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Submitted by flirty_skirty on 17 July, 2006 - 3:27pm

So you love Clinton? Join his Idolblog Fan Club today!

Leave your messages of support and good will here...

WOHOO! He's made the top eight :D

Top ten song: Superstition
Top nine song: Knocking on Heaven's Door
Top eight song:

Member list
Anjelus: President
Flirty_skirty: Personal Assistant ;)
Kimmeh: Coffee Maker
Sarah_Hart: Clinton's Top 50 friend
Zuki: masseur
Angel of Music: Warm up act
Northland Boi: Random fan
Admin: Fun to be around!
Jaynee - Bopper
Carole - perverted older sister lol - Alyces not Clintons obviously haha!
fivestarfallout fan: hang out buddy
luv ya rongo: fling on the side
Clinton is so hot
panic at the nz...
chevy - one of the bros
Tuikiwi - Personal Assistant #2

YO CLINTON!!! If you have a free mintue please feel free to answer the questions below for us xox!

*Questions for Clinton*

"Clinton, who from the top ten (other than yourself), brought sexy back?" (Kimmeh)

hey clintonyou are on my top

hey clinton

you are on my top friends on myspace - look in the second row.I have 12 good top friends!



Heyhey Clinton my buddy o

Heyhey Clinton my buddy o pal)haha..great to hear from you mate!!..and chocoy is chocolate dude!!
Good to hear that your busy)just don't forget bout us mate_..we know you wont.
take care
loves ya

Hey im back! How'r all you

Hey im back! How'r all you guys? It still trips me out kowing i have a fan club! :)

First i just thought id quickly answer the questions while i remember what they were...Ah sorry 5starfallout i actually dont know what chocoy is :)

And Kimmeh my favourite love song is "I can't make you love me" check it out on you tube and yes i had lots of hair as a baby..haha that one was random....

I appreciate that some of you thought i didnt look to bad on sunday night :) ...i did my hair all by myself to if you were wondering kimmeh :) I had so my fun on stage it actually was unreal performing in front of all those people (1300) i can't even describe the feeling you just get so pumped up on adrenaline that you don't wana get off the stage...

Ne way i gota go im even bussier now than i was when i was on idol...Better that though than sitting and home with nothing to do....Talk again soon and hopefully you'll see me on the box again even sooner :)

Much Love


It's so cool that you take

It's so cool that you take time out to come and visit... It's even cooler that you write to us!

You deserve a fan club! Can't wait to see what's next for you :D

.... and it was great to see

.... and it was great to see you on the telly again - looking so HOT ;)



You're HOT.

You're HOT. :)

Thanks for coming around

Thanks for coming around again, Clinton :) And I'm so glad to hear you had such a great time on Sunday night - it certainly looked that way from this side of the stage!

Rather nice..he was looking

Rather nice..he was looking HOTTTTTTTTTTT!! 

Was it just me, or was

Was it just me, or was Clinton looking rather nice tonight?!! ;) Heh heh


OMG you're SOOOOO lucky!!..shout and scream heaps for all of us Clinton fans:)..oh and if you get to meet him, can you pretti plz say that katie-dat chick wif da sign frm top6 show, says hey:)thanks!..hope you have the BEST time!!...oh-where are you sitting and are you taking a sign so that we can look out for you

wooo me going to the nz idol

wooo me going to the nz idol grand finale...!!!! Its gona be awesome!! cnt wait to see clinton! who else is going?!! :):):):):):):):):)

Lucky, we are not going to

Lucky, we are not going to disagree with you on that one)

Clinton is such a hottie he

Clinton is such a hottie he must have lots of admirers. On American Idol I couldn't wait to see Ace Young perform because he's hot always looked forward to seeing Ace - wild thing you make my heart sing. To me Clinton is another Ace always looked forward to seeing Clinton because he was so damn good looking. I think Clinton got booted off the Show too early he was getting better each week. What a heart throb.

