NZ Idol 1: Ben Lummis vs Kelly Clarkson

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When Kelly Clarkson won the first American Idol, most people in New Zealand never even knew her name, let alone anything else. When she and Justin (runner-up) made a move, From Justin to Kelly, it flopped big time. They were a bit of a joke in fact.

Then she released her first album, Thankful which went double platinum and won her a Grammy for "Miss Independent". Her second album, Breakaway, which has done incredibly well around the world - with three hit singles and breaking record charts. She's bascially touring all year now! In New Zealand, she's doing really well and most people don't even think about her on Idol.

So... with all the talk about how the idol runner-up does better, people are forgetting the first American Idol.

And Justin? He was dropped by his record album after a first album.

Sony helps to promote the

Sony helps to promote the albums from the idols a lot better in the us than over here!

Yeah but her album was

Yeah but her album was really good...

I really enjoy listing to

I really enjoy listing to kelly clarkson and i don't always think that the runner up does better.....sometimes who wins deserves to win more! (i cant remember where i was going with that lol) 

Its not always the runner up

Its not always the runner up does better. Guy and Shannon aren't so different, although if I remember righly Shannon was a little ahead. Fantasia outsells Diana, Carrie and Bo are neck and neck, and Ben outsold Michael. But doesn't it make sense for the winner and runnerup to be close? After all, the final vote is usually the same.

Kelly Clarkson carved up the

Kelly Clarkson carved up the American Idol stage from what i've heard. Funnily enough i'm listening to her version of "A Moment Like This" which she performed as her finale performance. She is brilliant, she was the original in my opinion - even if Idol hit the UK first. 

I think the reason why everyone in second place is kicking the person who won the shows buttocks is because, like Kelly, they have had to earn it. Idol promises a recording contract to the winner, and while it could be debated that these days it promises contracts to the runner up, they do indeed still need to earn it.

Idol has become more of a popularity contest rather than a talent show. The one reason why Casey won Aussie Idol 2was because everyone didn't want Anthony to win. Ben was a suitable NZ Idol even though he was a one hit, "One Road" wonder. Both Casey and Ben do have great voices but are they superstar material or just popular people?

With a guaranteed number one single and recording contract being handed out to these days' popstars, it's no wonder that the runners up end up being the winners in the long run. And that, my fellow idolbloggers, is why Kelly has suceeded and her succesors have almost all failed.

Those that make it work hard

Those that make it work hard at their craft to succeed.

Kelly took a while but she make it in the end and good on her.

Now we wait and see if ben can do it with his single and album when it comes out.

so lets hope Ben can prove

so lets hope Ben can prove himself and put it out there for all us kiwis GO BEN GO!!

hahaha@ justin bein'

hahaha@ justin bein' flopp'd...whuh happen'd widd ben? anyways!...he must still have somethin' if he's still coming out with a new single *smiles* all in all...

KELLY CLARKSON rockz!...i dunn listen to her ish...but when it comes on i don't change the dial...*smiles*

u@NiF sUpEr$t@Rz

That's right - he does have

That's right - he does have 'something'.  And now he's free to perform the way he wants to, we'll see the real Ben.  He impressed us all with the song choices he made for Idol, and the way he sung and performed them, if that's anything to go by!

Lol. No competition. Kelly

Lol. No competition. :P Kelly could flatten Ben any day. :P

oh yeah if this thread was

oh yeah if this thread was suppose to be about the whole kelly vs. ben thing then - Kelly would definitely squash ben like a bug with her amazing vocals!! you got anything to say about the then - you have your opinion - but i always give a reply!

Don't think its so much

Don't think its so much Kelly versus Ben, but comparing her with Ben, i.e. both being winners. Also the fact that she didn't have immediate success.  It took time for her to prove herself, and now she's had a chance to do that, she is successful.. That what Ben hopes to do now that he's free to do things the way he wants to, and after some time out of the limelite.

it was so strange when i say

it was so strange when i say AI2 screen I was like yeah i know who wins this its some brunette named kelly or something. . . .until i actually got watching. . . .hey kelly's not in this one!!!  duh these are actually new ones!! didnt actually think tv2 were gonna show something straight of the satellite - being the cheapo's they are sometimes!


So... with all the talk about how the second idol does better, people are forgetting the first American Idol.

Was she the first winner? I thought Ruben won the first Idol show ...
Now I'm all confused - which isn't a very hard thing to do ;o)


LOL Ruben won American Idol 2 but it was the first one that screened here. I'd heard about Kelly Clarkson before we got American Idol and when it came out that we were to get it, I thought it was stupid cos we already knew who the winner was...until I found out it was the second one of course. That's how I got dragged into Idol mania. :D


Oh, I see ... do you know why the first one wasn't screened here?! Maybe they didn't know how big it was going to be, and they didn't bother buying it or something ...


I have no idea. The first I'd heard about it was when her first single was released here and they said she was the winner of a reality show called American Idol that was like the Popstars format.


It seems, that after the initial 'instant fame', it varies a lot on how those successful in Idol shows continue. And yes, some people don't take Idol winners seriously, thinking they've just got famous too easily . Not even thinking of all the hard work involved into getting where they are.
Some we don't hear of again. Once the hype has died down, it would be up to them then to make a successful career in their own way. It depends on how seriously they take having a musical career and how hard they continue to work at it.
As with Kelly Clarkson, we can see she wasn't taken seriously either, and is only fairly recently enjoying success. A lot of people now don't even remember or know her as an 'Idol'. Guy also I seem to remember, had time out of the public eye before coming back.
Its likes 'these things take time' - and continued work and dedication to pursuing a successful singing career, hopefully will pay off and earn those willing to do so, well-deserved and respected success.

I would like to think Ben has this dedication to continue to work and make a name for himself, not as a NZ Idol winner, but as a great NZ singer in his own right!
But yes, it will take time! He has the talent and seems to know what he wants to do, so hopefully all his hard work will pay off and people will have the chance to enjoy hearing from him for years to come.

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