The Critic's Idol Advice #4

Submitted by The Critic on 4 January, 2004 - 6:31pm
Once you have your song all sorted out and you're all set to go there is still something else you need to look at - How to present yourself to the judges. Too often in talent shows and auditions do we see people standing in front of the judging panel like a rotting fence post. No expression. No movement. And once the masses stampede to get away, lest they die of boredom, they will buckle under the pressure and fall to the ground to disappear from sight in the tall grass.

The Critic's Idol Advice #3

Submitted by The Critic on 4 January, 2004 - 12:25pm
Once you've got yourself psyched up and are bursting at the seams with confidence you'll be wanting to pick a song to perform at your audition. Here are a couple of guidelines as to what to look for: Pick the right song for your voice. If you find yourself struggling to sing something, whether it be hitting a high note or holding a long note then maybe you need to find something else. If you are straining your voice then either you're not singing properly or the song just isn't suited to you. The right song for your voice will make your chances at moving to the next round far more realistic.

The Critic's Idol Advice #2

Submitted by The Critic on 3 January, 2004 - 9:33pm
Attitude can either win over the respect of the judges or send you packing before you can even sing a note. The reason why so many people fail at talent competitions isn't so much for lack of talent, especially in this great country of ours, but rather because they have more fear of failure than hope of success. This isn't a competition to find someone to nurture and develop but rather one to find someone that already has it all together, so therefore, it is imperative that you do actually want to be there when it comes time to step up to the plate and give it your shot. If you don't, if there is the slightest hesitation in your mannerism or tone, it's gonna show. The judges will sense it, the camera will enhance it, and the people will quickly form an opinion and rate you accordingly in the 'next please' category. You want to be confident.