General: Fiona, Jackie or Megan?

Submitted by BIMI on 1 November, 2006 - 8:20am

Ok, I've been trying to figure this out for myself, and was wondering what you guys thought ... Which of the female judges did you like more (or less!) out of the three seasons of NZ Idol? And why? ;)

Fiona... I think she

Fiona... I think she balanced out the judging panel quite nicely, Paul was supposedly the Simon Cowell of the three but never delivered so Fiona stepped in and filled up the rest if the nasty quota. Although at the time I wanted to ring her neck with those five dollar hair extensions of hers...

um i like them both but i

um i like them both but i dont have any faves

Jackie. Fiona was...too

Jackie. Fiona was...too try-hard narsty. And Megan was SO annoying with all her "Girlfriend! Boyfriend! You are lookin' hawt tonight!" stuff. So, to conclude, Jackie, but rather than because she was really was because in comparison she was survivable.

i so totally agree with you

i so totally agree with you there Jemma on what you said and I really hate Megan with her sayings

Megan was the worst. Jackie

Megan was the worst.
Jackie annoyed me.
So did Fiona kinda.

Id say Fiona.
Or agree with Nellie, d) none of the above :D

d) none of the above.

d) none of the above.

Most definately Fiona is

Most definately Fiona is the best female judge we've had!  She judged each performance as it was and gave advice, criticism where needed and praise where earned.:) She is the one I've always hoped would come back.

Jackie started off OK, but by the top 10 just loved everyone of them whatever they did.

Megan did improve once she got over her 'girlfriend', etc in your face act,  and did start to judge and say what she thought  was good or not so good nearer the end.

Megan was Stable\'s

Megan was Stable\'s girlfriend.
Jackie was a bit of a twit.
Fiona actually gave decent criticsm.

Now I wonder..?

So ... are you saying you

So ... are you saying you preferred Fiona out of the three of them?


Yup :D

I think Jackie had the best

I think Jackie had the best personality. I like her. The other two I groaned at a bit.
And Jackie's fashion is great. :P

Ooh that's a tough

Ooh that's a tough one.........

For credibility factor: Fiona
For entertainment factor: Megan
For warmth factor: Jackie

You can only pick one,

You can only pick one, Admin! ;) Heh heh!

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