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Happy Birthday Sela - ahead of time this time - you will no longer be a teenager after the first of next month but you already have the maturity of a woman beyond your years and you always look and sound just beautiful - just like Ben - you made a good choice in each other that's for sure.

Have a simply fab day and lots of lovely surprises, family, friends and fun around you and :party::party::party: hard out! :)

Oh wow, I just discovered

Oh wow, I just discovered this scary topic.....

And aren't you SO glad you

And aren't you SO glad you did??!!! ;) LOL



See what happens when you go

See what happens when you go away!

ROFL. *volunteers to be


*volunteers to be stalked*

dudeeee! really needa

dudeeee! really needa back off my cousin because that ain`t the business!...daaaaaang!...


LMAO! Susan rang Sela's

LMAO! Susan rang Sela's home? LMAO! LMAO! LOL! What a stalkeroonie.

This doesn't come as any

This doesn't come as any great surprise.
Clearly Firefox has some issues and needs someone to talk to, other than her church. I don't think she intentionally sets out to hurt people, but her self destructive personality mixed with no real understanding of boundries is going to lead to trouble.

Firefox, perhaps you should give the internet - or in particular - chat based websites a break and see if you can get some help. I don't want to sound like a complete hypocrite as I'm well aware that I was one of the ringleaders when it came to hounding the crap out of you, but I really do wish you well and hope you get this obsession under control.

I respect you more and more

I respect you more and more every post Sinzy :)

I totally agree.

I totally agree.

I've just read all of this

I've just read all of this below, and all I can think of at first is 'Oh Dear':(  Here we go again!:(

Firefox, you came back here wanting to make a new start, with a new name so no-one would know who you are after your past 'errors' on here! You said you felt bad about things you'd done, now you're carrying on just as before.:(

It has been made plain to you that you must not phone people up when someone hasn't given you their phone number and invited you to call!  I've told you that myself a few times!  In fact you should not actually go out of your way find out someone's phone number!:( Nor should you have rung Sele's family!  :(

Nor should you criticise people and insult them on here, in particular those who are good people and have done nothing wrong themselves! You've questioned the sincerity of the beliefs of some in the past, and then - and still put down others who act with utmost discretion and sincerity with their support of Ben.  BIMI especially is one person who does not like to say bad things about people and always tries to be nice to everyone!

 Unfortunately, this is the reason we didn't hear much from a certain person for a long time - as BIMI suggests.  It is a shame!  Wonder if that's the reason also, that we stopped hearing from someone else here who used to talk to us on behalf of Ben - not wanting to get too involved with people because of possible harassment!:(

I've read over and over the comments made above as I've written this.  Though I've said all this before, as have all of us here!  Think I've just about covered what I want to say this time - so far - other than -


Also - Nor should you give

Also - Nor should you give out personal details - including e-mail addresses to others.  Not at all happy about e-mails I keep getting with info that my details were given by yourself!  I'm thinking this may have happened before with other people - I'm meaning their personal information given out!:(

No it hasn't happened with

No it hasn't happened with other people before :( my Mother's cousin was the only other person whose e-mail address I used - other than my own and yours - for the - which I'm assuming is what you are on about "E-mails I keep getting with info that my details were given by yourself" - website, as I saw a name of someone I used to be in touch with and had to have three credible e-mail addresses - my own, Mum's cousin's (she didn't mind and just deleted the info from her computer when she knew what it was all about) and yours, but you've obviously decided not to contact me anymore without telling me - personally - the reason, I thought you were made of better stuff than that.  It wouldn't be the same now anyway, same as with the traz woman, she was no friend either.

Okay I should have asked you but, after all, when it is just a matter of deleting the info from your computer - no-one else was privy to your e-mail address except the makers of the site - same as Idolblog - and I knew that before I submitted it, otherwise I wouldn't have done it.  No-one else, even now, will know your e-mail address.

Ah-ah, I've been impressed

Ah-ah, I've been impressed with you recently, but the personal comment to Loyal is making me rethink that now thankyouverymuch.
Please don't say stuff like "I thought you were made of better stuff than that" to such a lovely person who COULDN'T be better! It doesn't get you anywhere :)

"the traz woman, she was no friend either" was also unnecessary.

