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♥ Aroha ♥  "Yuv gutta give it all yuh all" 

Im With You!I miss Aroha

Im With You!I miss Aroha 2!!!

I miss Aroha.

I miss Aroha.,2106,3836597a15815,00.html

I totally missed Aroha

I totally missed Aroha 2nyt!she was jus that element which made Idol sparkle..just wasnt the same!...And Matt and Indira's voice wern't as good as Aroha's!..and it showed 2nyt!!!

I couldnt agree more ~e~,

I couldnt agree more ~e~, Aroha supplied the show the excitement and interest and of course attraction it needed.I still cant believe she was voted out based on her last two songs,dance with my father was the stand out that night ,im still confident she would have won if she made it to the final.I just hope we see more of her in future.Cant wait to see her perform in the grand final and furthermore outclass our two finalists,Arohas still number 1.

what a great aroha fanclub

what a great aroha fanclub all tho ow yodeling queen has gone, she will alwaez be our favourite idol contestant u no!! da maker of this fansite has put alot of wurk in dis with the profilez, downlaods ect.... yea u shud make a real website for the offical aroha fanclub

I'll be @ tha grand

I'll be @ tha grand final!who else is?...Can't wait to see Aroha!

I'll be there

I'll be there :)

aroha's song, not yours!

aroha's song, not yours! :D



"i'll be there".. aroha's

"i'll be there".. aroha's song! :D

Oh lol

Oh lol :p

So it was Aroha and Toni

So it was Aroha and Toni that didnt get along, interesting... And she was supposed to sing Endless Love next week!

Wow Aroha thanks for making

Wow Aroha thanks for making my sunday nights so great. Your koro will be so proud.. Im so so sad you will no longer be singing your beautiful tones. You made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside after you sang lol. 

Sweet as they asked Aroha my three questions i sent in.

 They were the last three in the interview about (lifeline pulling her through) and her (koros inspiration!!) im really happy they asked her them. yah yah.  

Gonna miss ya babe.. :)  Garett.

Best Performance: "From this moment"and d
'dance with my father""

Second Best: "Lifeline"

I'm lovin' Aroha's last

I'm lovin' Aroha's last interview especially her comments about Indira and her dad... And I knew it was her and Kali that had the whole sister bond thing goin' on...

Also, her interview on Breakfast can be found over here...

Aroha on Breakfast

After two fantastic performances on Sunday night's Love special, I was surprised when Aroha was sent packing on Monday night. She may have had some rough criticisms during the series, but went out on a high after she received positive comments from all the judges for the first time. I was lucky to get to sit down on Tuesday morning with the Te Puke Princess to talk about her time on the show.

We received some really great fan questions, thanks very much to everyone who sent them in.

What do you hope to do now that you're finished on NZ Idol?
Probably stay in the music industry, I'd like to go and finish off my Diploma in fashion design. My dream when I was a child was to be a singer and wear my own clothes. Any opportunities I have I want to take and try out new things.

How far through your fashion course are you?
It started in February. I was there for like four months.

Are you going to be putting out a single or album?
I don't know, I don't think so. Like I said if you get opportunities I'd sign up and I might look into it, I'll take any opportunity that comes. One day hopefully I'll put out something!

Why did you enter in the first place?
Because my family and friends were like 'come on'! I filled out an application form last year but my mum was too busy to take me up. And this year I had a car to come up and drive myself. And because before my grandfather passed away we were watching the, you know how they say 'c'mon and fill out your application forms', so I filled out the application form and I couldn't go. So, yeah, I made a promise to him that I'd do it and I kept my promise. And even if I didn't make it through I still did it.

Do you think he'd be really proud of how far you made it?
Yeah, he would be. When I entered competitions and I came second or something like that he'd always be proud of me. Even if I came nowhere.

So top three out of the whole country! That's pretty good!

What would you have done with the money if you'd won?
Well my Koru's unveiling is coming up so I would've loved to help pay for his headstone, it's nearly ten grand... I would have paid some money on our mortgage and I would've liked to have invested in it or do a lot of saving so after I do fashion designing I could start my own business or do something useful with it. I wouldn't waste it, well maybe just a little.

The judges commented that you had a bad attitude. How did that make you feel and what did you do to over come it?
Well really, you know I just showed New Zealand who I was and I wasn't going to fake myself. I'm not saying that any of them were faking themselves. But I didn't take it offensive, I was just standing up for myself in a way, I know I could've done it in a more appropriate way but you don't think that at the time when you're being asked in front of the whole country with cameras in your face. Dom's there, it's like 'you know, I liked it' sort of thing. You've just got to grow up a bit and think these are the people you're going to be working with so you might as well get along with them.

