lack of talent, lack of style, lack of anything actually.  It's all in the producers of the album at the end.  That's where NZ Idol falls apart.

Really? Wow, learn

Really? Wow, learn something new every day (I never saw Season 1 of Am. Idol). So, your point about the albums afterwards makes even more sense now... and why our Idols don't shake off the covers label.

I kind of agree... to an

I kind of agree... to an extent, i mean it does depend on how you're marketed and how much effort producers put into the album in one hand, but on ther other...

  The winner or whatever, has to actually have some wow-factor or originality/uniqueness or else it's just going to be like any other 'meh-album' ; forgettable... shrug.

   I can't honestly say that a NZ Idol contestant of part 1/2 had that Wow factor that is so evident in American Idol 1/2/3/4/5 or even some other Idol franchises in other countries... It would help if they added in a live band this year or some back-up singers (I cant' remember if they had any for NZ idol 1/2) and a nicer stage, would be alot easier to watch.

That's the thing, though...

That's the thing, though... Rosita Vai has the wow-factor.  For whatever reason it was never quite apparent in Idol, but I remember her singing Hine e Hine on that terrible showstoppers show, and it was great.  A total showstopping moment!  She has talent to burn, and was tragically underused on her album I think.

But yeah, she is no Kelly Clarkson.  To be fair, though... who is?

What do you think of Carrie

What do you think of Carrie Underwood's album?

Ummm... actually i've never

Ummm... actually i've never heard it.  I loved Carrie on AI4, but I really really don't like country music and I was afraid of buying her album incase I hated it, because I preferred to just remember her from Idol when she was singing other genres. 

Am I being silly?  I should give it a chance, shouldn't I.

seriously man, it's one of

seriously man, it's one of the best pop albums I've ever heard. I definitly rank it up there with KC's album. The country in it is made bearable by the great pop tracks like Wasted, Some Hearts, Lessons Learned, I just Can't Live a Lie. Before he cheats may be a country track but I don't mind it at all. I ain't in checotah anymore is about the harshest country track on the album, the rest is great!

I too was worried I was going to hate it but I've been playing it on overdrive for the last couple of weeks.

*is convinced*That's good

*is convinced*

That's good enough for me.  I do love her voice, and I do have a 20% off voucher for borders... I think i'll use it.

Katharine McPhee. Srsly.

Katharine McPhee.

Srsly. She's SO up there with Kelly Clarkson! Although, I don't think she'd do as well as Kelly because there's no need for two Kelly Clarksons.

Good voice, but her

Good voice, but her performing isn't as dynamic

Dynamic? I dunno. Kelly


I dunno. Kelly kinda bored me (performance wise) when I watched her on Idol. Katharine makes me smileeee the whole way through her performances.

Biased? Maybe. But I definitely think Katharine is up there with Kelly.

"Rosita Vai has the

"Rosita Vai has the wow-factor", "She has talent to burn", but in the media/entertainment industry she is so last year.

completely agree... I can't

completely agree... I can't imagine any of the goons at SBMG moving up the ranks to an international office based on their piss poor performance with Idol.

So would it count if I party

So would it count if I party popped under the stars? :party: :star: :P

you'll always be our

you'll always be our party-pop-star 'laina

Yay!! And cos like, I'm real

Yay!! And cos like, I'm real too. *pinches self to check* Yup, I'm real. :D

Paul Ellis took every chance

Paul Ellis took every chance he could to say that he wanted to hear current Top 40 songs. 

Yes, and no-one listened

Yes, and no-one listened :(

Frank did a lot of modern

Frank did a lot of modern stuff...

But he was ew so he doesn't

But he was ew so he doesn't count. :P

Do you think people will

Do you think people will listen to Stables?

I'll have words with

I'll have words with everyone at the auditions this year aye?

Perhaps we need a new catch phrase for NZ Idol 3 - "it's about pop music"

That would depend on how he

That would depend on how he puts his view across, I guess.

I agree but I reckon Paul

I agree but I reckon Paul Ellis is hot.. like seriously. Hes not bad. 

lol oh Scap!! Paul has his

lol oh Scap!! Paul has his moments of being ok i guess... I'm sure if Stables tried he wouldn't look bad either!