If you knew the full story

If you knew the full story and were on my side of the fence you would think differently.  I'm guessing you have lots of friends and have no difficulty making them either, and before you say that's my fault for having no friends I've been told by medical people it is no fault of mine but just part of living in a prejudiced world.

Enough whinging from me anyway.  Hope things are going well for you, and I love your fairy photo you had up on Members page for a while, not sure if still there.  Weren't you Luvz to smile before name change?

Prejudiced world? Is that

Prejudiced world? Is that your trump card these days?

I'm with Jemma on this one - I've been doing my best to respond to your questions politely and I've stayed away from the mocking bandwagon, but c'mon! Be responsible for you own actions for once!

Whether or not your stalking was intentional, the fact is, you did it and you made a hell of a lot of people uncomfortable. You still continue to ask personal questions - which in itself isn't a big deal - but given your track record, I'd recommend that you take what you're given in regards to personal information and stop actively asking for it.

Thank you. I haven't said

Thank you. I haven't said anything because I didn't want to go full on (I've had it in me lately :P ), but at the moment, I feel as if I can say it calmly.

Seriously, saying people aren't as nice as you thought they were just because they did something you didn't like? Have you ever taken into consideration that you may, and probably have, scared them? As 7Sins said, intentional or not, it still happened and people didn't like it, therefore they are most likely justified in their actions. Now can we please lay this to rest and stop saying that some people aren't who you thought they were. Also, Ben and Sela have names. You can use them. Saying their names isn't going to hurt and we all know who you're talking about. God will still love you if you call them by their names...

Double thanks to both of you

Double thanks to both of you for what you just said, completely agree! and especially that comment Sinzy, about asking for personal information. Definitely. :S

heyyy I was never going to

heyyy I was never going to say that to you! Maybe I don't know the full story - I was just saying the personal stuff, maybe shouldn't have been said, that's all :)

Things are going pretty well for me thanks - awww @ "fairy photo". And yeap I was the one and only Luvzy!

I agree with that I

I agree with that I shouldn't have said those things, but twas just a wee bit hurt that Loyal, specially, didn't get in touch PM, or e-mail, and say how she felt directly to me, or as directly as she could have, if you know what I mean.  Then again maybe she, like Traza.k and two other people who know her, that we won't mention on here :$ was running scared that I would *stalk* her, which I never did anyway - as mentioned elsewhere here on IB by myself.

Do you work Jemma, and where from, North or South?

I have no problems with

I have no problems with giving out email addresses, reason being that they're not intrinsically linked to anything personal.

I have a couple of them which I use for different purposes ie. one for business, one for family/friends and one for spammy-type activities such as signing up to websites etc etc.

Spam that says you have given details is usually rubbish.
My hotmail account for instance, constantly recieves email addressing someone called Juliette.

I call you 'Juliette' you

I call you 'Juliette' you call me 'Romeo' - that's our thing. You said you loved it, what's with the mixed messages Mr Phantomb :-?

Sorry ... I couldn't resist *slaps himself*

THAT'S IT you slapper. I

THAT'S IT you slapper.

I want you out of my house immediately!

(in the case that you've already left the house or have never been there then that's a good start)

Fine. You never paid me

Fine. You never paid me enough attention anyway.

I just wanted to be held  sometimes.


*divides up the CD collection ... takes your favourite CD's even though he will never listen to them anyway.*

You know my number, call me back when you've realised you've made the biggest mistake of your life.

*waits by phone ... sits on couch in trackies eating icecream and watching Titanic*

*puts on Grand Theft

*puts on Grand Theft Auto*
*beats old lady to death*

Yeah, Guys are so much

Yeah, Guys are so much better at dealing with stuff :-D

GOOD GRIEF !!!!!!!!!

GOOD GRIEF !!!!!!!!! *shudders*

That would freak me out. You

That would freak me out. You are probably the closest thing to a stalker the poor girl has had..

