NZ Idol 1: Ben Lummis releases new single

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Just received this press release:

Ben Lummis, NZ’s first and most loved Idol, where's he been, what’s he been up to?

After the hype and launch of his profile onto the NZ music scene in 2004, Ben has been working around NZ and overseas, performing at gigs and events, and remains hugely popular with the public at large and his loyal fans. He’s been working hard over the last 2 years, writing, developing and producing his own songs, to emerge as an artist on his own right. His first release is his single "Gotta Move" which will be launched November 18 in conjunction with a music video produced for TV and radio airplay.

Ben's music video features radical footage of street krumping, NZ style - hugely popular with youth, in particular Pacific Island and Maori, it's a very unique and cutting edge clip that presents this fresh edgy and aggressive dance form. We believe his music video will be very well received with his loyal fan base and attract new fans once they see the video.

We believe it has tremendous potential within the NZ music industry, within the niche market of R & B , Hip Hop and Krump followers. It’s a merge of street culture, hip hop & krumping, with Auckland school students and locals being the dancers and actors in the video. Ben has been performing his song in 2006 within the Auckland region at the "Bring It On" stadium sized dance events, before audiences of 15,000+. It has been extremely popular with those who have seen his live performance of the song.

Listen out for him on Life FM at 3:30pm today and The Edge Morning Madhouse at 8am.
The single and music DVD can be ordered via the website from today.

Note: the single will not chart as it has to be available via retail in order to do so.

i put in my money yesterday

i put in my money yesterday and I have asked the lady to ask Ben if he could sign my CD

I so can not wait for it to come now

Twas awesome. I taped it.

Twas awesome. I taped it. Here's the full run down. (excuse the length and confusing quote parts)

They started with the FINAL moment. With Dom saying "......And the winner of the first NZ Idol is Ben!". The madhouse DJs say "take your time, Bowden" and they laugh. Ben is introduced and is ask how he feels about hearing that moment from two years ago. He says "you kind of forget about it really, but when I listen to it now I didn't realise how long he tookfor Dominic to say the answer. Tehre was a thousand things going through my mind at the time".

JJ asks "What do you think about NZ Idol now?" with follow up comments such as "you can be honest"
and "you didn't have such a great time a year down the track". he says "Still as a TV show it's awesome. They pull the ratings and all that stuff but I think whats happened with me in the music industry and blah blah blah it kinda has a negative spin on it" Dom asks "Do you feel bitter or burnt?" he says "No, i think with everything that has happened, I'm thankful, it's opened up doors in many other ways, but in terms of the music industry I've had to work hard and if anything gain creditentials(sp?!) within the country. I've been working at that."

Mike asks "What about the fact that the offered the car and 50 grand this year?" Ben says "That would've been good. That would've been nice. Of course that would of been nice. But we were the guinea pigs of NZ Idol". Mike sympathizes saying “Someone had to be Ben, someone had to be.� Blah blah blah, something about the old All Blacks getting ripped off compared to what the new All Blacks get.

JJ asks “Did you ever go back to normal work after NZ Idol? Or just been doing music ever since?� Ben says “I’ve just started this year, after two years. To do some part time relieving at the special needs school I was at before Idol. I’m doing that and music on the side�. JJ asks “What made you go back?� he says “Uhm…because you just can’t earn enough money in New Zealand, as much as I would like to, but spending two years doing music full time was pretty good�

Dom asks “What have you been doing?� Ben replies “Gigs. Traveling up and down the country. They range from corporate to schools, churches and youth groups, it’s been flowing pretty well. Obviously this year when I had to start paying for a lot of my stuff, it’s easier when you have a record label behind you to fund stuff. But now I am paying for it all, so had to find other means�

Dom asks “Do you feel ripped off with the way Sony BMG treated you?� He says “I don’t feel ripped off. Obviously we just weren’t compatible to work together. But that’s fine. One thing you learn in life is that not everyone is going to have a good working relationship, so it’s just finding the right people who believe in you�. Dom says “Being religious, do you think God will punish them?� Ben says “No. But if he does, it’s up to him�.

JJ asks “Have you met Rosita or Matt?�. He says “I’ve not met Matt, but I’ve met Rosita. And I’m gonna be seeing her on the 1st of December in Wellington, she’s singing at something that I am gonna be a part of� (see eastieman’s comments). JJ says “so, she’s been doing what you’ve be doing, doing just gigs� He said “With the whole Idol thing you’ve really gotta work hard at establishing yourself as an artist�. JJ said “Cause you’ve been writing and producing your own stuff, which is why you’re here, cause you’ve got a single that came out in the weekend…Exciting� JJ Says “Before you went on NZ Idol you were just a singer, you didn’t have your own band or anything like that, so how did you learn to write and produce your own stuff in such a short time?� He says “How I learnt was just using GarageBand(?) on my little Apple Mac computer, make my own tunes, my own beats and just go from there.� They joke about him being his own P-Money. And he says “Well I try to be�. He talks about in the terms of the music it’s like starting all over. As Idol is more of a competition/TV thing and when people don’t see you on TV the thinks you’re a has been and what they don’t know is that you are actually trying to work in the industry.