Clinton was signing lots of

Clinton was signing lots of autographs after the show last night :)

thank's for telling us Loyal

thank's for telling us Loyal:)

nice questions

nice questions Kimmeh!!..can't wait to Clinton answer them:)..and Clinton just curiously..what's your face kinda chocoy?i know you have one cause everyone just luvvvvvs chocoy!haha

Clinton, what is your all

Clinton, what is your all time favourite love song, and as a baby, did you have much hair?

Ohh and do you and your girlfriend have a "song"? :D

girlfriend or boyfriend?

girlfriend or boyfriend?

Just been reading in a mag

Just been reading in a mag about Clinton and his girlfriend who he's been with quite a while. She looks really nice and it sounds like they're good mates too!  He was going to propose if he'd won, now she has to wait!:)

Great guy, sound like his family is really important to him and his parents get on well with his girlfriend and want her to be part of the family too!


Haha..shot your're a crack up:)..that's awesome to hear about all the thing's you've been doing and have lined up.John is such a cool middle name!..i thought that would have been it...having a j there and all...SO gutted that Tony left, she could have won it(just like you) so easily.

Hey Guys im back....yeah

Hey Guys im back....yeah have a few things going, performing at the sky city theatre again tomorrow, doing a duet with Sam who's 9 and amazing....Its for some theatre production pre show thing...Have sent auditions away for a new presenting job and have been out with Zm today promoting the station :) So its been fun...Cant say i go to the ice cream wendys...although i did as a kid and always got this thing called and ice berg with ice cream and crushed ice with insane amounts of food colouring. In reply to the other question, Yeah some people notice me on the street not as many as you might think tho, mainly just 12 year old girls...I prefer if people saw me that they come up and say hey, i love chatting with strangers....i know shock horror clinton likes to talk :)  the whispers that you pick up on make you feel really arkward, but hey some people probably just dont wana be annoying, but its really not, so if you see me walking the streets of auckland come say hey!

Night guys


Heya clinton..thatz gr8! 

SmilingHeya clinton..thatz gr8! probabli come and talk to u if i see

Keep us updated ;)

Thanks for the update, Clint

Thanks for the update, Clint :) Were you always working at ZM? or have I just had a blonde moment and missed something?! LOL Anyway, hope the audition process is successful for you (if you want it, anyway!) - looking forward to hearing more from you in the future!

i love chatting with

i love chatting with strangers

... Didn't your mum ever tell you not to? :-|

hey thats great dude. Yeah

hey thats great dude.

Yeah some people notice me on the street not as many as you might think tho, mainly just 12 year old girls...I prefer if people saw me

Lol mobbed by boppers! carry a felt with you to sign t-shirts, bags etc

Hiii! I heard you were

Hiii! I heard you were speaking at some thing that was advertised on Life Fm. I forgot what it was but it sounded cool.Lawl. Props to you bro.

P.S, For TC, not for Life FM, just advertised on it xD

Yeah I heard that too and

Yeah I heard that too :) and thought it was very cool that you are getting out there and singing!

Hey there Clinton,You are

Hey there Clinton,You are still my fave.I was wondering do people say hi 2 you on the street? and also this may soundd funny but you are the other fave of mine that comes on other than steve ( my fave contestant last year) and have ya ever met Steve ?

For when Clinton is next

For when Clinton is next here: Have you ever tried popcorn salted with pepper instead of salt? You should. :D Oh and what is your favourite type of thing to have at Wendys (like the ice-cream one.. not the fast-food one)?

PS. Your boppers will probably always be interested in what's happening.. because you're one of the few idols who comes on and says hi and stuff. You and Steve. Hence why people like you both so much.. because you take time out for you fans. :)

My middle name is John

My middle name is John :) What's yours? I love that you are still interested in what I'm doing:) 

How much did it suck seeing Toni leave lastnight i was so pissed!  What are people doing i don't know :(

Good to have you join us

Good to have you join us here, because so many people really enjoyed watching and hearing you, and are interested in what you'll be doing in the future.  A lot of us saw the potential in you as a future entertainer, and hope you get to do that!

