General: Will Dom win a trip to New York?

Submitted by admin on 5 November, 2006 - 4:46pm

Recently about 50 media personalities and journalists were emailed about the chance to win a trip to New York if they said the made-up word "starkish" on TV/radio/newspapers/magazines. It was a cunning publicity campaign for a new vodka drink called "Stark" on the market soon.

During the Grand Final, Dominic Bowden said "Look at this guy! He's starkish! He's totally starkish! You're the man right now, show me how you're feeling!" to Charles as he landed on stage in bat gear.

(Jackie Browne used it on Campbell Live which annoyed TV3 bosses. Mark Sainsbury said it on Breakfast. Others used it in the newspaper.)

haha awesome!!..i did wonder

haha awesome!!..i did wonder why he was saying

LOL that is so cool!

LOL that is so cool!

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