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Submitted by The Critic on 13 June, 2006 - 11:11am

If NZ Idol was to follow the same format as American Idol this year, which NZ artists/bands would you like to see perform on the show?

Give me the name of the artist and a suitable theme show that they would perform on

False Start - theme: up and

False Start - theme: up and coming. 8)

YES! Totally, along with

YES! Totally, along with Trigger Theory, Kingston, Arms Reach,and Do or Die, and ok heaps :P

Che Fu - Fade Away ~

Che Fu - Fade Away ~ Historical theme

Historical Theme? Not sure

Historical Theme?

Not sure how Fade Away applies to that..

I don't know either, it's

I don't know either, it's just a song that I remembered of his. Though, it may be a deliberate hint to contestants who enter, that once they win.... they Fade Away. As per the last two Idol's. lol

P-Money - Scratch Direct -

P-Money - Scratch Direct - Theme, No Singers night.

Split Enz *you can dream* -

Split Enz *you can dream* - and they could be on the NZ Music theme week.

That'll be cool!!!

That'll be cool!!! :D

Fat Freddys Drop - Reggae

Fat Freddys Drop - Reggae night?

For Admin's Soundtrack night I would get Hollie Smith/Mt Raskill performing "Bathe in the River".

Ummm....OMC for a One Hit Wonders night?

Ooh I'd love to see Hollie

Ooh I'd love to see Hollie Smith sing "Bathe in the River" live!



Hmmm maybe Steriogram?

Hmmm maybe Steriogram? They've made it pretty big.

I'd love to see Evermore

I'd love to see Evermore perform and the theme could be songs that shot to fame thanks to soundtracks.

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