The Edge Morning Madhouse: Interview with Paul Ellis

Submitted by admin on 22 January, 2004 - 7:41pm
Jase, JJ and Dom's Morning Madhouse You asked for it, we got it for you! With thanks to The Edge, we're able to bring you the transcript from Monday morning's interview with NZ Idol judge Paul Ellis! Be sure to tune in again, when they next talk to Paul.

How will the show work?

Submitted by admin on 22 January, 2004 - 9:00am
Now that the initial auditions have almost been completed, what's going to be happening next? Sixty successful entrants from around New Zealand, selected by the judges from the auditions will come to Auckland and perform for the judges on a theatre stage. Sources suggest that this will be for three days, starting on the 27th at the Maidment Theatre. The judges will choose twenty-four entrants to continue. The heats are then held with three groups of eight people. Each group will spend a week in Auckland preparing their chosen songs for their first studio performance and the public vote. After each performance show, the NZ Idol TV audience can vote for their favourite performer, and then three from each group will go through. Guest judges are being considered, but have not yet been confirmed. The judges will choose one of the fifteen eliminated entrants to be the wildcard entry, to join the nine who were voted through. Then, each week one of the ten contestants will be voted off by the public, leaving us with our very first NZ Idol Winner!

Inspirational Workshop Update

Submitted by admin on 21 January, 2004 - 11:16pm
This update was sent in by organisers Dianne Burt and Porina McLeod:
"On Saturday 17 January 2004, we held an Inspirational Workshop at the Xtreme Bar, Mount Maunganui for all those who received an audition for NZ Idol, anyone else who was interested, and to other local musicians. It featured Skycity Entertainer Ursula, and Mabel Wharekawa-Burt (Actress/Singer) as our guest speakers. We had about 15 participants, most who came with support people. The main aim of the workshop was to provide as much information as we could to ensure that our participants had the best possible audition. We started the day by asking everyone what they thought it took to make a NZ Idol and found that almost everyone was suffering from a case of "nerves" and that they lacked confidence. We shared information as provided by the "Critic" and the participants got the opportunity to loosen up a bit with a dance class provided by one of the Bay Bodyfit instructors. Overall, we had a massive day and finished off by allowing the participants an opportunity to get up and perform their audition number so that we could give them feedback on how they could improve their performance. We got to meet a lot of great people and there were definitely some potential NZ Idols there on the day. We held this workshop because we believe in our local talent and we believe our efforts paid off, because the majority of our participants got a callback after their audition. Congratulations to Georgina, Nia, Jasmine, Pipi, Sarah, Tama and Erina (and anyone else I missed who got a callback). Congratulations to those who came along and followed the advice of those in the 'know' - we are looking forward to seeing many of our young talented Tauranga hopefuls in the top 24 - better yet in the top 10. GO HARD TAURANGA!"