Did you enjoy going to the mall and to the schools you visited?
Yeah it was good getting away from the office, where we're stuck in there 24/7! It was good to get out and see the joy on peoples faces it’s like 'aw, I can't believe I can do that!'

Will you still pursue a singing career?
I hope so, I hope to! It's been a dream since I was younger to be a singer and to make clothes. There's people out there that say 'you should try modelling instead of being a singer' but not me because I'm shy of cameras and that sort of thing.

Who is your favourite judge?
I don't have a favourite! They're all like that on TV but as soon as they're not they're all totally different people and I got to know them for who they were and not for who New Zealand sees them as. But yeah, they're really nice people so I don't have a favourite.

Who do you have a crush on in NZ Idol?
I don't have a crush on anyone! Because I have a partner.

Who were your best friends on NZ Idol?
Kali and I, we were like sisters man! And I made such a close bond with Indira. I mean, I didn't really know her in the beginning but when we started to get to know each other... And Matthew, Matt was cool. And everyone's always told me they'll never forget me because I was me and always me and you could just never forget someone like that! (laughs) Even the makeup stylist said that, everybody! Because I went there being myself.

Was the memory of your late grandfather the greatest inspiration and motivation to do your best for your koro.
Yes it was, the memory will always be there. And if I think of him, it just makes you perform better. I honestly look at Indira's Dad and the way he looks at Indira and once I cried nearly while we were about to get up do our cast song and Indira actually did cry. I turned to her and I said "Just seeing how proud your Dad looks at you reminds me of my Koru", the way he sits and stares. And just everytime I saw him I just wanted to run up and hug him even though I knew it wasn't my Koru, just the way he was so proud of Indira. Just made me miss him so much...

Many of your fans can relate to over coming shyness! What advice can you give people to overcome shyness?
All the advice that I got from the vocalist and the whole crew, just take the advice as they've been in the industry for so long that they know what and what not to do. And I think just be yourself, just be yourself. And in time you'll overcome your shyness... you'll just kinda lose it.

When you sang 'Lifeline' [during the Kiwi theme] was this the turning point in the competition for you? Did you want a life line to pull you through for your Koru?
Yeah, again Indira explained what the song was about, I was just thinking 'that's a nice song'! She explained what it was about and I actually sat down and read the lyrics and I was like 'that's me'. 'I'm clinging to you, never letting go because I know you'll lift me up', even though she's singing to the Lord, but you can turn that around and sing it to a loved one that's passed away or anybody. It did pull me through, I don't know why or how that I did what I did, but it just happened.

i really hope we see more of

i really hope we see more of Aroha, ive enjoyed watchin idol because of her ,cant believe she went last night,in my mind she has the best voice and shit , she would of been the hottest idol yet!
Dont give up Aroha, dont waste that voice , you rock

Go Aroha! Oops: Clearly she

Go Aroha!

Oops: Clearly she learnt a different version on idol :p

Actually its just cut.

Actually its just cut. Actually I dont know :s

Watchin studio 2, Aroha has

Watchin studio 2, Aroha has a haircut and dyed her hair. looks hot

She looks good

She looks good :D

Aroha is going to be on

Aroha is going to be on Studio 2 today! 

(after this silly spy program)

aww I love the pic of her

aww I love the pic of her and her nana!

Aroha's Nana 'Nanny' and

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Aroha's Nana 'Nanny' and Aroha

I'm just glad she went out

I'm just glad she went out with new fans and the judges on her side, after her great performances on Sunday :)

I was finally enjoying

I was finally enjoying Aroha's performances.:)  I always liked her voice, but was loving watching her sing too this week! Now she's gone!:(

Unfortunately, think she stepped up her performances too late!  At least she can go out now having those fantastic comments from the judges and with a good feeling about her from a lot more people!:)  She showed what she can do and we all loved it!:) (well a lot of us anyway)

I know! I only really got

I know! I only really got into Idol this week thanks to her. Then oops, shes gone. But at least I have her songs to listen to :D

Did anyone else see her

Did anyone else see her interview on Breakfast? She basically said she'd like to write songs and see what happens but go back to fashion school next year if she can.

I heard it and thought she

I heard it and thought she spoke well too, she has really grown as a person.  She kept saying "thank you so much" ...She had such a fantastic smile on her face last night whilst signing autographs after the show.  I wonder to myself if the voting was silently staged.  Perhaps she left her run too late but she was stunning at the end.  My daughter cried Monday night at the show, and I shed a tear re-watching it tonight.

