Submitted by admin on 21 January, 2004 - 10:22pm
  • Will this site close now that the show has finished?
    No :) We'll be following Ben, Michael and the rest of the Idol contestant's journeys. This is the place to find out information about them.
  • Do the Idols read this site?
    Everyone reads this site! You'll be surprised at who reads your messages - your opinion does get heard! We are quoted in the newspapers often.
  • Will there be NZ Idol 2?
    Yes! The audition dates haven't been announced yet though we hear the show will start around May.
  • Is there a chat room for IdolBlog?
    No, we have no plans to make a chat room for IdolBlog. This is for a number of reasons: chat rooms require someone to monitor them to keep them a safe place for people of all ages to visit - we don't have the time, money or resources to do that properly and we wouldn't want to be responsible for issues that could arise in a chat room. We prefer that members who want to chat with each other use an instant messaging program, such as MSN Messenger. There are some chat room links on the links page of this site (we are not responsible for third part links) if you are looking for a chat room.
  • How do I change my profile?
    Look on the left menu, click on your onscreen name beside the word 'Welcome'.
  • Where can I send fanmail for any of the Top 10 to?
  • Can you tell me what Ben or Michael's email addresses or cellphone numbers are? I won't tell anyone!

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Auckland Auditions - Day 2

Submitted by admin on 21 January, 2004 - 7:25am
Those with surnames N-Z are unfortunately auditioning in incredibly heavy rain today in Auckland. The Ellerslie Racecourse was much nicer looking yesterday:
Ellerslie Racecourse

Tickets to the live shows!

Submitted by admin on 20 January, 2004 - 5:27pm
Want to be a live studio audience member at NZ Idol? (Of course, right!) There won't be any tickets sold, so the best way to get to be a part of the live studio audience shows of NZ Idol is to win them. Be sure to check back here for details on all the ways that you can win these highly sought-after tickets to be there. There's going to be some amazing competitions and prizes for NZ Idol announced shortly so stay tuned for more info! Note that all the live shows will be in Auckland but contacts say the possibility of a nationwide "Idol" tour (such as in Australia and the US) hasn't been ruled out.