NZ Idol 1: Ben Lummis the worst

Submitted by asasinz on 7 August, 2006 - 12:28am

Well I just heard Ben's song for the first time in nearly 2 years and guess where I heard it? Yes thats right it was number 1 in the C4 You Choose 40 Countdown in the category of Worst Number Ones. Other songs at the top of the countdown were a couple of songs from The Crazy Frog, Barbie Girl from Aqua and MmmmmmmBop from Hanson.

Well a lot of people loved

Well a lot of people loved it too - and still do when ever Ben sings it!  Always loved it myself - and still do!:)

It's just not the sort of song that most people who watch C4 would like.

Hahaha..I was watching this

Hahaha..I was watching this last night. I wasn't surprised that Ben Lummis' They Can't Take Away was voted to be the worst #1 song ever.

Mmmmbop was great. Stupid,

Mmmmbop was great. Stupid, dumb, and pathetic, but great. I loved it.

it was the michael voters

it was the michael voters who wanted to get some revenge on Ben because he was just too good in NZ Idol1 ;)

Michael Murphy was in the

Michael Murphy was in the Top 10 of that chart too, at #8 !

Of course, it just goes to

Of course, it just goes to show what a joke this chart was when a song which was at number one for seven weeks in succession is suddenly considered the worst! :p Needless to say, had Rosita made a video for her song, you can almost guarantee she would have been at number one instead of Ben!!

Well the second worst song

Well the second worst song was Axel F from Crazy Frog and that was number 1 for quite some time last year, the countdown was not for the worst songs but for the worst number ones meaning that even worse songs that never made it to number 1 weren't on that list.

Anyhow if I was ever to create my own Worst 100 countdown here are the songs that would be in it. and please note this is my personal choice, you may not agree with and love half the songs on there but I can't stand them and if any radio station tried to played any of them I would change the station instantly. And of course I am aware of the high amounts of songs that put you to sleep on that list and the high amounts of boy bands and Justin Timberlake but like I said this is my list. Oh and Ben Lummis comes in at 14 on my list.

Just had a look through your

Just had a look through your list.

These are the songs from that list that I do like, the rest I'm like you and don't like them.

History Repeating Itself - Propellerheads and Shirley Bassey (1998) - funky song.
Wandering Eye - Fat Freddys Drop (2005) - because I have fun memories associated with the song
When I Get You Alone - Thicke (2003) - fun funky song.
They Can't Take That Away - Ben Lummis (2004) - cheesy yes but brings back good memories.
Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquai (1998) - the music video is legendary!!
Cry Me A River - Justin Timberlake (2003) - It's borderline for me.
Dirty Pop - Nsyncc (2001) - Loved it when it came out.
Not Many- Scribe (2003) - Overplayed yes, but when it came out it was like "finally a rap song in NZ that doesn't make me cringe."
Larger Than Life - Backstreet Boys (1999) - brings back good memories.
Spinning Around - Kylie Minogue (2000) - this song makes me happy.
Livin' La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin (1998) - probably makes me cringe now but at the time it was awesome and made you feel like dancing.
Backstreets Back - Backstreet Boys (1997) - brings back memories of dancing to this and I loved the video clip.
Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue (2000) - again this makes me feel happy and feel like dancing.

A lot of the songs on your list are awful though :D

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