NZ Idol 1: Ben's 28th birthday - next Thursday!

Submitted by firefox on 25 May, 2006 - 8:24pm

Happy Birthday - on time - this time Ben!  Hope you have a great day and that all your dreams come true for the rest of the year and the years to come.  I'm sure Sela will have something surprise arranged.  Enjoy your special day together with family, friends etc. and lots of exciting surprises and :party::party::party:

A couple from our Church

A couple from our Church who already have a little boy just turned three on 30 May had their little girl born today so she will share her birthday with a very special person now won't she Ben! ;) :P

I still think you and Sela totally rock :party:

hope you have a great

hope you have a great day...Cheers R



Happy Birthday Ben! Hope you

Happy Birthday Ben! Hope you have/had an awesome day and have a fabulous year to come :)

Happy Birthday Ben. ROAR!!

Happy Birthday Ben. :D

ROAR!! :roar:

Have a happy birthday Ben!

Have a happy birthday Ben!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Ben!:)

Announcement on More Fm Manawatu this morning:


Awww, yay for More FM

Awww, yay for More FM Manawatu!!! :) I guess we can thank AJ for remembering that, too ;)

Hope you have a lovely

Hope you have a lovely birthday Ben! :)

This is the 3rd we've 'celebrated' with you here!  Hope we'll all be around here for many more to come!:D

*coughs again* - 2nd

*coughs again* - 2nd ;)  Gosh Loyal I'm getting hoarse from coughing ;)

Nope. Loyal is right. He won

Nope. Loyal is right. He won Idol on May 10 2004. So we've celebrated his 26th, 27th and now 28th birthdays on here. :)

I've just done some

I've just done some 'research' on that.  His 26th birthday thread was started on 25th May 2004 by TuiKiwi, there were 19 comments.

27th one last year started by me on 27th May 2005 had 38 comments!  Ben got more greetings there a year later than the year he won Idol!

Then his 28th this year!:D

Oops - sorry - I was working

Oops - sorry - I was working it out on how long I've been here ......... 2yrs 10weeks - but those few weeks got me into this mess :$

Happy Birthday Ben! xox

Happy Birthday Ben! :D
xox Angel Of Music

~keep on smiling and living like every day's your last

Same as my teachers!!Happy

Same as my teachers!!

Happy birthday Ben!

Ok, I'll get in early too  

Ok, I'll get in early too ;) 


Hope you have an awesome day this year, and we're all still REALLY looking forward to hearing the new material you've been working so hard on ;)

Ooh, as if in celebration of this post, Living on a Prayer is playing on the radio ;)  Somehow I always think of you when that plays - hee hee!

God bless ya, Ben, and keep spreading the love! :)


awwwww! *heart melts* that

awwwww! *heart melts*
that was really sweet

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