Um yeah... I'm not sure

Um yeah... I'm not sure Idols would like people with "interesting" track records to be phoning their house. Or just complete strangers who think they know them in general.

"Interesting" track records

"Interesting" track records meaning what exactly?  You don't even know me.

If you all still are insisting on having a go at me when I have obviously changed, thanks to getting employment and other good things happening for me, then can I politely suggest that you all get a life.   Would you like to be targeted on a website by a complete bunch of strangers who haven't even bothered to get to know you?  Think about it.

Mr Mahe was very polite to me and also told me what Ben and Sela have been doing work wise and certainly didn't give the impression that I was invading their privacy.  I have only ever made contact with Ben and Sela's families once for each of them, and have been told by the members of my Church that I am no way  a stalker.  Can I define that for you? = A person who repeatedly contacts celebrities and otherwise makes a physical nuisance of themself and I haven't done either and don't intend to.

An "interesting" track

An "interesting" track record in that you have been banned from IB a number of times, have made deeply insulting personal comments against well-respected IB members (if I remember rightly, last time we conversed you called me a wh0re.) and have widely posted about calling Ben and Sela, and once I think I remember something about going to his house? This was going on as a joined last year...maybe another member could fill in the blanks?

Having a close friend who has been in this situation, let me tell you that it can be a very creepy experience when strangers start thinking they're your personal friend. There is a line between being a fan and being a stalker - this line is where you start ringing them at their home number, the residence of their family - who choose not to be famous - and talking to a family member to get information about their life. Sounds like they are far nicer than me, as I would have told you it was a wrong number and not to ever call again. This is pretty much all I need to know about you in this sense. It's happened before and now it seems to be happening again. My advice would be to learn where the line is drawn - the last thing you want is a restraining order.

P.S: I think you'll find your church's (i.e your) definition of "stalker" is much different to that of the New Zealand legal system. Make sure you don't ever have to find out exactly what their definition is.

Thanks everyone for your

Thanks everyone for your well-meant advice, and most of all you Miss Chaos, for the well-timed advice above, (also well done Bimi, having Ben's cell number and never using it, you're more mature than I), after what happened today. In truth I have found out the hard way that, despite what my Church was telling me :? I was stalking not only Dominic Brister, Admin and TC and two members of this site, Loyal and Traza, but was also stalking Ben and Sela.  You were all right all along and I was too blind to see it and thought from the beginning you were 'attacking' me.  No wonder none of you have respected me all along, I don't respect myself either now, as a person and most of all as a person who should be a Christian, and of course I took what they said at Church as 'gospel' - they were right - the Idolblog members were wrong - when you were right the whole time.

To, in passing, mention the Christian side of things in this (and I'm sure God's hand was in it all along, given the circumstances), after yesterdays stupidity on my part it 'just so happened' that my Mum's Cousin rang me this morning to invite me to her place for lunch when I was watching 'Attitude' on TV, saying she would try me again if she didn't hear from me first, but I picked up her voice message after the programme and rang her back as there seemed to be some urgency in it all, and, after picking me up to do some messages for her and taking me back to her place, I was a bit emotionally high over lunch and she knew something was 'up' and then when we sat down by the fire afterwards I opened up and told her about ringing Sela's parents home yesterday to wish her Happy Birthday and she looked at me in horror and told me it was a "form" of stalking, then when I got her to clarify that to 'get the message straight' (for a change), she said that "Yes it is stalking" and she said that they were "probably" just being nice not telling me the 'real' truth at Church and if I kept it up I would land myself in real trouble.

I shudder to think what would have happened if Joan (Mum's Cousin) hadn't told me the 'real' truth as I still hadn't made the stalking connection, I'd only got as far, yesterday, as thinking of myself in their shoes with a complete stranger ringing me up like that, and still, naively,thinking that if I was a 'celebrity' I would be flattered but I wouldn't, when I look at it now.  I would be scared.

