NZ Idol 1: Gotta move - Ben's new single

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What do you think of Ben's new single? You can listen to it here.

"Sometimes you gotta take a chance step out and really make a stand put your heart out..."

Message from traza.k from

Message from traza.k from FC4B that I'm just adding here:

Can YOU Please fwd to anyone/ everyone who could help….. by txting, emailing or phoning C4 to put the pressure on them to play Bens Music DVD….,

POSTAL ADDRESS:Private Bag 92624 / Symonds Street / Auckland / 1021 PHONE:(09) 377 9730  or 0800 C4 MUSIC


Their unbelieveable response today was….

….…. Quote “its not what they are looking for, and  would not suit the content of what C4 wants “  , and they will not add it to their shows… which really sucks !!! considering some of the absolute rubbish they seem to think is Ok to play.  I mean c'mon....!!!!


So they were not  even prepared to put it on their “ Added this week “  program which is where all the new DVDS get played , and from there, people can txt etc to get it played more often…. , so much for support of NZ musicians…... in particular Idol participants….


Anyway…. pressure is required,  Ã¢â‚¬Â¦.the more they get, the more likely they will play the DVD…


So please fwd to “everyone�…who want to see Bens DVD played on TV !! Get the word out Fans !!


I've just sent away my

I've just sent away my cheque for the CD and DVD. :D

All I need to do now is buy myself a DVD player and I have got even more reason to now haven't I ;)

Very pleased to hear it. 

Very pleased to hear it.  Know you'll love the video when you see it - and follow the story and message in it!:)

You can get DVD player quite cheap now - treat yourself as a xmas present to youself!;)

i got my DVD and CD

i got my DVD and CD yesterday in the post and i am so happy..all i got to do now is to listen to it

Be interested to hear what

Be interested to hear what you think of it when you get round to listening to it ;)

Glad you got them both, do

Glad you got them both, do let us know what you think of the DVD especially.  I see more in it every time I play it!

E-mailed AJ - seeing as he

E-mailed AJ - seeing as he was here last week, and would have seen the info on the front page about this single - and asked him if he will mention it and play it.  Anyway this is the reply I got:

"Thanks for your email, I'll keep a look out for the song.. Sadly it's not up to me if we play the song... All the song picks come from the "Official Song Picker" and he's not here at the moment.. But I'll pass on your email and it might spark somethin for him :)"Thanks AJ.:)  Hope the 'Song Picker' does make a point of listening and giving Ben a chance by agreeing to it being played on More!

I also asked Traza if they

I also asked Traza if they had passed the single to any other radio stations to play it, and she said they were still negotiating or something with a few.

Got my CD and DVD  Plus

Got my CD and DVD :):):)  Plus one I asked to be signed as a present - I hope to get my own one signed in person one day!;)

Anyway, after watching the DVD I can only say two words to Ben - Congratulations, Brilliant!:):)

The song all comes together so much while watching the DVD.  The whole story and what Ben's saying to young people!  Love his message and they way he puts it across!:)

Very well done to all who helped produce it - especially all the young people taking part who have done an excellent job!:)

I strongly recommend the purchase of the CD and DVD to everyone - especially to get the DVD to watch!  Only $5 each!

Do hope the video gets played on TV,  I have absolutely no doubt that it would be as good if better than anything else being shown.  And everyone would enjoy watching it - and be taking in the message at the same time.;)

I can just imagine how well this song would come across being sung to an audience, great to get everyone going.

 glad u like it, The music

 glad u like it, The music D D is cool eh. We had tons of fun filming it.  ... please note the DVD is actually $10 to buy, ... the CD only is  $5,   a slight glitch when the prices were loaded,  the website has been corrected, you quick ones who got in early got in at a great price :-)

ps..the :-)

Will just go and change the

Will just go and change the price I put up on Throng then!

You play a great role, famous too now.:) 

 Bet it was heaps of fun - and a lot of work making it!  The kids must have had a ball.   They must be very proud of themselves on screen!:)

Got my CD and DVD yesterday

Got my CD and DVD yesterday too, Loyal :D And it immediately went on to "repeat" play in my stereo!! LOL I think I'm going to make my flatmates sick of it soon - hee hee! But I don't care! :p I hope he performs it on Friday night in Wellington - can't wait to hear him sing it live!

