General: Suzanne Lynch releases new single/album with Universal...and does a Neil Finn cover!

Submitted by admin on 13 September, 2006 - 12:59pm

Suzanne Lynch releases her new single Sunshine Through a Prism this week on NZ on Air Kiwi Hit Disk #86.

Sunshine Through a Prism was originally released by Suzanne in 1970 and has now been re-recorded and is the first release from her forthcoming album, Colour of Summer, which will be available through Universal Music from September 18 2006.

Colour of Summer features brand new original material written by Suzanne, two songs by Neil Finn, (one - Ray Of Hope - previously unreleased), another by Tim Finn, and the title track Colour of Summer was written by Suzanne’s son Andy Lynch, from the band ZED.

The album was produced by Eddie Rayner and engineered by Adrian Stuckey, who also collaborated on tracks Fools Lullaby, Everything I’ve Ever Loved, and Synchronicity.

Suzanne rose to fame in the 60’s as one half of the popular singing sensation The Chicks. She then launched, along with the hit record Yesterday When I Was Young which featured the original version of Sunshine Through a Prism (written by Shade Smith), her solo career as SUZANNE.

Numerous TV appearances on Happen Inn and C’Mon made SUZANNE a household name and she went on to tour the world with Cat Stevens (as leader of his vocal group.. doing two extensive world tours and singing on four of Cat’s albums), Neil Sedaka, Lulu, Cleo Lane, The Walker Brothers, and during her time in England in the 1970's, Olivia Newton John.

Suzanne has since been a recipient of the Entertainer of the Year Award, The Queens Honour MNZM and over the years frequently featured as a guest performer at International conferences and functions, and regularly headlines her own shows in NZ and overseas.

Recently, in between twice weekly appearances as singer and vocal coach for the TV series NZ Idol, Suzanne has been performing - along with NZ’s finest singers Jackie Clarke, Tina Cross, and Taisha - as part of vocal super-group The Lady-killers.

Heh I only think of her as a

Heh I only think of her as a 'covers chick'.............

Ironically Neil Finn thinks

Ironically Neil Finn thinks it's OK to work with Suzanne :P And even funnier, she's doing a cover of one of his songs!!!

hehee oh the irony!

hehee oh the irony!

Does this mean Universal is

Does this mean Universal is going to be with Idol this year?

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