No, I was sleeping in.

No, I was sleeping in. Hopefully it will be on the other website.

nahh I missed it!

nahh I missed it!

(aka tpt_chic) I would like

(aka tpt_chic)
I would like to thank the president & members of this forum..
It was good to login and be apart of like minded, friendly people.
And to Aroha, I think you did a wonderful job throughout the competition, your still my idol ! So where is it for you from here, Modelling? Dip (fashion n Design), you've exposed yourself to the world, and it is your oyster.
Kia mau te wehi..

Sign me up!

Sign me up!


Done! :D

I became fond of Aroha and I

I became fond of Aroha and I really thought she would make it in the final. Thought she was better than Indira. Anyway I hope she continues to conquer her music career, cos I really dig her voice!

im just relievin ma souf

im just relievin ma souf after seeing aroha go *CRYN* im so sad at da mo y did matt or indira go thru fahhhhhhhh damn gurl u no all us fans luv u well i am or i should say we r gna be da first 1's 2 bi ur album so wen it gna cum owt you r still one in a million and our country diva n we will support u realli bad gurl dis is 4 u aro'z yea kk frm the 19th of the 23 fans ^^ash^^ im so sad :'(

*starts to cry*..Poor

*starts to cry*..Poor Aroha!so sad!!!!...why the hell is Matt in the grand Final!...I STILL LUV U AROHA!!!

Sadly, this is the end. 

Sadly, this is the end. 

Its such an amazing effort

Its such an amazing effort for Aroha to get this far seeing this year is the strongest nz idol to date, so whatever happens i think she should be truly proud of herself.

wow, im a huge aroha fan but i must say i wasnt expecting her to come out an do that. She owned last night and will certainly be safe tonight,infact although we wont be told , im sure Aroha will accrue the most after the love songs.Its looking so good for the final for her , she has improved on that stage soooo much and i dont think Matt or Indira will stand in her way.

MP3's and Videos of last

MP3's and Videos of last night now up!

Aroha did awesome

Aroha did awesome tonight!!!!

Can someone please remind me

Can someone please remind me to vote tomorrow? Thanks in advance :)

Does anyone know what her

Does anyone know what her audition song was? From what I remember (Or dont remember lol) she wasnt shown at all until we saw her at semi's...

Hmmmm. Im not sure sorry.

Hmmmm. Im not sure sorry.

Hey Tui are you one of those

Hey Tui are you one of those three chaps, my daughter and I saw Hello to on standby ?

Im not sure what you mean by

Im not sure what you mean by standby sorry.....

Would anyone like me to

Would anyone like me to shorten the Bio, so you can reach the other parts quickly? (eg: downloads, music)

Didnt her nanny look

Didnt her nanny look stunning on tonights show...She was the best make over..

Go AROHA, damn girl you hit every single note, when I heard you sing "lets stay together, Al Green", sweetheart I just turned up the tv, and we all started dancing and cheering for you.. you've got the best voice in the competition... I  bet everyone in or from TPT, is texting hard..And all your other devoted fans... My household have already spent a generous amount texting, and I'm going to text more for you tomorrow, I dont want another BEN Lumis = Matt or Rosita = Indira to win...

NZ idol, need an idol who is commercial.. Your beautiful, your styli, stunning, and have a wicked wicked voice. Voters need to picture, Matt or Indira in a video clip with their first single.. now picture Aroha.. you know she is going to look absolutely stunning, maybe even a solo PCD??? okay alittle OTT, but it is much better than picturing Matt or Indira.. Anyhow like I said in another thread, Matt gave a pig headed answer, he obviously doesnt know how to react to constructive critisim.. Seemed as though he thought he had the competition hands down... n'vemind BRO.. and Indira.. ahem.. your comments made last week about Matt and BEN being your competition, your absolutely right, because AROHA is in the INTERNATIONAL league she is going to win...You better believe it.

 Do I have your permission

 Do I have your permission to add you to the members list? I think you should join :)

nah I'm good Im a fan at

nah I'm good Im a fan at heart.. the heart of TE PUKE.....
Anyway I feel decieved, Im looking at your quote I want Indira to win??? Hunny wsup with that..??? Its all good though, I would like to point out, that this FAN club is absolutely awesome, great work with the AROHA profile, downloads.. wicked.. wicked..

Awww. Well your very welcome

Awww. Well your very welcome to join anytime!

Oh! I haven't changed it yet! Thanks for pointing that out.

And thanks for the feedback! I appreate it :D

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