General: New Judge Megan - I'm choosing Idol over HUBBY!

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Megan Alatini's Woman's Day article (boring)

New Judge Megan I'm choosing Idol over HUBBY!

When the phone rang at Megan Alatini's home in Japan last month, the former TrueBliss singer couldn't contain her excitement at the news she had scored the last spot on the NZ Idol judging panel.

Family In Japan

But while the call finally gave her a reason to return home to NZ, it also meant temporarily kissing her hubby Pita and children Tonica, Tiara and Trey goodbye. "I'm very much a mummy - I love having my babies around me 24/7 and this is actually the first time that I've had to spend more than one night apart from them" says the 29 year old singer.

"At the moment Pita's being dad in Japan and his parents have flown over from Australia, so we're very lucky to have a great family support network. "The kids will be joining me in about four weeks and I just can not wait for them to be back. I try not to call too much because as soon as I hear voices - especially baby Trey's - I'm just like, 'Ohhhh!"'.

Meanwhile, the kids are too hyped up about the show to miss mum just yet. "They're excited. Tonica's very aware of the Idol shows, so shes thrilled stupid (well the article just says thrilled but meh XD add a little bensupporter to it) - She's like, 'Mum, will you get tickets to it?''' (What a stupid question Tonica) While the children will be based in NZ with Megan once they fly in next month, former All Black Pita's playing contract in Japan doesnt finish until the end of the season, around next February. But rather than mope around counting down the days till their reunion, Megan, who started her relationship with Pita at just 16, Is positive avout the effects the time apart will have on her 6yr old marriage.

"We have had to do it before and it's never nice being apart for so long, but it's something that comes with out jobs and you just have to deal with it." Luckily, the hectic schedule that's part of the show means Megan won't have too much time to miss Pita once she joins fellow newbie ZM radio announcer Iain Stables amd Frankie Stevens on the judging panel, for the third series of the show - which boasts a bonus $50,000 and new Daihatsu SUV as part of the prize package. The age limit has also been increasd from 28-30.

It's not the first time Megan has critiqued alongside Frankie - years ago the pair were judges in an Upper Hutt karaoke competition (Oh she has had experience before, I bet she has judged at a few primary school talent quests too :D) - but working with renowned bad - boy Stables will be a first. "I've heard all the bad boy stories and I hear he can be a bit of a hoot!. But this girl is not going to stand for that - I'm not here to be nicey nice, buddy - bud. If I dont agree with something Stables or Frankie says, I'm going to say it!"

Know the ropes

While Megan hopes to represent the public with her feedback, she knows how hard it can be standing up in front of intimidating strangers (Peter Urlich intimidating? LMAO) who have the power to make or break your career. Seven years ago she did just that in the TV series Popstars, which later launched the worldwide Idol phenomenon, and also saw Megan shoot to fame as one fifth of the girl band TrueBliss.

Scary Position

She then went on to sing and act in the NZ series The Tribe and continued to sing in Japan, but hasn't forgotten what it's like at idol-like auditions. "I've been in the position that the contestants will be in and it's damn scary. I know the striggles and the challenges, but I also know what a great oppurtunity this can be. "I want to be there as a mentor and support person, but I'm not going to go easy on them. "Not that I'm setting out to emotionally scar anybody, - I know what it's like for anybody to go out there with hopes and then for that dream to be shattered. It's silly to say that people aren't going to be dissapointed if they don't get through, but if you don't come along and give it a go, you'll never know. I'm living proof that it can be done!"


  1. Be brave. Registrations close on May 22, but there will be open calls on the day. So come out, do your thing and show us what you've got!.
  2. Song choice is "ultimo". especially early in the contest where you need to showcase yourself. So make sure you choose something you're comfortable with.
  3. You're going to appear on TV, so dress up as you would normally but spruce it up a little bit.
  4. Obviously we want you to be yourself, but I want you to be the better you. (wtf?) It's all about confidence. Hold your head up high and put your best foot forward.
  5. Most Importantly, just come and have fun. It's all about fun and showcasing your talent. You only have so many oppurtunities to be on a show like NZ IDOL, so let's make it a fun one.

I know the striggles and the

I know the striggles and the challenges,.

yes, those striggles can be rather challenging ;)

"Be yourself, but be the

"Be yourself, but be the better you" ? ... I have a better me? Where the hell is he hiding???

Think smallrockboy.

Think smallrockboy. ;)

Sorry, did I  miss

Sorry, did I  miss something? Did she actually have anything of interest to say?  Let alone anything actually useful to prospective contestants!

I'm yawning already .................................

Hi David. I agree

Hi David.

I agree completely.

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