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Submitted by Alaina Roar on 15 August, 2006 - 12:32pm

Top 18: Bathe In The River
Top 10: When Something Is Wrong With My Baby (If someone has a link to this audio, it would be much appreciated)
Top 9: Edge Of Seventeen
Top 8: Jolene
Top 7: Your Song (video)
Top 6: Sweet Child O' Mine

Eliminated far too early, but congratulations on Top 6. :)

Here's the place to support Toni. If you want to join, just post and let me know the position you want to be.

Note for Toni: We know it's spelt B.A.I.R.D :P but just go with the beard phenomenon. It's great to be able to support a :beard: in Idol now after all these months of beardifications. :P And good luck in the Top 10. :)

Go the Baird :beard:!!


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Ev - Toni's :beard: trimmer
Scap - person who can't grow a :beard: so I'll vote for Toni's
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*bump for Jemma*

*bump for Jemma* :D

Happy Birthday Toni! Hope

Happy Birthday Toni! Hope you have a great night at the party tonight :D

Woooo Toni you were great

Woooo Toni you were great last night and Spicy Confectionary Week!!

Happy Birthday Toni! You

Happy Birthday Toni! :)

You performance at the grand final rocked :beard:


plus, you were great last night :D (better than the finalists lol XD)

It's Toni's birthday

It's Toni's birthday today.

Happy birthday Toni! :party:

Awww Happy Big Birthday Toni

Awww Happy Big Birthday Toni :D:

It was fantastic to see her singing last night - she was the only one that made me go all tingley - I was yelling at her telling her that she should have won !

Yes! I had my signs there

Yes! I had my signs there again and they saw them. hehe
I was saying last night too, that she should've won, but that's nothing new. I've been saying that since she was voted out. :P

I'm going to the final and

I'm going to the final and taking my Toni sign. Woo!! :beard:
I haven't been able to take it forever. :(

Be her friend:

Be her friend:

Just read in WW that Toni

Just read in WW that Toni wasn't the one leaving at the start of the elimination show, the voting changed during the last 20 mins and the whole bottom 3 changed.  Just shows what a difference this last minute voting is having this year!:(

Been reading all about Toni

Been reading all about Toni in the Woman's Day.  Lovely pictures of her and her family - 6 children including the 3 her partner has.  His oldest is 15, not much younger than the contestants she was competing against!

Reading this, am pleased she's left and is back with her family, doing what she want to do.  Her family is obviously very important to her, and talking to them on the phone while away.  Even to using the phone the contestants weren't suppposed to, just so she could talk to her children while they were up.

She's now had the exposure and has plenty of fans round the country who will want to hear more of her .  Hope we all get the chance to!

Hers were some of the best and most memorable performances on the show this year.

Toni dishes on Idol, makeup

TV Guide article - October 2

Article in The Wellington

Article in The Wellington this week ...

Idol Contestant out but not down
By Priya Gill

New Zealand Idol’s oldest contestant, and mother of three, Toni Baird was eliminated from the popular television show, but is not discouraged and believes she has a bright future ahead.

The 29 year old Wellington woman was the fifth person to be eliminated from the NZ Idol Top 10.

“I definitely am gutted that I’m gone. I felt that I had at least a few weeks left in me.�

Idol Judge Frankie Stevens was shocked by the public’s vote. “It wasn’t Toni’s time to go, she has been going (from) strength to strength and we still hadn’t seen the best from her yet,� he said.

Toni felt her fan base was not as strong as some of the other contestants, so she had to work harder to stay on the show. “Each week I had to nail my performance.�
There are many younger voters who vote for someone they can put up on their wall, she says.
“Someone like Ben (Hazelwood), who is a lot younger and cuter, will get those kinds of votes.�

The hardest part of competing on the show was being away from her children who are nine, four and one, she says. “I’m so used to looking after someone else and being away, it was hard to let someone look after me.�
Toni was proud to have had the opportunity to represent Wellington and felt she brought something different to the competition. “I was a good representative of friendly Wellington culture.� Some of the other contestants did not want it as much as her, she says. “Everyone in the competition has something to offer, but I don’t think they’ve brought it yet. It is not so much about age as it is maturity.�

