General: How long will it last?

Submitted by Aaron. on 16 June, 2006 - 8:17pm

With the NZ Idol history and continuous success it's had during the show, rating wise, how long do you think the 'winners streak' will last? Both in the charts, as the 3rd NZ Idol Winner and also being New Zealand's most liked person? Or is it too early to ask.... I reakon he or she will be forced to bring out more than just one single. The winner will then have to have a drivers licence to travell on the new car, up and down the whole of New Zealand, going to interviews, gigs and so on. But what happens after all the hype?

After the night of the

After the night of the "grand final", I think a 6 to 8 week run of "celebrity would be quite a success ..... anything longer than than, forget it.

Come on nevrulz... some

Come on nevrulz... some people do actually make it past one season of idol



I think this year they seem

I think this year they seem to be looking for a true POP singer. Someone who has the image, the voice and the potentual to carry on with a great career. Most of the people through at the auditions seem to be fitting this image so hopefully our next Idol will have a long and prosperous career if they have all the aspects above.

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