NZ Idol 1: My letter about Ben

Submitted by Loyal on 4 December, 2006 - 1:47pm

I'm so excited - part of a letter I sent to the TV Guide including about Ben and what he's doing has been published in the Dec 9-15 issue, with a coloured photo of him!:)

It was really in reply to something someone said in a previous letter, about Ben, and I sent the info about his CD and website for information, hoping they would pass it on, and maybe print it. Anyway, they did actually print part of my letter. The exciting part though is that is is publicity for Ben and his single - with the photo to remind everyone about him!:)

Here's what it says:

"Cynical radio ignores Idols

Merle (TV Guide, November 11-17) spoke about NZ Idols not being supported after the show.  Why indeed?  Why do radio stations not play their songs?  There isn't even an Idolised tour this year, something I was looking forward to.  Merle says if there had been a second Ben Lummis CD she would have been the first to buy it.  Tell her another single became available from November 18.  He has been working on it for some time, since being released from the BMG contract.  He also has a website now"

I did add details of how to buy his single and web-site address, but never mind. If people are interested they can always Google it.  It also says I'm from Auckland, I didn't say where I was from, so that's OK!

Just shows, we can do something to help our Idols!;)

Keep it up Loyal and great

Keep it up Loyal and great stuff to Nikstar too travelling all the way up from here in the South Island to be there for Ben. :) ;)

I need to do something more for Ben too, because you lot make me look lazy :$

I kinda need to think about it though after all that went before :$

Kinda think I could be persona non grata with Ben and Sela, and also Traza.k right now.

Awesome effort Loyal

Awesome effort Loyal :)

I saw that! Congrats

I saw that! Congrats :)

Aw, well done Loyal

Aw, well done Loyal :)

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