Toni got along with the contestants but there was one person, who she won’t name, that she didn’t click with. “Our personalities clashed because we are at different ends of the age spectrum.�

Indira (Moala) and Matt (Saunoa) are in the running to be the next NZ Idol, she says. “Indira has an awesome voice and Matt has an emotional connection like no one else.�

Iain Stables was her favourite judge and she respects the way he speaks his mind, his humour and “soft heart.�

Toni thinks the show has been a great platform to launch her career in either music or television. “It has definitely helped my career. It has given me a profile, made me a better performer, and has been an eye opener for what the industry is really like>�

She has just arrived back from the competition, but is already booked for gigs until Christmas with her band Nudge.
She will continue to write her own music and has been meeting with an agent to discuss career possibilities.
Toni can’t believe people spent money on her by voting and is overwhelmed by the experience. “It’s crazy. It humbles me so much … It has just been a real rollercoaster of highs and lows.�

That was so good to read,

That was so good to read, thanks BIMI.

Toni certainly sounds like she's doing well, and the show has been of benefit to her.

Do think she should still be in the contest - and that she should have been in the final!  Would love to have heard what she would have sung these weeks since she's been gone.

Thank you. Toni is also in

Thank you. :)

Toni is also in the Woman's Day with Terri Irwin on the cover.

Excellent :  [Thanks

Excellent :D:  [Thanks Beemee]

At least her first single

At least her first single won't be the crappy Idol one. [looks on bright side]

Still upset that Toni's gone

Still upset that Toni's gone - more than about anyone else this season! :(

Was so looking forward to hearing her in the final with Matt - and was sure she would be!  She deserved to be!

Yup. It won't be the same

Yup. It won't be the same without her. I feel it could be a paint-by-numbers Idol now.

OMG. my friend txted me last

OMG. my friend txted me last night saying she went and I was like jfhdkjgshkjfhdiuwh are you serial? Cos I thought she was joking or something.
How pooey.

Congrats Toni on getting as far as you did! I havent seen your grooo\ve performance yet, but Im sure it was great! Well done and good luck :)

Oh a few weeks ago Toni told

Oh a few weeks ago Toni told me that she might wear a beard one Monday night but now she won't get to. I pointed that out to her last night and she chuckled. I said she should wear one for the final. lol How fantastic would that be?? :beard:

That would be so funny -

That would be so funny - something special between her and  fan-club here!:)

Toni so didn't deserve to

Toni so didn't deserve to go.  Some of the very best performances this year have been from her! What a loss to the show in the coming weeks! :(

Something very wrong here I think, Toni was definately one of the better singers in the contest.

Still she can be vey proud of what she has achieved, and enjoy being back with her family!

Great job done by Alaina too, keeping up the support for her here!:)

What Loyal has said Toni

What Loyal has said Toni plus be proud of what you achieved and glad to be back with your family - what lovely children.

I sincerely hope I didn't hear what I think I heard on Monday night's elimination show, someone from the audience yelling out "Toni" when Dominic Bowden asked who everyone thought would be going, Ben or you, after all it's not meant to be answered in that way and it then 'appeared' to be followed by "Go Toni" as in wanting you gone, rather than a supportive "Gooo Toni" as in keep up the good work we want you to stay.  That's just not on, you people are to be respected and admired for having the courage to show what you are capable of to at least a couple of million viewers if you halve our population and it could be more.

I certainly couldn't do it even assuming I can sing (which I can't to save myself - let alone remember a bunch of lyrics into the bargain).  That always amazes me, how you remember the words but that's obviously a gift you Idols get along with the voice.

Keep your chin up Toni, that won't be the end of you and Becks I'm sure. :)

Far out you say some weird

Far out you say some weird things, firefox.

Thanks Loyal. What I said

Thanks Loyal. :)

What I said on Friday: Good luck for tonight Toni, but I would be like this :O times a billion if you were in the bottom two. You should totally be safe. :) I can now say I was like :O times a billion when she was announced in the bottom two and off the scale :O when was told she was gone.

