NZ Idol 1: Ben & Rosita singing in Wellington

Submitted by Loyal on 24 November, 2006 - 2:22pm

Thanks to easitman for this information!

Concert is at the indian centre in Kemp st, on Friday 1st December, at 7.00

Some of the acts are:

Ben and Rosita.

Legacy Hiphop group(came 12th in the world comps this yr)

Mission Choir( won south pacific comp this yr)

Barbershop Quartet( Won world U25 category last yr.

Ben Makisi( Pacific Pavarotti)....Ben's Uncle.

Eastern Elements hiphop groups..(includes his younger brothers)

Maori and Polynesian groups from rongotai college( Reason for concert to fundraise funds for).

That was just a fantastic

That was just a fantastic show - I felt it was a real privilege to be there, and thanks to much to easitman for telling us about it!:)

Ended up sitting about half-way back - not as lucky as some!;)  But had a good view and enjoyed it all - right from the cultural group at the beginning right through!:)

Was almost forgetting I had actually gone there to see Ben, the show was so full of other entertainment.  then finally in the second half, Ben was announced, and what a reception for him from the audience!:)  He was fantastic, he always was good, but think he's 100% better than last time I saw him even!  He seems to have so much more confidence and sort of knows who he is now, what he wants to do and how to put on a great show and sing and present even better than ever.  I likened it to the difference between when he was first on Idol and what he was like at the end, he's seems to have stepped up like that again.  He surely must be up there amongst the best singers and performers this country has!

Each song he gave 100% to with his singing sounding awesome and performing and giving his all.  Have to say I always love to hear 'Can't take that away' but this really was the best I've ever heard Ben sing it.  And loved him doing 'Gotta Move', and his little brother(s) dancing with him, must have been something very special for them all!

Ben's performance all went to quick in a blur, and I need to see it all again.

Thought nothing could match that, but then came Rosita - her duet of 'When I fall in love' with Ben Makisi was something else!  Had me in a trance, as did the other songs Ben Makisi went on to sing. From one fantastic moment to another in the second half!

Disappointed at the end that Ben didn't come on stage again.  Given the impression by the MC that he'd gone.:(  As we had a long drive, hubby wanted to get away quick and so we were off out the back door!  Missed so much more by the sounds of it!:(

Ben would have made so many more fans - as he does at every appearance, and comfirmed how very good he is and worth supporting amongst those who knew that anyway.;)

Must add, that hubby enjoyed it every bit as much as me - including Ben, and him singing 'Gotta Move' - well maybe not quite as much as me.;)

Glad you enjoyed it

Glad you enjoyed it loyal!

Shame didn't catch up with you and Ben afterwards but we'll meet again.

I certainly do hope so!

I certainly do hope so!;)

Just wondering Loyal, when

Just wondering Loyal, when Ben was singing did you see two people go up at the front?

Well, I saw someone not much

Well, I saw someone not much in front of me go up and take some photos, then come back.;)

So are you saying you went up to the front?  Saw a group there when he was singing, including his brother and mates. But too far back to really see other than a group of people. Ben always seems to get a crowd in front of the stage when he sings!:)

Did get to see a picture of

Did get to see a picture of you all, with Ben - thanks to NiKsTaR!:) Shame I wasn't in it too!:(

Nice to see what you all look like though!;)  And so glad Ben made time to spend with you all.

Prob won't my face at the

Prob won't my face at the Indian centre ever again hehe...but Ben is so nice to talk to and he is such a nice and down to earth guy as well and as for Rosita, she is awsome as well

What on earth did you

What on earth did you do?  Got me wondering why you'll never show your face there again!

what do you mean by "Got me

what do you mean by "Got me wondering why you'll never show your face there again!"aye Loyal

i am not going to show my face there ever again because I stood up and went to the front and just stood there..mad a fool out of my self so yea..strange i know

Don't worry, done similar

Don't worry, done similar myself in the past many times - when I was a bit younger and not sitting next to a hubby!;)

haha brother has his

haha brother has his prizegiving at the Indian Centre

Man, that was such a fun

Man, that was such a fun evening!!! :D

We got seats three rows from the front (primo position!) so we had a BRILLIANT view of the performances for the night! Quite hard to pick highlights really ... well, okay, so no it wasn't hard at all! LOL

One highlight for me would have to be Nikstar shaking my hand when I sat down in the seats beside her and then her getting everyone to move along one seat, cause she wanted me to sit beside her!!! ;) Something about being famous or something ...

