NZ Idol 1: Make It Happen Again

Submitted by Rock Star on 6 June, 2006 - 10:05pm

It's me again, but this time it's bigger then ever. But hey my friend Michael Murphy is helping me with something very very very important, yes it's cool. Yeah I'm writting a book called WiseBoys and yes Michael Murphy is in it, and already knows about it. And when I'm finish with the book, I'm working on my next one with guess who...Michael Murphy and the of the boys from 5Star Fallout. Yes one of them e-mailed me and say this " You amsired me to write as well, how about we get together and we callbroate". I said Yes I will do it with the band, but when they are finished with the tour. I would think it's unfair for them not having time off. I'm seeing them this Thursday Night at 6:00 pm

Lots Of Love

Deen xxx


Go out and support them

Go out and support them PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! If you don't then I get in trouble with them, I made a deal with them... Go and support them

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