General: Ben Hazlewood one of "the kids who'll be tomorrow's leaders"

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Destined for great things

School's out for a fresh crop of students, who must now tackle the often-asked question: what next? Year 13 - the old seventh form - is crammed with study and laden with expectations, yet rather than crumple under the pressure, many students thrive on it and soar academically. As well, hundreds throw themselves into a wide array of sporting and cultural activities, from debating to Shakespeare competitions to representing New Zealand at everything from speed skating to soccer. Some will go on to be the entrepreneurs and authors, the All Blacks, rock stars, researchers and leaders of the future. Here, we recognise the smart, energetic and savvy young people of the Wellington region by talking to six of them, all just out of school and about to launch themselves on the world. By Sarah Boyd.

Ben Hazelwood (sic)
Ben feels as if he's been waiting for years to finish school and he's delighted the time has finally come. Not because he dislikes school - he says the teachers and students at Wellington High School are great - but he's more than ready to launch himself into music fulltime.

Besides, school took a back seat earlier in the year when he was caught up in the whirlwind of television's NZ Idol. He made it to the final four before being eliminated.

Singing, performing and writing songs are what he's always wanted to do, and his parents are right behind him. It's in the genes - his father was a singer and his mother runs a dance studio, where Ben teachers hip-hop. He's been singing from the age of five.

"It's what I've always wanted to do. It's what makes me happy."

He fronts a band with mates from school, which will tour this January under the name Ben Hazelwood (sic) and Yellow Snow. The Idol experience has given him a profile across a wide age range and he's eager to seize on that while it still has currency. People assume he's got a record contract through being on the show, but that's not true. Now the aim is to get exposure for the band, save some money and make it to a recording studio.

In the meantime, he's working in promotions at radio station ZM FM, and rehearsing with the band. He couldn't be happier. They even get to use their old school's music rooms.

- The Dominion Post: Long Weekend, Saturday December 16th 2006

There is also a photo I cannot be bothered scanning. It's a pretty lame photo anyway, the photos of Leon Wadham and our Dux are better.



Interesting consistent

Interesting consistent misspelling of his surname.

I'm just confused by the fact that of all the people for a bunch of academic hardouts like our Dux to share page space with, it's Ben, and the SMC Head Girl is nowhere to be seen...

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