General: NZ Idol executive producer on Radio Live

Submitted by admin on 1 June, 2006 - 5:22pm

Talked about the record company... said there will be a record contract guaranteed and there are negotiations underway between Freemantle Media and other parties.

The guaranteed recording

The guaranteed recording contract is such an integral part of the Idol machine, and Fremantle Media have a LOT at stake to protect the integrity of its branding internationally, that I wouldn't mind betting they would be preapred to PAY a record company to take the Idol winner on.  Not that we would ever be told that .....

If Freemantle are going to

If Freemantle are going to pay any label to represent the winner then surely they would pay, well, um... SonyBMG. Considering Freemantle is kinda owned by Bertlesman

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