General: My day at the Auckland auditions

Submitted by admin on 5 June, 2006 - 1:18pm

Yesterday was so much fun! It's been a while since I've been to an Idol audition because last year it was during work time. The vibe was awesome - people playing guitars, singing loudly in the toilets, hanging out having fun (some were pretty nervous). Everyone was really friendly to talk to and I'm feeling excited about NZ Idol 3 now!

I got to see Cameron James again - I went to school with him. One of the students in my stats class was auditioning too! I got to have a long chat with Ariana who was in NZ Idol 1. She's a really sweet girl and I love her new hairstyle!

The crew were really friendly. Dom came by and chatted about our trip to South America and what we thought of the contestants, Megan blew a kiss to Regan (lol) and Stables came by and shook our hands at the start of the day... wow, does he ever have a strong handshake!

They're be plenty of great moments in the first show - watch out for death-metal-screamer Charles, Ken, tears, and larger-than-life crazy guys who were making me crack up so badly!

Sounds like Stables has some lines which, let's just say, will make Paul's criticism seem as boring as puddles in parking lots. One woman was so furious about what Stables said to someone, she should be on the next podcast.

Now, being rather shallow... I think there's some good looking contestants going through this year and I hope that we end up with a popstar to be proud of this year :)

Can't wait till the first show goes to air!

Great job Admin wish I was

Great job Admin wish I was there!

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