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Submitted by The Critic on 26 April, 2006 - 9:11pm

With Paul Ellis taking up a job in communications in Australia (ironically) and Jackie Clark wanting to do something else this year, two new judges have needed to be found for NZ Idol 3 to join Frankie Stevens. Rumors have been floating around for a while now and there seem to be two names that keep popping up.

Firstly, he's the man that is about as close to Howard Stern as we could ever get, albeit that he's toned it down from his days at The Edge when it was a common occurence to see his name in the paper for another broadcasting infringement or photos of him turning up to court in a superman suit. He's the man that entertains thousands on the drive home in the afternoon on ZM. He is Stables.

Flattery aside, Stables could very well be the kick in the proverbial that NZ Idol needs. While he's "only a radio DJ" it's safe to say that as far as music industry experience goes he's certainly no Paul Ellis but this could be a good thing. Stables is brutally honest and is bound to make more people cry than ever before in the history of NZ Idol. His non-PC approach is going to mean that he's looking for some eye candy and not just a good voice. I think that having Stables would be great value for the show except that it may alienate other radio stations who may not wish to publicise the show for fear of losing listeners.

The second candidate works on a competing network which levels the field between the radio stations somewhat but may still cause concern for smaller, regional stations. This candidate was once in a pop group which actually came about from the show that started what eventually evolved into the Idol franchise. Not only has she been in a pop band, she's been a VJ on the (typically canned TVNZ show) M2 and is rumored to have had "relations" with the runner up of the first series of NZ Idol. Of course we're talking about Jo Cotton.

If she is one of the replacement judges, any credibility that she might have is going to fly right out the window. When Jo made the cut for True Bliss, most people would have said that it wasn't because she was the best singer but because she was on the plus side. Having a large girl in a band that was supposed to be dancing around the stage was pure mockery and the joke was on her.

Since True Bliss disbanded, it's hard to find anything she's done that can be taken as serious musically. Instead, Jo has plodded from hosting Music Television to appearing on *cough*Celebrity*cough* Treasure Island and filling "celeb" gossip magazine pages. Anything for a bit of media attention. All I can say is "What ever happened to that lovely Keri in True Bliss?"

Jo's celebrity status exists for the same reason L** S***'s does. Unfortunately, some people don't realise that people are actually laughing at them and rather just quietly depart and find something else to do, they bask in their "fame" and make an even bigger mockery of themselves. If Jo Cotton really is going to be a judge on NZ Idol then I am gravely concerned. Who is going to take a word she says seriously? If the rumors are anything to go by then we had better watch out. We all know the trouble Paula Abdul got in over the scandal with Corey Clark. If Jo loves filling the pages of WD then I'm sure she can rustle up something that will be juicy reading.

Then again, perhaps Jo is also what NZ Idol needs. I can imagine Jo and Stables fighting like cats and dogs. That drama could be good to watch. New Zealand being as PC as it is, I'm sure the discussions about what would be said would capture the attention of the country and we'd all be told to tone it down.

Although Jo wouldn't really offer anything musically substantial to the show, she would get the hackles of commentators up which again would be good for the show. And after what's happened to the last two winners of the show we all know that that could be a good reason to start watching again.

As much as I'd be irked at having Jo Cotton on the show I can see the tactics in putting her there. Stables would be good for a laugh and could actually add some depth to the show that's been missing. Frankie Stevens on the other hand is likely to feel like the odd man out with the two new kids on the block.

I agree with you critic on

I agree with you critic on jo being famous for being famous.  She lost the weight and then everyone wanted to know about her hence getting on those stupid reality shows.  She is okay as a presenter on the edge, I have no major problem with her, I listen to ZM and have done for years.

That aside, I agree, Jo does't have the credibility because she was in truebliss - that is the exact reason not to use her, she hasn't done any music since.

It shouldn't be any of the girls from true bliss for the same reason, they don't have credibility.

I am thinking it will be Jo though because she is on "holiday" this week and Iain Stables was "sick" today and so had someone filling in.  That is too much of a coincidence to me.

If it was up to me then someone such as Bic Runga, Fiona McDonald or Neil Finn would be the judge but bic is overseas, Fiona has a kid and you can't have 3 male judges, maybe karen hay would be good.

Yeah ... I don't really care

Yeah ... I don't really care who the judges are either...

I just hope there are some quality (I.e. "Wow" ) singers this time round :( Wouldn't hurt if they were visually appealing either :O Two rare elements to find within one person/people...hehe *prays*

LOL I don't care who judges,


I don't care who judges, as long as they're mean. I want to hear decent singers this year.

4 judges ....... ...... I

4 judges :S ....... ...... I think it wuld be better with jus the 3..but ya never know...

i was just listening to zm

i was just listening to zm and stables was talking to frankie and they were saying there was a rumour going round saying there might be four judges this year instead of three

Personally I hope it is not

Personally I hope it is not Stables. Jo? yeah perhaps, she's had experience in the industry, and in these kind of shows. Jo's not a bad person and I would probably take her seriously. At least she's still around compared to some of the former Truebliss members ie Keri and that girl who's married to the Steamers player. Cary Binding would probably in my opinion be a better choice as she is more successful then Jo, but Jo isn't exactly a failure either.