Another highlight was Ben's little bro, Conrad, performing in a hip hop group called "Elements" :) Definitely talent runs in that family!!

We had to sit through a 15 minute interval for the BEST part of the night, though ;) After "KTK" did a few songs, who incidentally included one Filipo who some of you may recall from season one of such shows as NZ Idol!
Then the mc for the evening introduced Ben, and we just went mad! Well, okay, I was sensible and mature and didn't do anything too outrageous ... He was fantastic too, by the way, and even performing with a backing track, he's still got awesome stage presence and knows how to get the crowd involved :)
He sung "I love you love me" ... I think LOL - to be honest, it's always a bit of a blur for me when Ben's singing! I just lose all sense of reality! ;)
Then he moved on to "TCTTA" and at one point I looked at the audience behind us, and there was a crowd of people holding their cell phones up and swaying them! Too funny!
He finished off with "Gotta Move" ... of course! And it was AWESOME!!! Right down to getting Conrad and friends back to provide back up "krumping" for him ... which he joined in at one point too ;) (He can move too!!!)

The evening wasn't over though ... cause after "Legacy" came out and did a few more hip hop moves for us, Rosita came and sung two awesome ORIGINAL songs (which I can only assume are going to be part of her new album which is supposedly released next year some time) and then she sung "When I Fall In Love" with Ben Makisi (Ben's uncle, by the way) which was just brilliant!!! :)

After the show finally ended ... we won't talk about all the thanks people got at the end ;) ... Wgtn Gurl and my friend and I went out to the foyer to find where Nikstar, Mandie and Manda had "stalked" off too! ;) We soon find them hanging out, waiting for Ben to appear to sign more autographs and pose for more photos.

Totally made my night too when I said hi to Ben and got a kiss on the cheek from him! (Don't think Nikstar was too impressed at that, though!) LOL

I have to say, it may have been over two years ago now, but Ben has sure still got what it takes to be a massive star! And he's always so humble and genuine to go along with his incredible talent too! Thanks for a fantastic evening, Ben (and friends!) It was SOOOOO enjoyable and unforgettable!!! :)

That's such an awesome

That's such an awesome report BIMI!:)  Will add my thoughts above!

Have to say, the show was absolutely fantastic, but I was sooooooooo very disappointed I didn't get to meet you and everyone else!:(  Looked for you, and told Mike to look out for a blond about my size.  Was also looking out for a banner!;)  Guess we got there too late and you were already sitting.  Huge place and heaps of people to find someone amongst!

At the end I really wanted to hang around in the foyer to see if I could see you, but as Ben didn't come out on stage again, and the MC said some of the performers had already left, he made it sound like Ben had, so hubby wanted to get away quick for the long drive home, so we went out the back door to where the car was just outside!

I  am so upset that I didn't go and be able to join you all there and meet Ben, sounds like it was a magic ending to the night! Do so hope they'll be another chance not too far away!:(

Man it was such a good night

Man it was such a good night last night..I got my picture taken with Ben and one picture with Rositsa ALSO i got both of their autographs, which was cool and Ben is so cool and his dance moves are awesome...Now I got to watch the DVD and listen to the CD now

Hope we get to see your

Hope we get to see your photos - will make me very envious though!;)

Reading your report again BIMI - and a sharing and remembering the night through it - I thought that was Filipo!  He was so much better than last time I saw him - on Idol! Glad to see him with a group and obviously making something of himself. Doing well at it too! I now have new respect for him!;)

Looks like there's going to

Looks like there's going to be at least 5 members of FC4B there now!:)

What about Jemma I wonder!:?