Mike asks “One question to sum up, are you better off now than you were before you won Idol?� And he says “I’d say I’m better off now and have no regrets.�

Dom asks “Is it hard? Winning this competition, being a house hold name, having a day chocka of interviews, everyone wants a piece of you and then suddenly it gets ripped away, over night. Is that hard?� he says “uhmm….I think if you’re not strong in yourself you might find it hard, but obviously with my faith it’s helped me with that. But it can be hard. And some people may not be able to handle it. I’ve seem to have been able to cope with all the things that have been thrown my way�.

FINALLY, JJ says “Now, lets hear your song! But before we play it, what sort of music has Ben Lummis decided to become?� He says “I’ve gone down the R n B/Soul style. It took me a while to find my sound. I went into the studio with a song, spent three grand on a song an didn’t like how it sounded. But in the process of doing that, I kinda found the sound of what I wanted to release, but I find that it’s kinda changing all the time� JJ asks “are you happy with this one?�
You can hear the excitement in his voice as he says “I AM!�

(plays the song) “Play your drums…..Gotta move…Come on……Sometimes you gotta take a chance, step out and really make a stand…Put your heart out and not just your head� (I wont carry on, in fear of getting the lyrics wrong!)

JJ reads a txt that says “The new Ben Lummis song has a great international feel to it�. He jokes and says “Probably one of my friends!� ( I laughed!)….And then (SCREAM!) JJ says “I have one of your friends on the line!!!!!!!!!� Me “hello!�. JJ “Say Hi to Ben!� Me “Hi Ben� Ben “Is that You Nikki? From Nelson?� I’m like “yes!� Ben “How are ya?� Me “I’m good! How are you?� (he didn’t answer my Q!) Ben “Are you back in New Zealand?� Me “Yes!� JJ “How do you guys know each other?� Me “We go waaaaaaaaaaaaay back!� Ben “Yeeeah, way back…She’s a loyal fan� (LOYAL!) Me “Oh, Ben we are so happy that your single has come out� (FYI: When I said “we� I meant all of FC4B). Ben “oh Thank you Nikki, thank you� (Camillia wannabe?!!! haha) Mike “Do you like it, Nikki?� me “Yes! *squeal-I LOVE YOU!!!!!!*� Ben “Thank you Nikki� JJ “You can’t marry him, he’s taken. You still with Sela?� Ben “Yeah, she’s good. Doing well.� Dom “You guys aren’t married yet?� Ben “No, no� Dom “When are you guys gonna get married, cause I know about your church rules and what you can and can’t do before you get married� JJ says “As he uncomfortably shifts in his seat and reaches for his glass of water.�

Dom says (smooth topic change) “You still have a firm fan base from the Idol days, haven’t you?� He says “Yeah, I have actually. It’s funny cause everywhere I travel, outside of Auckland especially there’s still a lot of people that get autographs and know what I am doing and stuff like that.� JJ says “You must get sick of people saying ‘what have you been up too?’� he says “yeah I get it all the time…Where ya been?� And admits that it would be the most overused question that he has had.

Dom says: “I found this line on a message board from someone that went to a show you put on and got to meet you, and it's really nice. If I said something like this it would be completely cheesy and fake and false Knowing the sort of person you are, I know you would have meant it! 'Just before I left, Ben said the nicest thing, he said something like 'You're not just a fan, you're my friend'. " They all “awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwed� at it.

Talks of an album to be released next year! And jokes about making the three grand he lost to the other single back.

Oh gosh! How

Oh gosh! :o How embarrassing!! LOL

Thanks SO much for recording AND transcribing that whole interview, though, Nikki :) It was GREAT!!! I can't wait for my single to come in the mail now ...

Also, has anyone heard if it's been played much on the radio today?

Haven't heard it since this

Haven't heard it since this interview! :(

Just about to e-mail AJ asking him to mention it and play it, as he's on More here in the Manawatu.  I saw he was logged in here yesterday, so he must have seen about Ben's single!!

Look forward to the new

Look forward to the new single.

This was an awesome

This was an awesome interview.  Ben told us so much about himself, what he's been doing for the last couple of years, his feelings and reactions about things, etc!

I know NiKsTaR says she's writing up the transcript - but can't resist putting this bit in:

"Announcer - I found this live on a message board from someone that went to a show you put on and got to meet you, and it's really nice.  Knowing the sort of person you are, I know you would have meant it!

'Just before I left, Ben said the nicest thing, he said 'You're not just a fan, you're my friend'. "

Now we all know that's what he said to BIMI and was on the front page here!:D

I heard that and thought

I heard that and thought "BIMI!!!!!!!!!!" :D

I can't believe I forgot that part in my post. lol Doh!

