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Submitted by The Critic on 8 September, 2006 - 11:35pm

Idolblog believes that Universal will sign this year's winner of NZ Idol and here's how we've come to this conclusion.

Next week's theme is a tribute to the hits of Elton John and it just so happens that the famous British performer has a new album, The Captain and The Kid, which comes out the week the show is on TV. This "coincidence" strongly suggests that there is a commercial tie in there somewhere where Universal will have access to bringing Elton John's music to a quarter of the population of New Zealand in the same week that they release the new album. This "free" marketing will do wonders for Universal's bottom line and would be a relatively decent sized carrot to entice them to take onboard an Idol album, which if in a worse case scenario it failed, at least there would have been some commercial benefit from the show.

It is a strange twist of fate really. When the whole TrueBliss concept hit the TV screens, Polygram were onboard with the show before they ditched it midway through the season only to be picked up by Sony. 8 years on and Sony have ditched the predecessor - Idol - and Vivendi Universal, which now owns Polygram, looks like it is going to be the one representing this year's winner.

Universal has a strong tie with NZ Music with such artists as Zed, Hayley Westenra, Daniel Beddingfield, Dei Hamo, Deep Obsession and K Lee.

American Idol have had Elton

American Idol have had Elton John night.. are they with Universal?

SonyBMG last I checked.

SonyBMG last I checked.

Sweet. Hopefully they will

Sweet. Hopefully they will do a better job at marketing the Idol winner than the last two seasons.

That is pretty awesome if it

That is pretty awesome if it is :)

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