Ya. He just needs a haircut,

Ya. He just needs a haircut, a stylist and lose the eyeliner.

Hmm, some men suit the

Hmm, some men suit the eyeliner look. But you're right, Stables needs to lose it.

Certain Green Day members

Certain Green Day members suit it, stables just looks like he forgot to wash off his make up from when he was dressed in drag the night before.

Mmm yes, Billie Joe will

Mmm yes, Billie Joe will always suit it *drool*.

LOL, Stables in drag! *pictures it*

I think Stables has the

I think Stables has the potential to be highly entertaining, and Idol needs this badly! 

i jus hope Ian you aint

i jus hope Ian you aint gonna be another softy u say u gonna jus be honest well please do jus that im sick and tired of the type of people gettin thru in nz idol it frustrates me because every one that has been on it i dont believe they had the x factor but only the Y? factor if u know what i mean. We need a judge that has the balls to tell it like it is without giving a dam to be more bold and serious like Simon on American idol.

Pigeon Army1. it makes me

Pigeon Army

1. it makes me laugh that you think you actually know what your talking about, If you look at the 2006 Radio Survey ratings you will see that ZM is number 1 in its demo.

2. The reason Stu is on the streets video is because mike Spewed on his show, mike thought it was funny and there for decided to use it, Stu didnt find out till after it had happenend and had been played in the U.K.

3. Tall poppy syndrome is and always will be alive and kicking with jumped up little tossers like you here, Do remember that 1 only gets haters when they have fans,


Reowr. Okay, first off the


Okay, first off the boat, I'll admit that it was out of line to suggest everyone hates ZM. I know that's not true, and I'll apologise for that comment. That, however, does not mean I don't hate ZM to its very core, and I'll stick by my view of ZM for ages to come.

Also, you seem to miss the point about what I said. I just said that the video, even if it wasn't intended as such, was publicity. And I think ZM's currently doing a helluva lot to get publicity. They may not have aimed for it with The Streets video, but are you going to say the same about *cough*Polly*cough* on Sing Like A Superstar? Or Stables on NZ Idol?

And, for the record, I do not take kindly to being called a tosser. If you had asked nicely, I would have replied nicely. But do you understand 'nicely'? Do you? In a post that freakishly reminds me of Warner's 'anti-constructive criticism' posts, you also put 'xx' at the end of your post. That will not make it all right. I'll retract the 'everyone hates ZM' statement, but no others. Because, at the end of the day, tall poppies don't tread on the small poppies if they want to be treated with respect. And you seem to have done just that - trod on a small poppy with the idea that you're a tall poppy.

It doesn't help that you seemed to have come out of nowhere especially for this tirade, either.


*standing ovation* *cheers*

*standing ovation*

1 only gets haters when they

1 only gets haters when they have fans

Or when they come on a public forum and slag people off

LOL! Go you but pigeons a

LOL! Go you but pigeons a nice guy.

You know, I'm actually glad

You know, I'm actually glad it's Ian Stables this year to be brutally honest.  He will give the contestants a run for their money and be brutally honest, he won't try to be witty and clever like Paul.  he will just be himself.

Finally the show will have a real person, not some act.

Several people who should have got through were turned away and vice versa.

Ian Stables is just what the show needs and so what if he's not made for tv.  he knows the radio industry more than anyone else and that is what this is about - radio and whats popular.  A lot of those who got through last year sung soppy love songs or stupid hip hop, how about some attitude and some people who are actually confident for once?!

I can only hope Stables goes in with this attitude because I don't want the next nz idol to be some pussy (sorry again to be brutally honest) who is shy and nervous, thats not what being an idol is about.

Being an idol is about being able to sing well and inspire, how did rosita or ben do that?! They didn't.  I would like to see the contestants pushed more this year as well.

Good luck Ian Stables!

p.s. I am trying out this year but only to see the process and to meet ian stables.

Finally the show will have a

Finally the show will have a real person, not some act.


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