Well done Toni, you were

Well done Toni, you were great, such a shame you left so early :(

Like I said last night I'm gona stop voting because everyone I vote for leaves :( -I'm the blonde girl that comes with Alaina sometimes.

Anyway, please come do some gigs in Aucks, so many people were gutted that you left, so we defintitely want to see more of you, and soon!

All the best,

. I think Kali knew it

:O :@. I think Kali knew it should have been her. It's not going to be the same with out Toni!!

I know. I don't think it

I know. :(

I don't think it should've been Kali though. I thought she was really good on Sunday.

Yeah same, and good on her

Yeah same, and good on her for defying the judges!! I really like Kali, but would prefer to have seen her gone to Toni, or Ben, Toni is waaay deserves to be there way more then Ben!. But the produces probably wouldn't allow there to be one male. Lol.

You know how close it was?

You know how close it was? Dom asked for a pen and changed something just before coming back from ads to announce the bottom 2. We assumed it was the name. :| anjelus yelled out "Rigged!" lol

Go anjelus!! I'm starting to

Go anjelus!! I'm starting to think it's a tad rigged this year too!!. Cos both Clinton and Becks were tipped to win and now look. Either that or people are just expecting their favourites to stay and not voting for them. Either way, I'm getting a bit bored with idol this year :s. Lol.

Well, that just proves how

Well, that just proves how much of a joke NZ Idol has become :|

Thanks for being a Toni.

Thanks for being a :beard: Toni. :P

Oh and I've had Sweet Child O' Mine in my head all day so far - your version.

Just wanted to say a big

Just wanted to say a big thanks alaina for everything, you have been tonis biggest supporter, well after me hehe. And just thanks for cheering for her on those shows her family could not go too

Thanks Heaps

Hehe No problem. It was fun

Hehe No problem. :) It was fun and it's easy to support someone when they perform well or to encourage them when you know (and they know) they can do better. So now I'm making the most of the audio files I have. Hopefully she can get some Auckland gigs with her band. :beard:

The guys at More FM just

The guys at More FM just spoke briefly to Toni about half an hour ago :) She sounded SO gutted, I felt really sorry for her! :(
Anyway, it was really funny cause one of the first things Justin said was how we all knew it should have been Kali that went last night ... and Kath and Toni both kind of gasped, and went "oh, I can't believe you just said that" type thing! LOL
She's looking forward to seeing her kids again, anyway - she said that was one positive to come out of this! ;) And she's going to be getting back doing gigs with her band (which I missed the name of - it was quite short and sounded like it ended with a "sh" sound, if anyone else caught it).

Thanks for letting us know

Thanks for letting us know BIMI. :)

I hope she gets some gigs up here in Auckland that I can go to. I could start a Baird :beard: campaign for Nudge gigs if they don't. LOL :beard:

I was close to tears again last night. :( She came straight up to us last night when she came out afterwards and thanked us for coming again. She thanked us every time she saw us. Which was most weeks. hehe I got her to resign my sign as well cos she signed it after the Top 18 show that was filmed up here but it was a ballpoint pen and didn't work very well on the vinyl it's printed on, and she had hold of a vivid last night. :P But you know what? I had 3 photos with her and still don't have a decent one! The first was taken on Jessie's phone so I got one another time on my camera. I had my eyes closed. So I got another one last week I think it was and just got my photos back last night and I HAD MY EYES CLOSED AGAIN!! lol Silly.



Why are you nudging me?!

Why are you nudging me?! ;)

HAHA her name of her band is

HAHA her name of her band is NUDGE

Thanks for that.

Thanks for that. :)

Ahhhhhhhh *clicks* Thanks

Ahhhhhhhh *clicks* Thanks :)


OMG. :'(

Article in Womans Weekly

Article in Womans Weekly bout her and Megan being Yummy Mummies lol, it's probably been talked about already ohwell hehe. I thought she was awesome last night, and is my full favourite hehe.

Nope, haven't heard about

Nope, haven't heard about it.

Yay!! Supportageness. :D

If I knew how to work the

If I knew how to work the scanner I would scan it..

You press the scan button.

You press the scan button. XD

Actually there are a few other things to do, but hey. Nevermind. Someone else probably has it. Maybe. Thanks for telling us though. :)

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