NZ Idol 1: Ben and Sela on Idol 2 Repeat

Submitted by firefox on 14 May, 2006 - 4:41pm

I taped Ben and Sela singing 'Never Say I Love You' on the NZ Idol 2 Repeat today and, as I was listening to Nik and Rosita singing, I can honestly say I am in love with Ben, Sela, Nik and Rosita both as singers, and as people and, when you think about it, their combined Polynesian influence, I can see them all going a long way, it's just a matter of the music industry seeing that.  I wonder how they'd go combining as a group, singing their various individual, own-style music hits.  I reckon they would rock, because they already do, and you could see that with the audience reactions to them on the Finale of Idol 2 today.  It really got me thinking about it all and thinking that the New Zealand public is going in the direction (as one of the Judges said on Idol 2's repeat today) of the soulful type Polynesian influence in music today.  We have that as part of our unique Kiwi Melting Pot culture and the music industry needs to utilize that for this country's own good - not to mention that of the artists concerned.

Actually, talking of the music industry, at the final episodes of both NZ Idols 1 & 2 they had the big wigs of the music industry there, so it's a wonder they can't see what (I) and I hope (collectively) we all can see.

siteseenin,saw xams in the

siteseenin,saw xams in the park,ben and sela were singin ben did sound good very impressive,u know who else should do a duet, and thats rosita and che fu that would also be worth the

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