Wonder how the orders are

Wonder how the orders are going!

Hope everyone here has ordered their copy - well all the members of FC4B anyway!:)

Message from Ben's other

Message from Ben's other fan-club - 'look out for the video of this on C4!':)

Be great if they show it, let us know if you see it - I'm not likely to as I don't often have C4 on!:(

Thanks for letting us know,

Thanks for letting us know, Loyal :)

I sent an email to the address requesting a copy of the single, but I haven't heard anything back yet :( Hopefully I get it soon! ;)

This will be out 18th

This will be out 18th November this year and the new Album in the New Year, this sourced from Ben's website just a few minutes ago.

I bet that's made a heap of people happy - not to mention me of course :$

I'm going to hop and bop all the way to bed now, but of course you knew I would say that didn't you? :D

What website?

What website?

Fantastic news - that Ben is

Fantastic news - that Ben is moving on and finally things are happening for him - with an actually date set for release this time!:) 

Have to get my order in!;)

Wish him all the luck in the world with this.  He's certainly worked hard to get to this stage!  Do so hope it pays off for him!

Wouldn't it be even more fantastic if the radio stations supported him in this and played it!:) 

He's releasing on a

He's releasing on a Saturday?!! :| Hmmm, that's interesting ...

What I was thinking

What I was thinking :|

thats song is horrible

thats song is horrible

You haven't heard it yet

You haven't heard it yet ;) They apparently have made some changes to it since Traza first gave us the link ... Don't judge it till you've heard it!

Just played this again, and

Just played this again, and am really looking forward to hearing the up-dated version!  Hope it won't be too far away. 

does anyone know if he is

does anyone know if he is going to be making a ablum?

NEWS!  This weekend just


 This weekend just gone, we were filming the footage to go with the single ( Gotta Move ) in various sites around Auckland, day and night shots, and well..... it was a blast.... to be honest , an awesome team of people, volunteers and technical crew. ... and we got some really great footage , storyline, action , dance scenes, Ben singing etc....and yes, what you heard ( The draft of Gotta Move ) on the clip released previously , sounds  quite different now, improved and edgy.

so  theres some progress being made.....cant tell you how handy that  $50 k  they now offer ....would have come in, to do this,  but regardless,  we have just got on with it, and got some footage that will produce a kick - ***  clip !

Off to editing .... :-)

Didn't know Ben has a new

Didn't know Ben has a new single - I have heard it after 3 MTHS Afta being released.Will listen to it in the morning! or maybe now!

Didn't someone say that it's

Didn't someone say that it's only a draft of the real thing though. :?  Therefore the real McCoy should sound fantastic.

No wonder you all think it's "boring and repetitive" and Ben's voice is drowned out by the backing music etc.  It's only a demo, practice version.

Not really....reason being

Not really....reason being that a well-written song will entertain no matter what.

"Boring and repetitive" has nothing to do with production and everything to do with songwriting.

Hmm, well I was so looking

Hmm, well I was so looking forward to hearing this and I'm going to be honest - it's OK, but sorry to say that after all this wait, I'm disappointed with the choice for this single.

It's long and repetitive, and Ben's voice gets lost amongst the backing voices and music.  It doesn't give him the chance to show the strength of his voice. 

 Nothing outstanding that would make people want to hear it again and buy it - or to remind people what an outstanding singer Ben really is.

The next single has to stand out and make an impact, this won't!

Sorry Ben, but hopefully you will take notice of what people think and use it!  Including the fact that everyone did love 'Never say I love you' with Sela!

I don't like it. It's too

I don't like it. It's too boring and repetitive.. no offense to Ben, but I expected better. :S

I couldn't even bring myself to listen to the whole song, I was sick of it after about 2 minutes.'s a bit bland,'s a bit bland, even for a Radio-friendly single.

Expected better from Ben - the duet with Sela would be a far better release.

I tend to agree. It's not

I tend to agree. It's not that it's bad, it's just not outstandingly good. Perhaps I'm just so over RnB

Love it!!!  :D  ... but of

Love it!!!  :D  ... but of course you all knew I'd say that, didn't you?!!  hee hee ;)

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