Thanks again, and you're all a very caring group of people, it turns out, trying to steer a dork onto the right track, and I'm glad I had this opportunity to say thanks, at the end of the day Admin and TC have a corker little website going on here.  Keep :)

Yeah but for how long? This

Yeah but for how long? This is hardly your first offence. I wasn't giving advice, only the truth. If you DON'T stop with the obsessive behaviour it will land you in a heap of trouble.

However, I'm not convnced that you've learned your lesson because this is only about the millionth time you've acted impulsively and rashly, and then apologised for it. I'm starting to wonder if you can in fact help it, and that you may need more help than your church can give you.

BIMI shouldn't be praised for not having rung Ben, but the thought of encroaching on his personal privacy hadn't crossed her mind. She hasn't used restraint, becasue she hasn't been compelled to call him. She realises boundaries. I couldn't tell you how many times I've been asked for my friend's number, (even offered money) but it hasn't even crossed my mind to give it out. Why is that you can only learn from mistakes, whereas everyone else seems to be able to judge social boundaries?

Hmmmmm ... (don't really

Hmmmmm ... (don't really know what else to say LOL)

I second the LOL.

I second the LOL. :D

LOL Bimi you are adorable -

LOL Bimi you are adorable - so sweet - honest and wholesome :angel:

*shudders to see Loyal added to Bensfriend's growing list :(*

I shudder too! I had no

I shudder too! I had no idea :o  VERY concerning!!! :( 

Lol, I second that 'hmmmmm'!

Lol, I second that 'hmmmmm'! :S

I third it lol Hmmmm

I third it lol Hmmmm :|

Interesting track records

Interesting track records meaning the facts we all do already know about you. Wouldn't that be obvious?!

[OH yes, you've obviously much. It's so obvious, miss_chaos can't you see it?]

Mr Mahe was very polite to you - well that's very nice of him and I respect him for doing that because it would be extremely hard in the situation he was in.

The problem is you don't KNOW for a fact how they are feeling or what their opinions are of your good-intending phone calls. And you may think that because they don't say anything, there's nothing to be said but it's not always like that I'm afraid. Think about if you were in their situation, and if you actually think rationally and sensibly I'm sure you will realise that perhaps ringing up a stranger and acting like you know them is not the most appreciated action you can take.

Happy Birthday, again,

Happy Birthday, again, :$ Sela, on the day this time!  We've got fantastic weather here, hope you've got the same for your special day?

Sorry I missed you this morning but it was fantastic to hear the fluent Tongan from one of your sisters (I'm guessing) on the answerphone the first time I rang, repeating the English voice message.  I told your Dad yourself and Ben are beautiful people, and that you all, as a nationality, are simply beautiful.

Great to speak with your Dad (I think it was) too, and he seems a lovely man.

Wonderful to hear about the youth work you are doing and that Ben is doing so well.  That made my heart sing and made my morning, I can tell you :)

Once again, have a wonderful day, and although I only sort of know you all, I'll be thinking of you all, and specially you and Ben, at this time.

Love from,


Jack and the

Jack and the

Why doesn't that surprise

Why doesn't that surprise me, and coming from you too.  

Another Dominic Brister in the making by the looks of it.

Dominic Brister...pah. He's

Dominic Brister...pah. He's an idolblog leech.

If Loyal for instance, who has seen me perform and given me a lot of support on this site, all of a sudden rang my parents house, or heaven forbid my own home....I would be creeped and disturbed.

And she's a lovely person who I've actually conversed with in as direct a way as this forum can provide.

HaHa, now that would be

HaHa, now that would be something - for me to phone your parents and tell them what a wonderful, talented, good-looking son they have!:) Guess they'd tell me I have the wrong number though!:? So I won't.;)

I agree with you all, sadly,

I agree with you all, sadly, and in thinking about it all after I got off here before, and putting myself in their (Ben and Sela's places) I would wonder, if someone I didn't know rang up to wish me Happy Birthday and my Father later told me, and I keep forgetting that, just because, through television, I know what they're (sort of) like, they don't, in reality, know me from a bar of soap.

I can be very  impulsive at times, act first, think later.  I hope I didn't upset them though, and specially on the poor girl's Birthday. :(

By the way, Why is Dominic Brister an Idolblog leech Phantomb just out of curiosity?

