General: Watch Victor murder 'Yellow Brick Road'

Submitted by spazz on 1 December, 2006 - 2:24am

And you thought Becks killed it... whoa.

Started  watching it and

Started  watching it and thought 'it's not that bad!'

Then half-way through what happened?:(  Went from bad to worse and worse!  And yes - the stripping what made him forget how to sing even more!:(  What was he thinking, performing like that - and having it videoed!:?

ohh golly

ohh golly





That is what I imagine scap

That is what I imagine scap would look like if he were to do a showy thing.

But seriously, what the porkpies was he thinking? Stripping? And LMAO at his angry face..he needs to go get that sorted out cos he tends to get v. worked up when performing :P
*gets out victor is emo sign* wooooo!

Do I get a sign too?

Do I get a sign too? :p

Ewww!! But lmao at the

Ewww!! But lmao at the slamming the jacket into the ground and his ooooooottttttttttppppppppppp hand movements straight afterwards and for the rest of the song. But w t f is with the stripping?? That just cemented my dislike of him.

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