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Submitted by admin on 11 October, 2006 - 2:50pm

Your Top 3 Idols are getting out this Sunday to support Buddywalk -
a walk to promote the inclusion of people living with Down Syndrome at Tahaki Reserve in Mt Eden. They'll be singing too!

Michael Murphy and his band will be there, along with What Now and ZM.

Well we met the three

Well we met the three remaining Idols today at the Buddywalk. Our children all came home with a signed T-shirt( i took a vivid so they could get them). They sang Amazing Grace together. It was impromtue with no backing music and they sounded fantastic.

They were all friendly and nice. Indira is the most articulate and has the most personality. Aroha has the pop star looks and you could pick out her amazing voice. Matt well sorry I think he should go.

It should be an Aroha(never!!!! thought I would say that) and Indira final.

Missed Michaels band as they were last in the line up and the weather was grotty so we left.

Thanks for that! Am

Thanks for that! 

Am agreeing with what you say about the final line-up - and never though I'd say that either!

Txt from my little sister

Txt from my little sister about the Idols' lunchtime performance:

"omg ray arohas so gros! matts the man tho! he sang um.. cnt remembr"

Take what you will from that, lol :/

Ray is like her pet name for me, btw. I'm still not sure why.

Wow! Looks like there's a

Wow! Looks like there's a few idols there. GUESS WHAT? Jesse from Idol 05 is going to be there to!!!!!

Hi all,I sent through this

Hi all,

I sent through this info. It is going to be a great day. I am looking forward to it and seeing the idols sing. Not to mention Michael, he was so great last year. He signed autographs and during the walk was such a good sport being the target for water bombs!!!

We will be there as we have a 5 year old daughter with Down Syndrome.

Haha! What a reuniting that

Haha! What a reuniting that will be... Murphdog + Idol people, gosh. Great cause though, good on them :D

Apparently they're singing at EGGS tomorrow (my sister's school), although I imagine it's not open to the public, hehe..

My friend went to EGGS

My friend went to EGGS :D

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