And yes, Loyal does seem to be a lovely person, hope she's okay as I haven't heard from her in yonks either, and I know why Traza has never got in touch with me again, because I am a dork and now Ben and Sela and respective families will think I am too, not to mention you and others on here.

Some advice, Do I stay with Idolblog and support Ben and Sela or drop it and forget about them?  In other words am I getting too obsessed about them?  I sure as heck don't want to end up becoming a stalker and I'm in tears now.  It's just I've never met them and if I did then I would find they are just normal people and 'get over it'.

My Minister was right when he said I had to 'get my devotional life back on track'.

I wish I'd never known about NZ Idol in a way.

Thanks everyone for your well-meaning (I can see now) advice.

*takes this statement with a

*takes this statement with a grain of salt*  Much as I'd like to believe you, "Firefox" ... I can't help feeling like I've heard it all before somehow :( 

I'm afraid I'm with Phantz

I'm afraid I'm with Phantz on this one, "Susan" ... there is such a thing as going TOO far; and invading somebody's privacy by somehow getting hold of their phone number and ringing their private residence without their permission is going too far!  

And you wonder why Traza never comes online here anymore and tells us where Ben is performing or speaking at next?!!  :(  I'm sorry, you can call me names now as much as you like, but I don't care - you're ruining this Fan Club for the rest of us by being so inconsiderate and invasive. 

Please, if you are fortunate enough to have somehow been given their phone numbers, do yourself (and us!) a favour and have a bit of self control and DON'T use them ... I've had Ben's cell phone number myself for about a year but I've never actually RUNG it!  He didn't give it to me himself, so I don't actually have his permission to call him ... maybe you should try this approach yourself for a while, and just maybe people might start respecting you a bit more.

Um... Can I ask why you are

Um... Can I ask why you are still hanging onto Ben's cell number when you aren't in the position to use it?  And people diss me for being suss, and you get away with it. 

How unfair is that then?

I must be a very  influential person to be ruining a fan club then by being 'inconsiderate' and 'invasive' come on.

Find out from Ben and Sela if they think I am 'inconsiderate' and 'invasive' before you start assuming it yourselves. 

Also I've seen comments quite recently from the person you mentioned that supposedly knows Ben and what he's doing so that reference from you doesn't make sense either.

The lack of respect from you all doesn't worry me because I don't know you and from the way you've all treated me, even Admin and TC, you don't appear to be the sort of people I would want respect from.  I hope I'm wrong about that but you haven't given me cause to think otherwise yet.

Um... Can I ask why you are

Um... Can I ask why you are still hanging onto Ben's cell number when you aren't in the position to use it? And people diss me for being suss, and you get away with it.

Who said I WASN'T in a position to use Ben's cell phone number anyway?!!  I was just saying that I chose NOT to, even though I could very easily have rung him several times already ... it's a matter of respect for privacy.

I must be a very  influential person to be ruining a fan club then by being 'inconsiderate' and 'invasive' come on.

I wouldn't say "influential" in the good sense of the word ... more the fact that you taint all other members  who are fans of Ben's and therefore make anybody who does legitimately want to share information about appearances and performances by Ben for our benefit and enjoyment, it makes them NOT want to say anything cause they're scared for him that he's going to get harrassed by people who don't know when to stop ...

Also I've seen comments quite recently from the person you mentioned
that supposedly knows Ben and what he's doing so that reference from
you doesn't make sense either.

And just to note here, the "person" who you seem to know so much about is actually a female!!!  :p  LOL

The lack of respect from you all doesn't worry me because I don't know
you and from the way you've all treated me, even Admin and TC, you
don't appear to be the sort of people I would want
respect from.  I hope I'm wrong about that but you haven't given me
cause to think otherwise yet.

If you want to GET respect, you have to earn it first by treating others with respect first!  i.e., that includes people like Ben and Sela, AND Admin and TC, and any other members on here that you have called names or insulted over the past few months ... As far as I'm concerned, you have a very long way to go before earning my respect, and I'm sad to have to say that cause I don't like not liking people ...

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