General: Clinton Randell's Top 18 Performance

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Clinton sings: Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - George Michael/Elton John

What did you think of his performance?

Clinton rules  and hes very

Clinton rules  and hes very scorching hot .He so deserved 2 b in the top 10

Really enjoy watching

Really enjoy watching Clinton every time I've seen him!  Different song choices all the time so far, and he's pulled them all off well -right from Over the Rainbow to start - which I loved and first made me notice him.!:) Outstanding performance of the 6, agreed completely with what Stables said!

He always makes me smile too, when watching him!  A very likeable person!:)

He was fantastic. I

He was fantastic. I personally think he was the best of the lot.. and his song was a nice surprise after hearing him sing other stuff like Somewhere Over the Rainbow (which was also fantastic, it was just nice to hear something so different).

Is it just me, or does

Is it just me, or does Clinton seem to try too hard when he's singing? Don't get me wrong, I'm voting for him all the way ;) It's just slightly annoying sometimes when he, I don't know, maybe over sings or something ... I can't really explain it very well sorry :|

WOW!! Clint was by far the

:) WOW!! Clint was by far the best & most amazing tonight!!!! He's got it all TOP 10 4 sure. Great judges comments - they even said that he may take it out! VOTE CLINTON 2 2299!! :)

He chose really well.  Some

He chose really well.  Some of the other idols didn't choose a song that would sound good with only a piano and guitar.  Elton John is known and liked (a huge generalisation I know) by plenty of people in ALL the age groups AND sounds perfect with just a piano because that's what the song is designed for. 

I think it was the best song choice of the night and he was great. 

he will definately go

he will definately go through

apparently clinton is good

apparently clinton is good tonight

I hate this song

I hate this song

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