General: What's wrong with Idol?

Submitted by Loyal on 14 November, 2006 - 12:46pm

If there is another series, there's a lot that needs looking at.

I did like the fact that the shows started going round the country - need more of that to keep everyone feeling part of it

Need to look at the people who are getting through.  I keep thinking that there must be some very good singers in this country - and that maybe this is the year they will be heard!  It mostly doesn't happen - with a few exceptions.  We've already heard elsewhere here that some good singers aren't getting through because of training and stage experience!  I thought that this year with new judges, some of those previously turned down would get a chance this time, but it seems not.  Does Frankie have too much of an influence I wonder, he often makes it plain what he wants and doesn't - not being in favour of trained stage singers!

Maybe if more good singers were in the top 10, this contest would taken more seriously by everyone! I know that some in the top 10 were good, but the general standard should have been a lot higher!  Maybe if it was, the contest would be taken more seriously by a lot of people - especially those that would think the top ones worthy of recording!

The voting system also needs looking at - it certainly didn't work this year to get the best through. After the judges saying who they thought should be going, they just got extra votes, so others went who should have stayed.

More modern 'now' songs should be sung, not so many old ones.

I think the X-factor would be the show to present now! Giving a lot more people a chance to compete in a competition that doesn't just want to produce a young solo winner.  There's only so many that will be willing to audition for Idol and be turned down - with the small population of our country.  Open it up and make it more entertaining!

What do you think needs changing to make the show more successful - or should it be the last one, with something else to take its place?

More modern 'now' songs

More modern 'now' songs should be sung, not so many old ones.

It's been proven that those who sing new songs get voted out because the old songs are so much stronger vocally.

That's why guys and girls constantly audition with soul classics from the 60's and 70's.

The "songs" being written today are becoming less and less about melody and more about special studio effects.....much like the movie business eh?

Good point!

Good point!

Part of letter in the TV

Part of letter in the TV Guide:

"Why do our NZ Idols disappear off the radar after competing?  The first NZ Idol was such a pleasure to watch and listen to.  If there had been a second Ben Lummis CD, I would have been the first to buy it.  It was good to see runner-up Michael Murphy having a chance to record his music as well.  Why are Idols not supported more after the show?"

Is this part of what's wrong -  that people now think what's the point of getting too excited anyway.  The first year the top finalists were continually being told they'd be big stars, there was a big future ahead of them etc. And we believed it!

Have people lost interest because of the lack of follow-up and chance to see more of and support their favourites in the future?

Relax, there definately will

Relax, there definately will not be another series of Idol.  The failure of Matt's single, and the overall poor ratings this year (the final attracted only a THIRD of the viewers that the first series attracted) have just cemented the demise with TVNZ.

Damn, there goes my shot at

Damn, there goes my shot at fifteen seconds of fame.

What's not wrong with New

What's not wrong with New Zealand Idol is a better question

I agree - should have said

I agree - should have said 'New Zealand Idol'!

theres nothing wrong with nz

theres nothing wrong with nz idol at all



X FACTOR!!!! Plain and

X FACTOR!!!! Plain and Simple

I think they need to make a

I think they need to make a new format, new everything, get away from the whole idol image. New Zealanders are just getting sick of the plain old nz idol. It's not offering anything new or anything good.

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