How ironic.  Just when TV2

How ironic.  Just when TV2 introduce a cash prize and a car to try and entice "credible" singers from around the country to apply, they then introduce TWO judges with absolutely no credibility what so ever.

I know 2 people who professionally sing and are both absolutely fantastic, both with their vocals and their "X-factor", who were going to apply this year until they heard who the new judges were.

Such a shame that once again Idol 3 has more to do with entertaining the masses rather than actually finding a great singer who could hold their head up on the international stage.  Thank God we won't have to be embarrassed with a World Idol.

Well vocally, Rosita could

Well vocally, Rosita could certainly hold her head high at World Idol.  It wasn't all Kelly Clarkson and Kurt Nielson... Remember that terrible little blonde girl who sang "I don't know how to love him"? 

How about the german who did the bad dancing?

The boring, arrogant guy from Canada?  Mr No Personality from South Africa?

Rosita would have done just fine on that show.  Picture her singing Golden... it would have gone down a treat I think.

You said just what I was

You said just what I was thinking

They are not the judges for

They are not the judges for sure are they?

no.. just speculation at

no.. just speculation at this point based on all the rumors...

Thought so

Thought so :D

Me is thinking it could be

Me is thinking it could be Verge from What Now. She is leaving in May, being replaced by Serena-jane Cooper. She appears to be leaveing at about the time when applactions(sp) close, so maybe it could be her? 

Maybe i've just jumped the shark, but theres nothing saying it can't be her (unless someone else finds something :p ).

ooooooh i hope it is verge,

ooooooh i hope it is verge, shes so cool! ;-) *looks at tv and wishes "what now" was on*

I still think Mike Chunn

I still think Mike Chunn (Split Enz, Flying Nun Records) would have been fantastic.

It seems NZ Idol 3 will be more 'game show' than talent quest, as these new judges are clearly there for entertainment value (but then again what's more entertaining than Randy, Paula, and Simon?).

I guess little old NZ is short on someone who has the comic value for ratings AND the experience in the music industry.

Time to wait and see what happens ...

whatever happened to "that

whatever happened to "that lovely keri" form truebliss? she got really fat, much more so than Jo is now. how ironic.

Really Random//I have had

Really :O

Random//I have had encounters with true bliss twice :P

can't wait to see stables

can't wait to see stables singing on finals night

I would personally prefer

I would personally prefer someone who's had a music career to be the third judge - Carly Binding would be a better pick from True Bliss in my opinion.

Why not Annie Crummer! She

Why not Annie Crummer! She was an excellent guest judge in the 1st series providing a few laughs and she had that spark.

As Idol is a complete

As Idol is a complete mockery, I vote for Thingee and Jemima from Playschool to co-judge alongside Frankie.
If anything, Thingee will have more of a clue than Paul Ellis ever did (perhaps Paul should have had a hand up his butt during the series *shrugs*)..

Give it to us Stables

Give it to us Stables 8)

 *jumps up and down with excitement*

Jo ..........who ? 

I love it when people bag

I love it when people bag other people out because they're jealous they're not famous for absolutely nothing.

Shows how much of an egotistical poohole they are.

*spanks the drama llama*

*spanks back*

*spanks back*



I agree with your comments

I agree with your comments about Stables however I'm disgusted by your comments about Jo.

Comparing Jo to Liz Shaw?.....I now know what certain people are on about when they say that you can't spot talent. (Well, sure I twisted their words a bit..but rejecting talent..not knowing talent..meh)

I don't see why you find it necessary to slag someone off when you don't even know that they have gotten the job yet. Jo has worked hard to get to where she is today. Sup with the negativity? did she reject you at a bar sometime? sounds like it.

Who is going to take a word she says seriously?

I would. Mock me if you like, but she's not stupid and would know what she's talking about.

I hope she is the new judge. Would make for great viewing.

You're a jerk regan.

Totally agreed.

Totally agreed. =)

Deep breaths Brendan. In and

Deep breaths Brendan.
In and out, in and out.

Hmm yah I was a bit

Hmm yah I was a bit psychotic. I'm just a big Jo fan XD

You're not a jerk TC, I'm just a loser XD

Oh p.s - I saw your head on idol last week.

Jo Cotton - knowing what

Jo Cotton - knowing what shes talking about! Are you kidding Brendan?

I'll say it on behalf of

I'll say it on behalf of TC....Hmmmm

You make some good points! However, I m not a fan of Jo, well, not as an NZ Idol Judge. The show's got a lack of credibility as it is. If people are going to take it seriously, then they need to get proper, repsectable judges.

The only thing I like about Jo is that she told me I had nice hair :@ tehehe

Yea. I agree with that.

Yea. I agree with that.

EDIT// No actually i didn't read that propley, only skimmed threw it.

Hmm i agree with somethings. But i think Jo would be good she got a good personaltiy.

Nice article man. I would

Nice article man. I would hate it if Jo Cotton was on that show. She is hopless but I see your point.

I agree with you about Stables! he would bring that 'edge' to the show which we all thought Paul would bring in season one with his mean looks in the publicity photos.

*bring on idol 2*

I'll spoil it for you now

I'll spoil it for you now Cam, a girl called Rosita wins :P

*Bring on NZ Idol 3*

hahaha! *hi 5*

hahaha! *hi 5* :D

LOL! thanks Rach!

LOL! thanks Rach!



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