6 Loyal, Mandie, Manda,

6 ;) Loyal, Mandie, Manda, Nikstar, Wgtn Gurl and myself :)

Make that 7 people that I

Make that 7 people that I know of that are going now ... I found another friend to bring along ;)

Aww wish I could but I

Aww wish I could but I can't. Have heaps of fun and if you get the chance say hello from me :P
Have a great night everyone! :)

Ben asked if you were there!

Ben asked if you were there! And he said to say hi to you! So Hi to you from Ben!

I've got 5 mins to get ready for work, so I'll put up a report of my various "stalkings" afterwards.

But it was just such a FANTASTIC night!


Tee hee! Hi Nikstar ...

Tee hee! Hi Nikstar ;)

... omg! Ben just came and said hi!!! Heh heh heh :p

Ha ha ha ha. You think your

Ha ha ha ha.

You think your sooooo funny!!

Ha Ha, actually, it was. ;)

I can not wait! Lets have

I can not wait!

Lets have banners and fun things for Ben!

I shall get onto that tomorrow, and get a lion one! XD

That's great - you can do

That's great - you can do the banner! :) Make sure it says 'Idodblog FC4B - or Fan-club for Ben';)

 And yes, a lion for alaina in her absence - after all she is a member of FC4B too!

Yay!! Thanks.

Yay!! Thanks. :D

Sounds like there will be

Sounds like there will be the best support for Ben from FB4B at any show since Idolised!:D


It's going to be so much

It's going to be so much fun! :D

You should take a lion with

You should take a lion with you. :roar:

Oh, why can't you like

Oh, why can't you like tigers?!! I have heaps of those ... but no lions :(

lol Aww Print off the from

lol Aww Print off the :roar: from here then. :P

I'll think of something

I'll think of something ;)

Yeah like find a lion

Yeah like find a lion picture and print it off and write ROAR!! on it and hold it up for Ben. :D

We need an Idolblog FC4B

We need an Idolblog FC4B banner!:)  That's be brilliant, for Ben to see we're all there!

Definately the sort of thing the President should do!;)

Doubt it! The President

Doubt it! :p The President never does things like that!!! LOL They delegate to people like the Secretary ;)

Secretary's delegated to

Secretary's delegated to NiKsTaR, who's happy to do it!;)



That would be correct ...

That would be correct :) ... and also why it's in the NZ Idol 1 forum ;)

wow i love that stuff!! we

wow i love that stuff!! we had Matt here today so i stayed

well you should of come down

well you should of come down to wellington then Chevy :)

Ben, yes i would taken about

Ben, yes i would taken about 70 photo's of Ben to upload onto IB ;)

Well, then you can come and

Well, then you can come and take 70 photos of Ben - this coming Friday at Wellington chevy!:)

Love to see you there - especially now you're a member of his fan-club!;)

Could have a FC4B get-together there!:)

Well a Rosita fan-club get-together too!;)

I'm looking forward to it

I'm looking forward to it already ;)

i may go but not to sure

i may go but not to sure yet

Do go!  It sounds like it

Do go!  It sounds like it will be a really entertaining show!  A chance to hear Ben sing his new song! As well as seeing Rosita again - amongst many other very good performers.  Reasonable price too!

how much will it cost to get

how much will it cost to get in? I amy pester a friend tomight to see if she wants to go. PM me about the cost of getting in


$10 :)

cool...i may go with a

cool...i may go with a friend and I may see you there BIMI..and plaus i got to talk to parents about it and yea

yea i am going to go

yea i am going to go tonight. I can not wait...ill take my camera

That's really good!Do hope

That's really good!:)

Do hope NiKsTaR has a banner or something, so we can all look out for it and meet!:)

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