I smiled at that part, that

I smiled at that part, that was gonna be my grand conclusion! The highlight (aside from getting to talk to him!) but that's OK!!!!!!! Almost done.....I'm just strugling to get the last part of the interview cause I keep rewinding to listen to the song. ;)

Sorry, it 's still the grand

Sorry, it 's still the grand conclusion for the transcript anyway!;)

Just thought it was like really neat - the fact that they read it here and put it on the air!:)

Glad you're doing this, because it took me so long this morning, really didn't feel like typing it all out again!

Glad I recorded it though, so much to listen to and really good to be able to hear it over again!:)

Great that one of our FC4B members was at the forefront on this interview.:)

Not available for retail?

Not available for retail? Err.. ok..

Retail as in the shops - but

Retail as in the shops - but Ben did say in his interview that that's something they're working on! Nothing to stop anyone buying it though!

I don't suppose anyone

I don't suppose anyone happened to hear Ben on The Edge this morning, did they?! ;)

I'm just listening to the

I'm just listening to the tape and writting up the transcript for it which I will post as soon as I've done! XD

You'll beat me to I guess

You'll beat me to I guess then!;)

I did scribble it out from taping it, and typed it all up here this morning, then caught some button right near the end and it all disappeared!:(  Didn't have time then to do it again! Was really annoyed!:( 

Was that you NiKsTaR, on the radio talking to Ben?  I sort of thought it was!

See below it was you! 

See below it was you!:)  Isn't it fantastic that Ben remembered you - and about you!  And said that you go way back, one of his real fans!:)  Must have you feel real good!

I've been in Sydney, and

I've been in Sydney, and that's what it still says on my MySpace page so I guess from that is why he asked if I was back in NZ, it's awesome that he is so genuine with his fans.

That is awesome - that he

That is awesome - that he read that and remembers you and who you are!  That he does take an interest in his fans!:D

yes it was! It was cut

yes it was! It was cut short though when they went on to ask him bout Sela, but I'm still greatful!

Bimi, You can hear him live

Bimi, You can hear him live on friday 1st of december at the Indian Hall, Stacey St, Kilbirnie at 7pm.

Tickets are $10 per person and includes other top acts like, NZ idol Rosita, Hip hop groups Legacy and Rongotai Eastern elements. Mission Choir, Barbershop Quartet U25 world champions etc.

Really?! Cool - might have

Really?! Cool - might have to go to that. Is it door sales, or do you have to buy tickets somewhere?

There will be door sales.

There will be door sales.

If only I'd known

If only I'd known earlier!  I've just been in Wellington with the visit starting on Friday!:( could easily have put it back a week.

Would love to be able to go, hope some of the rest of you do anyway, and tell us all about it.  Would be really good seeing Ben and Rosita!:)

Well let's hope this is the beginning of Ben making more appearances round the country!

Yes. I still haven't seen

Yes. I still haven't seen him live.

Now's your chance, Alaina

Now's your chance, Alaina ;) Fly down and stay with me for the weekend! LOL

Lol! How nice that would be.

Lol! How nice that would be. :D

I'm thinking about travelling down to Tauranga to see him, but I don't think I have anyone to go with. Like liking Ben wise. (Benwise Gamgee. XD)

Nah, flag the Tauranga trip

Nah, flag the Tauranga trip - and come to Wellington instead! There's so many more cool people here!!! ;)

Don't let Abbie see you

Don't let Abbie see you saying that. :P

I would if I had the money. :P But right now I need a money tree. That's my wish for Christmas. lol

I heard some. I forgot about

I heard some. I forgot about it when I got to work so they were playing his song when I turned it on. They spoke to him afterwards but I can't remember what was said. XD

Oh Nikstar rang up and spoke to him and she was all boppery. lol Cute. And they were saying how he still has lots of fans from his Idol days. They also asked him if he's sick of people asking him what he's been doing for the last 2 years cos so many people think he's just disappeared and he said yeah, he's spent 2 years writing his single. lol They asked about Sela, if they're still together and if they're married yet and he said yes they're still together but no they're not married. I think that's all I remember. Wow, more than I thought. lol

Thanks so much for that

Thanks so much for that :) and I'm so glad Nikstar got through to talk to him! ;)

hope they dont take credit

hope they dont take credit cards cos i will buy one 4 sure

I'm confused all over again.

I'm confused all over again.

worst website ever o_O

worst website ever o_O

when get home tonight i am

when get home tonight i am so going top ut an order throught..i hope they don't take credit cards

Did anyone listen to any of

Did anyone listen to any of the interviews this morning?...if so how did they go?

Nah, you just email them

Nah, you just email them through the website and they'll send you the bank account details to credit the amount with :)

thanks BIMI i can

thanks BIMI i can not wait to hear it

Didn't double post Changed

Didn't double post :p Changed my mind about what I wanted to say, but the system had already processed my first post :|






Harhar at the new website.

Harhar at the new website.


Ordered!!!! ;)

I'm sure you have

I'm sure you have ;)

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