So keep us informed!:)

Totally agree with you about Toni!  Couldn't believe it when we were told she was going! She so didn't deserve to!

Hey clint! My middle name is

Hey clint! My middle name is pretty middle name is lakshana. Dun think uve heard that name before (hate it btw) but call me 

Of cos we are all interested in what u do...u are soooooo cool man..Ure like ma IDOL! :O I really hope u get into TV..U should do a NZ version of PUNKD..That will be awesome! lol 

Oh btw do u remember coming to our school talent quest?.. Epsom girls.. :plol

Omg toni was so good..i cant believe she is gone! :(

Join the club, Clinton, join

Join the club, Clinton, join the club! ;) If you read enough posts on here, you'll find that you're not alone LOL

great to hear from you

great to hear from u clinton.. :)

ok cn i plz ask him a question? "heya clinton..wts ur middle name" i really want to

U rock CLINTON!! ^_^ U the best!! U deserved to win idol..i like voted for u hard! sobsobsob


Firstly-That's awesome to

Firstly-That's awesome to hear all of that Clinton!!Look forward to hearing about any new developements:)-and I'd also like to thank you for the fact that when I meet you at the filming lastnight you were really nice and took the time to talk to me etc(i was the chick with that sign by th way:)!)

Secondly-I seriously hope that all of you Clinton fans get to meet him in person some day because he really is the nicest guy(don't go getting a big head now Clinton:)haha!).

Hey Guys...Clint

Hey Guys...Clint here...Kimmeh wants to know who brought back sexy? I'm quite unsure as to what that means actually :) I'd say Toni...she's a 29 year old mum with 3 kids and is one of the sexiest chicks on that stage...Life after idol was another question....It's been great, lots of awesome people stop and chat to ya in the street and are real supportive and have had a lot of doors open slightly for me in both tv and radio, nothing set in stone yet but the interest is positive...hopefully i wont be a bum for much longer :P ...Hey and thanks guys for still supporting me and being interested in what im doing, you're all awesome

On a completely unrelated topic...Loving this song right now "I can't make you love me" jump on youtube and listen to george michael's version or this one by Jim its 2minutes 17 seconds long, the picture is of three people sitting at a piano...check it out!


Thanks again for dropping

Thanks again for dropping by, Clinton :) And make sure you keep us posted on any exciting developments in your future career ;)

Good answer. It was

:D Good answer. :D

It was actually not really a real question as such.. you know the Justin Timberlake song Sexyback? It was just um.. kind of asking for an imaginative answer to a question about song lyrics that was actually not all that serious and made very little sense :P

Kind of like the What did you do fourth period? question; it tends to be more about what kind of a great random answer can be given than an actual answer that relates back to the question itself. :D

But the Toni answer was good. \\\\m/ Fantastic taste. She brings sexy back every week :cool:

Oh and PS. thanks for stopping by again :D How cool.

There is a very special site

There is a very special site to visit about Clinton - I made it for him . I am still finding cool ideas for it

Can we have a "Questions for

Can we have a "Questions for Clinton" section?

I'd like to ask, "Clinton, who from the top ten (other than yourself), brought sexy back?"

The answer cannot be Sophie. :D

Well then he'd just be lying

Well then he'd just be lying :p

Then he has my permission to

Then he has my permission to lie :P

So Clinton... how is life

So Clinton... how is life after idol?

I'm sure that new members

I'm sure that new members are still welcome. Join people :D

Clinton still rules man and

Clinton still rules man and I think he is hot n spicy.I have a picture to put in my diary of him b4 it gets lost.It is in my magazine rack!

specifically for flirty

specifically for flirty skirty - GO BECKS :D

Hey Clinton,I just wanted to

Hey Clinton,

I just wanted to say your welcome:)..your an AWESOME singer, perfromer and you'll go far. We might just hold you to that BBQ:p haha. Goodluck with everything.
Katie xxxooo

i wanna join - even tho he's

i wanna join - even tho he's gone now :( im so sad he was my favourite! his gorgeous smile and personality should atleast get him onto radio/tv if not a singer. He should go far!

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